Thanksgiving: Gratitude


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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to wish everyone a sincerely wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and a wonderful kickoff to the winter holiday season.  I want to take this time to thank each and every person who reads my blog, who leaves me positive & uplifting comments, who tells me that my blog has helped change them for the better, and thank you to all of you who write me telling me that you love my recipes and that I am helping you transform your dietary choices and your life. 
Such high praise, and thank you, sincerely.  Without all of you who read my blog, I wouldn’t have a blog.  So thank you, and I am grateful for you all!!!!!!!!!!!

 I wanted to write a list of some things I am grateful for on this holiday and I will get to that, but first…

I’m glad you enjoyed my Everyday Eats post yesterday.  Keeping things simple the day before the big cooking & eating fest was the name of the game.  Foods like overnight soaked oats

Tropical Oats in green bowl

Green Salads

Mixed green salad with vegetables on white plate

And Kale Salads with Fresh Veggies for dinners were where it was at.

Kale Salads with Fresh Veggies

And either Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Stacked Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Or Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookies for dessert  

Three Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookies on white dish

All these foods comprise the simple, easy, pleasurable, stress-free way of eating I like best.  Not just the day before Thanksgiving, but in general, easy, simple, fresh, short ingredient lists, straightforward recipes, home-made, but not kitchen-enslaved, foods are how I like to cook and eat. 

For Thanksgiving, I made a turkey for Scott.  He’s not vegan, but 95% of the time goes along with my vegan fare.  He requests very little culinary-speaking but did request turkey, so I wanted to honor that request and I made one.  It was a very conscious choice, not just mindless eating nor embarked upon on whim.  I made a small bone-in turkey breast. (It was not appetizing for me to handle the raw bird, but I cloth-diapered Skylar so there is very little that makes me squirm anymore.  Sorry, about the TMI).

I also made Gravy, Stuffing, Sweet Potato Fries, Baked White Potatoes, Salads, and Dessert.  We had enough food.  No worries there.  And I will post pics of everything in the next day.  For now, I am trying to keep this post really simple because not gonna lie, I did bust a hump in the kitch today and don’t have it in me to get all the pics up now.  Tomorrow, they’ll be up, promise.

Here are some of the things I am grateful for:
My Husband
My Daughter
Being a homeowner
Having a body that I can use to do yoga, run, dance, walk, and move freely about the world
My yoga practice
Being hired to teach yoga
My blog
My blog readers
Finding the path that’s right for me in terms of dietary choices
Friends I’ve made in the blogosphere
Friends from my childhood
Having plenty of “stuff”
Not having to worry about how to pay the electric bill or pay for groceries
Being able to take vacations with my family
Learning & being able to cook in a whole new way after food intolerances
Being appreciated by my readers
Living in a warm climate
My brain
My creativity
My sensitivity
Meaningful connection with others
Blue skies
Clean Water
Clean Food
The People Who Love Me

I could go on and on and on about what I am grateful for but my Tip of the Day is to Practice Gratitude.  Be grateful for that which you do have, focus on that.  Do not dwell or obsess on that which you don’t.  It serves no purpose and will hinder you from seeing, feeling, observing, and being grateful for all that you do have.

Yoga today is full backbend, Urdhva Dhanurasana.  Open your heart center and let the love flow in.  Let yourself receive healing energy, peaceful vibes, and love from the Universe.  And then give back.  Be grateful.  Be giving.  Be loving.  Be Thankful.  Namaste Friends!

Woman doing Urdhva Dhanurasana yoga pose

I think everyone ’round the Blogosphere has been asking What are you Grateful For?  And I will ask you now, too.  Tell me something you’re grateful for.  Do you have an easy time practicing gratitude or do you find yourself dwelling on things you don’t have or things you wish you had?  I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we said, oh, it’s always easy and I never compare, I never have a hard time just accepting that which I have and not wishing for something else.  How do you get past this?  It’s so important to realize we’re only human, take a quick minute for your pity party, but then get back on track with a positive mental attitude, being grateful, and welcoming in the love and light that surrounds us.  That’s my strategy at least, tell me about yours.

Stay Tuned For My Thanksgiving Food Spread Photos & Recipes…

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  1. Averie:
    So love ur blog and every yoga pose u do.You must be like a tender bamboo flex everyway u want,wish I could.You have motivated me to do yoga training at some point.I would lke to write to you about that if u dont mind and have the time in ur crazy schedule..:)
    I totally agree with the full moon facts,My son who had chronic eczema used to be really bad a day before and on the full moon day and believe it or not there are homeopathic medicines for that and it has helped my son.
    Loved your post..and i also love the choclate powder try it with frozen mango,peache or bananas makes a nice smoothie.

  2. I love all the "hippie dippy" stuff! Its really fascinating. I think everyone can feel the effects a full moon if they just listen, even slightly.

  3. The full moon stuff you posted is SO fascinating…I did not know that about the word lunatic! I am a true believer in all of this stuff..hocus pocus or not I think the energy we put out, the universe, etc all works together. I am exactly the same way as you about living in a place with sunshine. I always felt (and still feel) really happy whenever I'm in CA or Vegas or a place where the sun is shining. We have had so much rain here in NC lately and I feel so much more depressed. I HATE IT!! Fortunately enough tomorrow I think it will be sunny again.. :)

    Your posts are always so intriguing!! Thanks for sharing all this info…

  4. Thanks for the moon info. I have been really paranoid the last couple of days while driving- super careful, super defensive and perhaps that's why! Also I've felt very physically strong. Mentally eh. Both my Dad and aunt have complained about fuzzy thinking, but that could also be chemo brain as they are both having the exact same treatment at the exact same time. Yikes.

    Anyway. To quote Charlotte from TGFE, Chillax about the blogs. :-)

  5. You're so right about black coffee verse tea, except for that reason I can't do tea. I feel like I'm drinking hot water, I think I've successfully killed my taste buds haha

  6. Hi Averie! I have not tried that flavor of Balance Bar yet, but it seems like everyone raves about it! I agree though, your homemade dough balls sound much more appetizing and natural!

    I hope I remember to feed my daughter healthy snacks the way you do :) I assume you are raising her vegetarian?

  7. that is the only flavor of balance bar i like. i try not to eat them though! your balls are definitely better i am sure (TWSS) haha. thanks for the tid bits about the moon! i think astronomy and space stuff is so fascinating. marshall is really into it so he drags me along to those imax movies about space. don't be sorry about not making bloggie rounds. you are a blogging machiiine. take a break! xoxoxo

  8. I used to be nutso over astrology, I still like it but I haven't been into like I use to be. Still found this post very interesting of course and was TOTALLY feeling a little cranky just yesterday! *shaking my first at the moon* ;)

  9. you are such a wealth of knowledge! here's praying for more full moons when Ginge is home so I can get my hanky panky on ;) except minus the conception – ack! not like that's possible for me right now (meh)


    thanks so much for the info, love. I'm excited to see how my body responds to a full moon – though knowing me I'll probably psych myself out and make myself restless and anxious.

    Happy day snookums!

  10. As far as I know none of those full moon facts have any truth/proof behind them at all, unfortunately. Here is a recent article by a scientist talking about some of those myths:
    As for astrology, I trust this astronomer when he says it has absolutely no basis in reality because astronomers know a whole heck of a lot more about planets than I do! Here is his explanation:

    Anyway, your food looks amazing, as usual!

  11. The cookie dough balls and sugar cookie tea would look amazing!

    I love the facts about the full moon. I haven't been sleeping well, so maybe the moon is to blame!

    Enjoy your night!