The Best Soft and Chewy Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies


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Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies — You won’t miss the butter at all in these coconut oil chocolate chip cookies! They’re so soft and ever so slightly chewy. Dangerously good!  

stack of Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ultra Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies … Without Butter!

If you think cookies made without any butter mean making a sacrifice in the taste department, think again. No butter, no problem. You definitely won’t miss it.

These coconut oil chocolate chip cookies are very similar to my favorite Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I loved them and wanted to see what would happen if I omitted all the butter and replaced it with coconut oil.

The results? Big success. It’s hard for me to say which cookie is ‘better.’ They’re similar, yet different, and both will leave you with your hand caught way too many times in the cookie jar.

Both versions are insanely soft and moist, with slight chewiness around the edges and at the base. There’s nothing crispy or crunchy about them, although you could bake the cookies longer if you’re looking for crunchier cookies.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies on countertop

Ingredients in Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

For these seriously addicting chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil, you’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • Melted coconut oil
  • Light brown sugar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Egg
  • Vanilla extract
  • All-purpose flour
  • Instant vanilla pudding mix
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips

How Does Swapping Butter for Coconut Oil Affect a Cookie’s Texture?

I find in general that cookies made with coconut oil are heavier, denser, and not as light as those made with butter.

It’s a function of oil versus butter; oil is just denser and heavier. It’s not a bad thing, but if you want a light, delicate, airy cookie, these aren’t that.

These chocolate chip cookies that are made without butter are wonderfully weighty and thick so you can really sink your teeth into the pillowy soft interiors dripping with chocolate!

stack of Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies with top cookie broken in two

How to Make Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Making chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil instead of butter is just as quick and easy! Here’s a look at how the no-butter chocolate chip cookies are made:

  1. To the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the oil, sugars, egg, vanilla, and beat on medium-high speed until well combined.
  2. Add the flour, pudding mix, baking soda, optional salt, and beat on low speed until just combined.
  3. Mix in the chocolate chips.
  4. Using either a large cookie scoop or your hands, form 12 equal-sized balls.
  5. Chill the dough before baking. It’s absolutely crucial for thick, puffy, full cookies. If you bake with warm dough, your cookies will spread and bake thinner and flatter and the coconut oil will render them oil puddles rather than cookies.
  6. Once chilled, transfer the cookie dough balls to a baking sheet and bake until slightly golden around the edges.

After getting the dough to the point where you add the dry ingredients, it’s super weird looking and does not look like ‘dough’. It’s shaggy and looks like shredded Play-Doh bits piled loosely in the bottom of a bowl. It’s both oily and dry, and you’ll think something is horribly wrong, but it’s fine.

If your dough is absolutely not coming together, and is fluffy, fuzzy, or too dry, drizzle in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil at a time until it comes together. Do this as a last resort because it can make the dough oily.

stack of Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies oozing melted chocolate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Cookies Taste Like Coconut?

The coconut oil chocolate chip cookies do NOT taste strongly of coconut. If you’re thinking piña colada, Hawaiian Tropic, tropical vacation, Seven Layer Bars type of in-your-face coconut flavor, no, not at all. It’s very subtle.

If anything, I think coconut oil creates cookies that taste a bit sweeter than butter-based cookies.

Do I Have to Use Pudding Mix? 

Yes, the instant vanilla pudding mix is a must in this recipe! You want to get the instant mix, not the cook and serve kind (and also don’t get sugar-free).

You don’t actually make the pudding according to package instructions, you just add it to the cookie dough and treat it like a dry ingredient. 

Can I Use Vegetable Oil in This Recipe? 

Without having tried it myself, I can’t say for sure. Like I said, I really love the subtle flavor the coconut oil adds to these cookies, so use it if you can. 

Can I Chill the Dough and Then Form the Cookies? 

I don’t recommend doing that since the dough becomes hard as a rock once chilled. It’s really hard to shape cookie dough once it’s chilled, so follow the recipe instructions as I’ve written them for best results. 

Can the All-Purpose Flour Be Substituted?

I’ve never made these no-butter chocolate chip cookies with any flour but all-purpose, so I can’t speak to how well these will turn out if you use a gluten-free flour or whole wheat.

I definitely don’t recommend using coconut flour in this recipe, as it acts like a sponge and will make the dough incredibly dry. 

three coconut oil cookies stacked on top of each other

Tips for Making Coconut Oil Cookies

Measuring the coconut oil

Your coconut oil MUST be liquid before you measure it out. Coconut oil becomes liquid when it’s warm, so you may need to heat yours for a few seconds in the microwave to get it to the right consistency. 

Shaping the cookie dough balls

When shaping the cookie dough into balls, you need to compress and compact the dough by squeezing it and it’ll come together. Don’t be afraid to really squeeze it!

As a bonus, your hands will be wonderfully moisturized from the coconut oil and it’s some of the best raw cookie dough I’ve ever had. I’ve sampled tons and I’m alive.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie

Bake time

Be careful not to over bake these cookies. They’ll likely still be pale and glossy in the very center when you take them out of the oven, but that’s okay!

I baked the cookies for 11 minutes, but if you choose to make smaller cookies, you’ll need to bake for less time. How much less? I don’t know.

The secret to these cookies is keeping them a touch underbaked, which I think is the secret to most good cookies. 

Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies — You won't miss the butter at all in these coconut oil chocolate chip cookies! They're so soft and ever so slightly chewy. Dangerously good!  

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Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Averie Sunshine
You won't miss the butter at all in these coconut oil chocolate chip cookies! They're so soft and ever so slightly chewy. Dangerously good!
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 11 minutes
Chill Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 26 minutes
Servings: 12 cookies
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  • ¾ cup melted coconut oil, in liquid state, measured like you measure canola, olive, etc. oil
  • ¾ cup light brown sugar, packed
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • one 3.5-ounce packet instant vanilla pudding mix, not sugar-free and not ‘cook & serve’, no substitutions
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch salt, optional and to taste
  • one-12 ounce bag, 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (I use Trader Joe’s)


  • To the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or large mixing bowl and electric mixer) combine the oil, sugars, egg, vanilla, and beat on medium-high speed until well combined, about 2 minutes.
  • Stop, scrape down the sides of the bowl, and add the flour, pudding mix, baking soda, optional salt, and beat on low speed until just combined, about 1 minute.
  • Stop, scrape down the sides of the bowl, and add the chocolate chips, and beat on low speed until just combined, about 30 seconds. Mixture will look shaggy and like shredded Play-Doh bits, and is both oily and dry; this is okay.
  • Using a large cookie scoop, 1/4-cup measure, or your hands, form approximately 12 equal-sized mounds of dough by compressing, compacting, and squeezing until the dough comes together; don’t be afraid to really squeeze it.*
  • Place mounds on a large plate or tray, flatten slightly (when properly chilled, cookies don’t flatten much while baking so flatten them now), cover with plasticwrap, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, up to 5 days. Do not bake with unchilled dough because cookies will bake thinner, flatter, and be more prone to spreading. Make sure the cookies are in the exact shape you want them before chilling, because it’s exceedingly difficult to re-shape them after chilling.
  • Preheat oven to 350F, line a baking sheet with a Silpat or spray with cooking spray. Place dough mounds on baking sheet, spaced at least 2 inches apart (I bake 8 cookies per sheet) and bake for about 11 minutes, or until edges have set and tops are just set, even if slightly undercooked, pale, and glossy in the center; don’t overbake. Cookies firm up as they cool. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for about 10 minutes before serving. I let them cool on the baking sheet and don’t use a rack.
  • Cookies will keep airtight at room temperature for up to 1 week or in the freezer for up to 6 months. Alternatively, unbaked cookie dough can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, or in the freezer for up to 4 months, so consider baking only as many cookies as desired and save the remaining dough to be baked in the future when desired.


*If your dough is absolutely not coming together, and is fluffy, fuzzy, or seemingly too dry, drizzle in one tablespoon of coconut oil at a time until it comes together. Do this as a last resort because it can make the dough oily in a hurry. The chips are prone to falling out, but just keep pushing them back in.


Serving: 1, Calories: 442kcal, Carbohydrates: 60g, Protein: 4g, Fat: 23g, Saturated Fat: 16g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 16mg, Sodium: 284mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 41g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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  1. Question about the instant pudding: the large boxes are 1.5 oz, but your recipe calls for 3.5 oz which is almost three boxes.

    Just want to make sure this is correct?

    Thank you for your time. I’m excited to try these.


    1. The “normal” boxes are definitely about 3.5 oz. Sometimes like in chocolate, vanilla, and really popular flavors they make an even bigger size that’s in the 4.5 to 5 oz range but for this recipe you want a 3.5 oz box. Or the equivalent of that. Whatever you need to buy to get 3.5 ounces.

  2. these cookies are currently chilling in my fridge and my shoulders and arms are killing me lol.. it took some muscles making those chips stay intact.. can’t wait to try it :)

  3. Why does it matter to not use sugar free pudding mix? I try to make recipes as healthy as possible so I am curious what using the sugar free one would do differently. Thanks!

  4. I tried these last week and they turned out super yummy!  I would like to use this recipe as a basis for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I love that this recipe uses coconut oil and vanilla pudding and I think the addition of oats will be even better- or at least I will feel less guilty about eating them! Do you have any recommendations on how to adapt the dry ingredients to fit in oatmeal?  Not sure if the other ingredients will need adjusting as well.  Any thoughts?


    1. I haven’t tried so can’t say for sure but I’d go with about 3/4 c oats and 1 1/4 cup flour. A total guess but that’s a starting point that I would try. As you’re mixing the dough up, use your judgment about if it’s too thin/thick etc and adapt as needed.

  5. I am sorry to say these are a pain in the you know what to make. The dough was so loose, it was very hard to get them to stay together. I didn’t want to add more oil for fear they would have been too greasy. I don’t think I will be making these again.

    1. I’m sorry that they were harder than you expected to make. Baking with coconut oil is different than butter with regard to how the dough behaves. I don’t think your dough needed more oil if it was already loose, perhaps more flour to bind it. Thanks for trying the recipe.

      1. Hi Averie, thanks so much for responding to my comment. I have never baked with coconut oil so I guess I need some practice :-) I think I will try them again but add more coconut oil. If you know of any websites that talk about baking with coconut oil can you let me know. By the way, I love your blog!

      2. I have baked extensively with coconut oil over the years and practice makes perfect. Not all brands behave the same and you just have to kind of play around with things. I don’t scour the internet anymore for coconut oil baking tips because I’ve learned through trial and error but I’m sure a google search will pull up tons!

  6. Can I refrigerate the dough or freeze in in a big mass, THEn form and  bake cookies later? Have u ever done so? have u ever made bars of t his dough?

  7. Averie – Continue to love your site and your recipes . . . I followed this recipe pretty much perfectly, but I found that the dough was so dry that some of them fell apart in the refrigerator and a few others fell apart while baking.  Any thoughts?  I can’t imagine what I did differently from your recipe . . .

    1. Two things come to mind right away…slightly over-measuring your flour (many people do, this is common and use a lighter hand in the future; barely toss it in the measuring cup rather than hard-scooping it out like digging out sand for a sandcastle. Toss it in, like you’re playing ring toss, with flour. Do that with most all baking and across the board, less flour = better results, generally speaking but I digress).

      Secondly, the amount of oily-ness in coconut oil can vary widely! Some kinds are very gloppy, oily, sloppy. And others are much less so and more ‘dry’. Mine may have just been more goopy and oily than yours and so given your climate, brand, etc. just use a tbsp or two more next time, or play it by ear judging how the dough is coming together. Baking with coconut oil does have some variables that generally you don’t have with a stick of butter but once you kind of get the gist, it’s great!

      Keep me posted how things pan out!

  8. Hi Averie,
    I have made a few of your cookie recipes and love them. However I’m finding difficulty in finding the bake time for cookies that I have frozen. What is the bake time for cookies that have been stored in the freezer?

    1. It really depends on how frozen they are, like if they’ve been in there months and months or just a few days or what. And also the size of the dough mounds and your oven, so many variables. I take the frozen dough of of the freezer, place on baking sheets, preheat my oven (that takes about 7 minutes) and then bake them – usually 1 minute more than if the dough isn’t frozen, but sometimes longer, you just have to play it by ear.

  9. Averie,

    What are you using for your recipe builder?! I have a similar recipe, but I have never posted it because I can’t figure out how to adjust the total time for chilling… :(

    I will be making your recipe soon to learn from your skills! I love all your cookie recipes… they are the best! I only make cookies from your site :)


    1. Recipe builder? I just do what I think/know/suspect will work when I start developing cookie recipes based on things I’ve already made as well as some common sense in the kitchen and usually can get pretty close to my intended goal the first time around these days, after years of trial and error and practice.

      Glad you love my cookies!

  10. I made these for my family and they were absolutely amazing! I doubled the batch to make 24 cookies and used about 1/2 a cup less of chocolate chips since I’m not a giant chocolate chip fan and they were delicious. I was also in a rush to make these so I chilled them in the freezer for only 15 minutes but it obviously didn’t have much of an effect on the cookies. Definitely bookmarking this recipe for future references.

    1. Glad they came out great and that you were able to shortcut things with a quick 15 min freezer chilling! Happy you love the cookies!

  11. Hi Averie! I love your website and have tried lots of your baked goods with great success. I just tried this recipe, however, and the dough is so crumbly it barely forms a ball! I tried baking them anyway and they’re good but not at all gooey like the picture. The only change I made was using coconut flour instead of regular flour. Do you have any tips? Was the flour substitution a bad idea? Thank you!

    1. coconut flour instead of regular flour = YES THAT WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA to be blunt!! Eek! Coconut flour is a SPONGE! It soaks up every last drip and trace of moisture and absolutely, without a doubt, can never be substituted for recipes that call for AP flour unless you are very experienced in working with it, at which point you have to mix tiny amounts of coconut flour with AP flour, for a combo, but you’d never bake anything with JUST coconut flour. And in the case of these cookies, don’t even go there at all.

      Try again, follow the recipe as I wrote it, and your cookies will be perfect!

  12. Averie,

    Love your website and printed out a bunch of recipes to try. two quick questions – when you says melted coconut oil – do you measure it out (ie 1/2 cup) and melt it (via microwave) or do you melt then measure 1/2 cup?
    also – before I found your website, I made choc chip cookies with coconut oil, followed the recipe to a “t” and they came out flat. just awful looking. any suggestions why? I am not new to baking but new to coconut oil. (and as far as the flat cookies, i am crumbling them up and putting them in homemade fudge)

  13. I seem to have missed the part of step 5 that stated to have the dough in the shape desired before cooking. It is not 4 hours later and my dough is hard as a rock :( will it be possible to form into balls after thawing?

    1. More than likely it will be okay but…that’s why I made sure to note that! Because yes after a very short time, the coc oil will cause the dough to turn rock hard! Good luck!

  14. I made these with a few adaptations: whole wheat flour instead of regular, coconut sugar replacing the regular sugar, and 70% dark chocolate bars chopped up. Small modifications to make them healthier….and they are AWESOME!

    1. Glad to hear your swaps worked out great! Thanks for the info about what you did! It may help someone else who sees this!

  15. I made these cookies and it is now my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!!!! I’m on a bit of a diet though, and I would like to know the nutritional information per cookie…do you have this information? Thanks!!

  16. I absolutely love cooking and baking with coconut oil. …I have been wanting to try all sorts of pastries with the oil and I’m so glad to have found your post. I tried rock cakes just this weekend with virgin coconut oil instead of butter and although it was looking a bit flaky and so not like dough…the baked product turned out splendid. Will definitely try this cookie recipe for the kids ;) ;)…

  17. I absolutely love cooking and baking with coconut oil. …I have been wanting to try all sorts of pastries with the oil and I’m so glad to have found your post. I tried rock cakes just this weekend with virgin coconut oil instead of butter and although it was looking a bit flaky and so not like dough…the baked product turned out splendid.

  18. Just made these today and they are the best cookies I have ever made! Even my husband, lifetime dairy devotee, loved them. Thanks for such a detailed recipe!

    1. I love hearing things like this…best ever, even from a lifetime dairy devotee! Well that’s awesome and glad you guys love ’em!

  19. Mmm these cookies look amazing and I love that you incorporated coconut oil! I always have a jar on hand as it has so many other uses as well as cooking & baking.
    If I get some time to try both cookie recipes I’ll let you know which one I preferred!

    Feel free to check out my baking blog as well if you have some time :)

    Sydney Sun

  20. I’ve got a Costco-sozed bottle of coconut oil that needs some using up, and I think I’ve found just the right recipe to put it to good use! Yum, I’m totally making these soon :)

  21. My (soon to be) 2 year old has all the common allergies and I wanted to make him a cookie cake for his birthday so I decided to try these. The cookies came out fantastic! I refrigerated them for about 5 hours prior to baking and they baked beautifully, didn’t flatten or undercook. I used an egg replacer, Enjoy Life morsels, and gluten-free all purpose flour (Red Mill). It was a bit sweet for me, and, despite having a great love for coconut, I thought the coconut oil taste was pretty strong, but my son enjoyed them, he’s used to the coconut flavor! How much longer would I need to bake it for a cookie cake? Overall, these cookies were a success! Thanks for the recipe!!!

    1. Glad to hear that egg replacer, Enjoy Life morsels, and gluten-free all purpose flour (Red Mill) worked well. It can depend on the brand of coconut oil with how strong it tastes and I even find some brands, that different jars will taste differently, which is to be expected I guess given it’s a ‘natural’ product. Baking as a cookie cake, well, I’d just smoosh it into the pan and bake til it looks done. Maybe 20-25 minutes depending on how big the pan is, how thick the cake is, etc. Glad your son enjoyed these!

  22. Because of the health benefits of cooking/baking with coconut oil, my family and I have almost completely switched over to coconut oil! (with the exception of olive oil, when it’s not heated) This seems like a recipe to try!

  23. Silly question, but do you actually make the pudding according to the box then add that or just the powder mix?

    1. You don’t actually make pudding; you just dump the mix in with the flour, baking soda, and mix it all up as a dry ingredient. Treat it like flour :)

      1. I’ve been baking cookies my whole life and this recipe is the worst I’ve ever come across. It should not be this difficult to form a cookie. I feel like I’ve wasted half my flour rations.

      2. I’m sorry that they were difficult to make. Many people have had great luck, myself include, but because this dough is oil-based, not butter-based, it’s not like traditional cookie dough. Sorry for your trouble.

  24. I love baking with coconut oil! It is great , especially for cookies! Will be trying the m&ms recipe !

  25. wuh-oh! I made these and accidentally left out the pudding! without the pudding I got the “hairy” texture you described, however after i added in the pudding it became a veryyy wet dough. I am not really sure what to do with it. I am just going to stick it in the fridge and hope itll bake okay tomorrow! (maybe ill add more flour? HELP!)

    1. If you added things out of order and already beat in the flour, i.e. developed the gluten, then went back in and beat in the pudding mix, there’s really no telling what will happen or could happen. I would say try to compact the dough into balls (even if it’s wet) and add more flour if you think it needs it; use your judgment. And then chill the dough before baking! Hopefully things work out!

  26. I made these cookies and they were really good but I must have messed up somewhere because the texture was almost gritty, as if the sugar had not fully dissolved. Any suggestions?

    1. I would say maybe just stir longer with the oil, egg, sugars before adding the dry ingredients to make sure the sugar is REALLY dissolved and incorporated because they shouldn’t taste gritty. Simple fix!

  27. These look amazing! I have always been so nervous to use coconut oil in baking, but these may just give me a push to try it! They look so soft, thick and delicious!

    1. I was too until a few years ago and I’ve nearly replaced all the canola oil I used to use in cakes, muffins, and breads with it; never used butter in them anyway. And in cookies, many times will use coconut oil not butter!

  28. loved them! do u press them down a bit before baking? I found they did not spread at all-but were delish!

    1. Yes you do need to flatten them a bit before baking in all likelihood. My cookies don’t spread much either but some people are prone to that. Sounds like you’re not :) So just push them down somewhat before chilling the dough and you’re set!

  29. WOW! These cookies looks really amazing! I love chocolate chip cookies, especially if they’re soft and chewy like your cookies looks : )

    Best wishes

  30. Hi Averie! I made these using the 1/4 cup scoop and really packed them in, refrigerated overnight and just baked for 11 minutes. They are still in the upside down shape of the scoop and never flattened out at all. I’m nervous they’re too undercooked! Any suggestions? (They smell delicious by the way!)

    1. Smoosh them down with the back of a spoon a little bit and see what happens. Take a bite. Are they raw? Bake longer. If not – they’re done & enjoy!

  31. So, after pinning these, I decided tonight was the night to make them. Mine came out rather tasty, but a bit dry looking. I opted not to add too much extra oil (rather be safe than sorry, hahaha). Other than my own oil judgement, they come out very sweet, chocolatey, and tasty. Also, a hint for those with the three drawer fridge, avoid that middle drawer for the chilling (you know the one you can put meat, or soda, or wine and then choose the cold setting)), if you don’t pay attention it pretty much freezes the dough :-O! These will be attempted again, with me braving a bit more oil next time :).

  32. I can’t even handle how gorgeous these pictures are! That melted chocolate!!! I recently started using coconut oil in my cookies as well, and I love the taste. I use it for so many things. Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thank you :)

  33. You know how you said the skillet shot is my signature picture? Well that first shot with the stack of cookies with the dripping, melted chocolate – that’s yours! I could spot that a million miles away! Now if only I could have a dozen of these cookies to calm my nerves before Butters’ vet appointment!

    1. That is so sweet of you to say!! :) Thanks for saying that’s my signature shot. And I will be thinking of you all day about the appt! Keep me posted!! xo

  34. I love how your posts are always packed full of detail, information and tips, Averie. The part about thinking things have gone horrifically wrong with the dough made me laugh because, if you hadn’t written that, I WOULD think something went horrifically wrong! I’ve been wanting to make a CCC with coconut oil instead of butter so I’m definitely going to try this recipe. I love your chocolate chip to cookie dough ratio here. No cookie can go wrong with all of that glorious, delicious, melted chocolate!

    1. Thanks for all your great comments today and you can never go wrong with chocolate to the max, right :) If you try baking with cococnut oil, LMK how it goes!

  35. These cookies look amazing! I love the idea of using coconut oil in place of butter in cookies – though I haven’t had much success in the past. Please bake me some and bring them over? I’ll be around all day. ;)
    Pinning these!

  36. Holy mother! WOW! IF we ever meet in person, you are SOOOOO bringing me a batch of your amazing cookies!!! :-D

  37. One of my fave ccc recipes I’ve ever made had coconut oil instead of butter-it’s such a yummy surprise! I love how incredibly big and chewy and yummy these look! mmmm!

  38. Oh my goodness, these look a-mazing! I’ve got some coconut oil to use up, this is definitely what it will be used for!

  39. Oh my these look so delicious and gooey… I can’t wait to try it out! Gooey, soft cookies are always my favorite :)

  40. I’m shocked and impressed these are as good as the ones made with butter! They certainly look great! I need to use coconut oil as lotion – my hands are dead from this winter.

    1. And it smells way better than any lotion too! :) Plus your skin absorbs some of the trace healthy fats (trace) but still, it’s nice you are delivering ‘food’ to your body via your skin!

  41. Your cookies look scrumptious! I haven’t used coconut oil yet in anything, but I definitely plant to cause I want to make your cookies.

  42. I LOVE coconut oil in cookies – it tastes so buttery and perfect :) And Coconut Oil does make the best hand moisturizer ever – one of the many reasons I love baking with it! Pinned!!

  43. I really, really, really want to be your official taste tester. All of that gooey decadent melty chocolate?? YUM! Coconut oil is one of my new favorite fats for cookies right now. I love how it adds that super subtle, almost imperceptible sweet/floral/tropical/plain-ol’-delicious undertone to cookies. I hadn’t thought about moisturizing my hands by baking cookies — guess I have one more excuse to bake more! ;)

    1. Thank you for ALL your comments today, Brandy! You are too sweet and thank you for taking the time to read all those posts and comment! You’re the best :)

  44. I love all the details you share when comparing cookie recipes. These coconut oil cookies sound so good – I’m also a huge fan of soft, dense, and chewy cookies. Especially the ones bursting with chocolate!

  45. These look so gooey and irresistible!

    Thanks Avery for giving us such well-researched recipe explanations, it’s super helpful to have a good understanding of a recipe before starting out, especially with baking and when substituting traditional ingredients!

  46. I’m amazed at how thick these cookies turned out! It’s so interesting to me how different properties of baking ingredients affect the cookies in different ways, (e.g. soft, crunchy, etc) so thanks for noting that!

  47. Averie, these look like heaven. Honestly! I love all the cookies I make from your site. Have a fun weekend and enjoy these cookies. :)

  48. I could live off of your cookie photos, they just look so delicious! I haven’t invested in trying coconut oil myself yet, one of these days…

  49. Seriously, this is what I mean when I said no one can make a stack of cookies look as good as you do Averie! I want to take the entire stack and shove it in my face, that melty chocolate gets me every time!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! I feel like all my shoots have a signature stack. Sometimes I wonder if people notice the difference but it’s just like…the only way I can even photograph cookies :) Thank you so much for the compliments!! :)

  50. I love baking with coconut oil. I think you are absolutely right that it doesn’t make things taste like coconut per se but definitely a bit sweeter.

  51. Ohmy! These look superb. I had plans to start making your other chocolate chip cookie recipe with butter today, but when I came to your site to grab the recipe…and saw these…I cant resist but bake these as well!

  52. “All that chocolate” describes these cookies perfectly! I can’t stand CC cookies that only have a few stray chocolate chips here and there. LOVE how yours are loaded to the absolute MAX with choc chips!
    Cookies made with coconut oil has been on my must-make list and yeah, it is so happening here soon. pinned!

    1. Thanks for pinning & yeah, skimpy on the chocolate doesn’t work for me in a CHOCOLATE chip cookie. In other cookies, I can go without, but in my CCC’s, must be loaded!

  53. I have substituted butter in my favorite chocolate chip cookies before with a coconut oil based butter substitute and they came out great. I’ll have to try completely using coconut oil next time.

  54. I bought coconut oil several (ok, like 6) months ago and every time I bake, I glance at it and grab the butter. But not any more! You have convinced me. Must. Try. Coconut Oil! They look so soft and chewy and if the oil makes them more dense, then I am all in!

  55. I have had coconut oil based cookies on my white board for about 3 months now. WHY haven’t I done them yet? Happening this week, decided. :) These are fabulous – I love how you get the melty chocolate. Do you photo them warm? I can never get mine to be all glossy and perfect like that in shots.

    1. My routine is bake them, wait about 10-15 minutes, then photograph them. Just a normal cooking time so they’re not super fragile and then shoot them. But the melty chocolate shots, I do take a ton of pics to make sure I get the ones I really want. Sometimes melty choc can look like a literal hot mess and not pretty…LOL

  56. I love all your cookie recipes. They’re always so thick and fudgy and ridiculously delicious looking! Love that these are made without butter – they look just like the real thing! P.S. your sweet potato/potato fries are delicious! They were a breeze to make – and eat! ;)

  57. Oh yum! I absolutely love coconut oil in cookies and I love that it doesn’t give you that strong coconut taste. Lovin’ all of the gooey chocolate, oh my!

    Looks wonderful as always, Averie. Happy Saturday! :)

  58. Looks incredible, Averie! I really love how you described not only the texture but flavor difference when it comes to using coconut oil vs. butter. I have still not gone the coconut oil route but I’m really curious. Hearing your detailed explanation about the taste is so interesting and it’s very clear.

    1. Glad my descriptions & details are helpful. I tried to highlight the similariies/differences and you will love coconut oil baking when you try it!

  59. MY goodness these cookies look AMAZING with all those nibs of melted chocolate chips. Coconut oil in a cookie is defo a winner