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TGIF!  What a week, I’m looking forward to the weekend, how bout you?  Did anyone make a Raw Vegan Breakfast Cookie that I posted about yesterday?  I hope you make it and tweak it the way you want…I’m thinkin’ cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, dried fruit pieces, raisins, dates, the list could go on and on of what else you put in the mixture.  If anyone has a bomb diggity cookie creation, I wanna hear all about it!

Remember me mentioning at the end of the last post that I was going to be mentioning a few things that aren’t quite like what you’re used to?  Here goes…

Well, This Ain’t Your Mama’s Ants on a Log.  Remember celery, PB, & raisins?  I much prefer medjool dates, PB, & dark chocolate chunks.  So addicting!  Once you pop, you can’t stop!

Ant's on a log made from dates, peanut butter and dark chocolate chips

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookie.  This is a Raw Oatmeal Cookie from my Ani’s Raw Desserts cookbook.  I’ve mentioned them before.  Soooo good, so easy!  Dates, raisins, oats…yum.

Raw Oatmeal Cookie on plastic wrap on countertop

And This Ain’t Your Mama’s Butter on Saltine Crackers.  Of course, I’m talking about PB on seedy, wholesome, GF Mary’s Crackers.

Peanut Butter spread on gluten free cracker

And This Ain’t Your Mama’s Ovaltine.  This is my new BFF, Sun Warrior Vanilla BRPP.

Vanilla protein powder and water mixed together in blender bottle

And This Ain’t Your Mama’s Errand to a lame-o department store.  This was our little outing to a local Vegan Store.  Everything in the store is Vegan-Friendly!

All Vegan storefront window with open sign
Inside All Vegan store showing t-shirts on racks


Stacked shoes in cubbies inside Vegan store
Handing purses and bags on metal rack


Random souvenirs inside vegan store


Shelves full of health products in vegan store 

And this was a vegan skincare line called Osea.  Each one of those little bottles of stuff was like $50 a pop or more.  I am always on the hunt for quality beauty products.  And I’ll admit, they don’t have to be vegan, but quality is key.  In the past few years, I’ve tried “natural” and more organic types of cleansers and skincare lines, and I still have not found The Perfect Match for me.  So if anyone has any skincare lines they love that are a little more eco-conscious, health-friendly, or holistic-oriented than the Clinique 3-Step Program, I’m all ears.

Shelf of vegan beauty products

And She Ain’t What 70 year old Grandma’s Look Like!  Sexiest Vegetarian, Age 70.  She looks 50.  Seriously all that clean livin’ is doin’ a body good.  I hope I look as good as her in 40 years!

And, last but not least, This Ain’t Your Mamas canned green beans and limpy overcooked veggies.  Dinner here was raw, fresh, & organic veggies.  This Hugh Jass had: Greens, cukes, zukes, tomatoes, red peppers, brock slaw, & yellow squash.

Mixed greens, broccoli slaw and mixed vegetables on round white plate

Speaking of dinners, I wanna know, what’s everyone’s favorite FAST dinner?  The one that you could be called Rachel Ray for…fridge to table in 30 mins.  But we’re not talking cracking a can of Ragu and pouring it over noodles and calling it “good”.  Well, I’m not.  Which is why I think raw food speaks to me….it’s whole, wholesome, fresh, fast (not counting a dehydrator or any of Michael Kenney’s recipes!), but ya know, it can be simplistic, yet satisfying.  But whether raw or not, I’d love to hear your dinner hour go-to dishes!

And this Ain’t Your Mamas Jazzercise.  Here was a little chaturanga action

Woman doing chaturanga yoga pose


Tip of the Day: Use the baggies you get at the grocery store that you package your produce in which are too thin for most uses to line the inside of the pulp container in your juicer, or throw some in the glovebox for random trash, dirty kids’ clothes, food remnants, just something to store random grossness that you can pitch in the trash in one fell swoop so it’s not all over your car.  A gross car grosses me out big time!

Also, here’s a GiveAway for some raw organic Honey!  Not sure how all the vegans feel about honey, but I am just passing along the contest for any honey eaters.

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  1. Oh, I do not like bow pose! Guess that probably means I need to practice it more:)

    I do like thick and yummy smoothies though! Looks good:)

  2. That smoothie actually looks–and sounds–really delicious. Did it put some pep in your step? It sounds like it would have. I'll have to try that combo sometime. ;-D

    I still haven't made chia pudding–I'll have to do that soon, too.

    Hope you're doing well!


  3. Oooh I have a heap of chia seeds in my cupboard waiting and ready for me to use. The pudding idea might just be the way, think I'll have to give it a whirl myself!

    AND your midnight snack looks to die for!

  4. Oh and re: PB2–I agree with Jenny. Fun to add to things but not a PB sub. Just as glad to have run out–I won't order it again. We're better off eating other nuts anyway!

  5. I hear ya on the dates. Medjools plus that almond pulp/banana spread business I made the other day – I am popping them compulsively. Could be worse I guess!

    I love Kristen's (of Kristen's Raw) holiday chia pudding–I highly recommend that recipe for good ingredient proportions. Comes out perfectly thick! The recipe is on her blog. TRY IT!

  6. so here's my 411 on PB2 — it's great for adding to yogurt, smoothies, oats, etc. but in no shape or form is a replacement for the good ol' fashion pee beeee! I know PB2 has some cheapola sampler packs that you can order for like 5 bucks so maybe go for those first before blowing a pretty penny on an entire jar!

  7. Deb-you're the special one who tipped my off on PB2 as i musta been living under a rock or something. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Cindy-Ya know about food combining, I try, but I dont obsess and fruits & veggies for us, are not an issue. For others, they may be but we're all good but yeah, the obsession with proper combining can creep in, can't it. Runny chia? I think I am just using too much liquid, simple as that…LMK if you figure yours out.

    Nancy-Thanks for your recipe and PB2 411. I am dairy free so dont really partake in yogurt anymore but yeah, that sounds really good. I bet my lil one would dig that! Funny you dont like the alcohol in the nilla extract…I am such a lightweight these days and when I was making my raw vegan brownies (tagged & labeled on the blog) I swear I could catch a buzz off em b/c I used so much vanilla :)

    Hi VG hope classes are going ok for you, hon! xoxo

    Shannon-yeah that' me, Miss Midnight Spot over here. Glad i made ya smile.

    Hayley-Glad I made ya drool and thx for your PB2 info. Worth a try, I think but yeah, I do watch sugar too. Ok no, I don't. Who am i crappin :) I don't.

  8. Yummmm…I'm drooling again over your food. :)

    I did the PB2 thing for a while and I enjoyed the taste. Then when I went back to the real thing and then started eating almond butter I realized I didn't care too much about the calories and that I enjoyed having the healthy fats. The other thing is that they add sugar to PB2. No big deal really, but I try to keep most of what I eat natural. Again though – it's worth trying it!

  9. Pure bar got me through my long day of classes today :-D

    As for PB2 – I'm not for it. Give me real nut butters ANY day!!

  10. When I make the chia pudding, I use Frontier's Alcohol Free Vanilla extract. If I'm eating something that isn't cooked, and I use extract with alcohol, I can taste it, and don't like it. The alcohol free is perfect.
    I LOVE PB2. As Deb said, it's not as good as the real stuff. I use it mainly is smoothies, Asian peanut sauce (YUM!), and in Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt – HOLY COW. Put a little sweetener of choice in there, and you would swear that you were eating dessert. Totally addictive!!! I've eaten in straight up on a brown rice cake, and it's good. But, first choice for that sort of thing is always the real stuff. I haven't tried the chocolate version, because it's higher in sugar. I'd imagine it's probably devine. I think that I mentioned that I get my NOW stevia from You can also get the PB2 there, and the price is the lowest that I've found. I defintely think that it's worth a try.

  11. nice smoothie

    I have these deeply ingrained programmed "fruits and veg's don't combine well" engrams implanted in my brain and it's gettin the way !


    it looks absolutely refreshing!

    I've made Chia pudding and used vanilla extract… didn't have an issue…wonder what it is.

    my last batch turned out runny too though!

    just thought I did't pay close enough attention (and probably didn't) ha

    if you figure it out let me know!!!

  12. I think I may have given my 2-cents before, but what they hey: I love PB2 for when I've had a calorie-rich day but I feel like a Peanut Buttery treat. I think it tastes good, but never ever as good as the real thing. Haven't tried Choco-PB2 yet. Good luck!