Thursday Things


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Here are this week’s Thursday Things:

1. Free Coffee-Mate on Friday. I love Coffee-Mate, so this makes me very happy.

Free Flavor Friday advertisement March 2012

It also makes me very happy to see Peppermint Mocha featured in the promo ad.

I love that flavor and it’s now a year-round offering.

Peppermint mocha coffee-mate creamer

2.  Friend, actress, and blogger Lynn from The Actor’s Diet is raising money for her next film The Man’s Guide to Love. The movie is about the power of social media and Lynn is asking for help from anyone who’s interested in donating to her project. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

3. My Mac was running really slow, Firefox was freezing, internet pages were loading terribly slowly and after checking my router, and doing my own little series of diagnostics and trial and error rule-outs about what I thought may be the problem, I found this info about repairing permissions:

To repair permissions, open the Disk Utility program found in the Applications>Utility folder on your hard drive root level directory. At the top of the Disk Utility window is a row of tabs. Click on the First Aid tab…

It took about 15 minutes, a few items were found that needed repairing, it repaired itself, and doing it has definitely helped speed things up and make my computer feel more stable and less freeze-prone.

Computer set-up on desk with lamp

4. Other things you can do to speed up performance include:

removing widgets from your dashboard you rarely use

removing programs from your dock you rarely use

unplugging backup drives to help speed up your computer’s performance

They all use up precious resources which translates into lost speed. I’d rather not wait one extra nanosecond for a web page to open so in addition to the Repair Permissions trick, I removed widgets, programs that I never even use or open from my dashboard, and unplugged devices I don’t need. It all has seemed to help.

5. Win a Trip to Morocco. I’ve always wanted to go. If you win, please take me with.

Win a Trip to Morocco

6. Acacia wood slabs do double duty as serving pieces or cutting boards (although I wouldn’t cut on them) and they can be monogrammed.

Acacia wood slabs

7. The winners of the Baking Supplies Giveaway are:


Sally @ sallys baking addiction

8. I have so many empty coffee cans laying around. (Coffee reviews post is here highlighting 25 coffee varieties, give or take)

Cafe La Llave espresso can

I have no idea what to do with them. Throwing them out just seems wrong.

My grandma saved everything from cookies to gold rings in coffee cans in her deep freeze so the thought of actually throwing them out isn’t one that enters my mind.

Coffee Can with dispenser

9. This woman holds yarn in hers. Gorgeous!

I wish I knitted. I just drink coffee.

Coffee cans with colorful yarn in it

10. I wish I was eating one of these right now instead of typing. Probably my favorite dessert of 2012.

Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars

Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars

What are your Thursday Things?

Anything new, noteworthy, or fun you’ve seen, made, done, or just want to share?

Link it up in the comments

If anyone has a creative use for old cans or glass jars, please let me know.

I also have an abundance of glass jars in various sizes. When I I buy condiments, from mayo to chutney to jelly and it comes in a glass jar, I save it.

The thought of throwing glass away is not how I was raised. You just don’t do that because you never know when you may “need” it. But, between the coffee cans and the glass jars, my already limited kitchen storage is being overtaken by saving them for when I may “need” them.

I will recycle them or donate them to a school maybe? No idea. Do other people actually throw away aluminum/tin cans or glass? My grandma would be in tears if she heard that.

Have a great almost Friday!

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  1. i save all my glass jars and need more uses for them. i did do a cool project from pinterest with some of them that involved painting the inside (it’s super easy) and now they’re cool looking vases for flowers all over our home!

  2. Jar uses…..spice jars cat food overnight oats random kid school projects egg whites stuff from other jars that broke beauty products single hearings paintbrushes pens resistance bands…….I don’t throw them away either

  3. I never throw away cans or glass, but I always recycle them. I always think that I could probably be using them for something, but until I can determine a purpose for them, away they go. There will always be more!

  4. OMG I am SO glad I read this post ! Usually I read every day while at work but had to take a half day yesterday due to breaking a tooth on my lunch break, and then when I got home was having internet problems so couldn’t get my blog fix in ! haha Not to mention had to take my car to the shop and am still battling a cold. But YAY FOR FREE COFFEEMATE FLAVORS !!! So glad I read hahaha (:

  5. I use my old jars for storage – grains, nuts, flours, etc. You can also do all sorts of cool things with they make make candles or lights. Check out Pinterest! :)

    Maybe there’s somewhere you can recycle them and get like 5 cents a jar. You could start a Morocco fund. :)

  6. I think I’ll start putting my yarn in my cafe bustelo cans–what a great idea! I wish I had a creative tip to pass on but we have a recycle bin so most of my jars and cans go in there. I’m playing my guitar in a recital of sorts on Saturday so I want to keep my nerves in check for the next couple of days!!

  7. I just did few of the things you mentioned to my mac and I think it worked.. amazing what knowledge and little time (10-15 min) could do!
    Thanks for sharing the coffeemate special, I will definitely check it out tomorrow! :)

  8. I like to use leftover glass jars as little flower vases, especially tucked on a bathroom vanity or a kitchen window or a bedside table. I also like to use them as candleholders on our deck or patio. Filled halfway with sand with a white votive or tea light inside, they look really cute. And since they’re recycled, if i forget to bring them in or they get blown over and broken, it’s no biggie.

  9. Some thoughts on the coffee cans…donate to Skylar’s school or a community center or a local Y–may be able to use them for craft projects (we used to cut holes in the plastic lid and make banks). My favorite use for coffee cans–it’s old school but my mom used to bake breads (banana, pumpkin, etc.) in old cans.

  10. Thursday things:

    1) Exhausted and taking a night off from doing homework
    2) Looking forward to a fun foodie event on Saturday
    3) Craving something sweet
    4) Wishing you would come over and make me coconut peanut butter magic eight bars

  11. I save my old jars and tins too! I reuse a fair number of the jars in the place of tupperware. I also use them as storage containers for things like pencils and pens, make-up brushes in the bathroom, candle holders and I reuse small ones for spices and nuts.

    However, this doesn’t take care of all the glass and containers that I have so one thing I do is donate containers to my friend who works at a soup kitchen. They give the containers to the attendants who use it to take home leftovers. Please share if you find more ways to use them! While recycling is great, reusing is better.

  12. oh man.. I love coffee mate. Pumpkin spice is such a good flavor. I had to call it quits on the coffee mate though cause its so processed and has lots of sugar, and for me coffee mate leads to some candy, which leads to some more coffee mate which leads to some sugary pastry and next thing I know i’m buying ice cream!
    can I get an amen!?