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Good afternoon bloggies!  Are you having a Happy Humpy day?  I’ve been super productive: After a DMV visit I am now sportin’ an AZ driver’s license!  With my new legal name, Averie Harmony!   I have to go back there to deal with vehicle registration baloney but hey, I’ve got the license.  That’s major. 

Thanks for everyone who wrote in to tell me they were digging the Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe

Close up of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

And of course, thanks for all your comments on hair salons and pampering yourself and what your strategy is on that.  My gameplan with my hair, cuz I am not really loving it, is to give it 2 weeks, and I have an appointment lined up with a new girl that I found, and in 2 weeks if I still wanna be blonder, she’s gonna hook me up.  So I feel better just knowing I have an appointment on the books and if I need to use it, I can.  For all those who asked for a pic, sorry, haven’t had a chance to get one of the new ‘do but it’s not like I am super impressed by it or anything so you’re not missing that much.

Just wanted to mention the TropicOats I made this morning.  It was like a little Tropical Blast on a cloudy and cool for Phoenix kinda morning:
1/3 c dry oats
2/3 c lowfat vanilla almond milk
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 piece of dried mango broken apart
Then I nuked.
And then added 2 Tbsp Shredded Coconut
Cinnamon & Brown Sugar
Garnished with Fresh Pineapple Chunks

TriopicOats in green bowl showing chunks of pineapple and mango

Yeah…it worked.  All while spritzed up in this really tropical smelling raspberry body spray I picked up.  I love body spray!  I usually have a few “flavors” going at once and spritz depending on my mood…sensual amber to raspberry sorbet to sunflower fields.   Ya know, a girl needs options.  Do you like body spray?  Any favorites that you’re really partial to?

TropicOats in green owl with spoon

And for anyone who’s asked me about my non-dessert meals, my dinner last night was brock, B.S., cauli, tomatoes, zukes & cukes, on a bed of greens, dressed with the juice of 1/2 orange, agave and cracky blacky.

Mixed greens with vegetables in dressing

VeganMofo in the house today.
Veganmofo. III logo
Before I go, I wanted to thank Naomi because I won her Give Away!  This is the first time in the blogosphere that I’ve won anything and I am stoked!!!!  Thanks, Naomi!!!  Muah!!!!!

So tomorrow I am going to grace you with a little dessert that is mind-altering….

Oh and tell me about the tropical trips you’ve been on and have fond memories of or tell me about where you cannot wait to travel to….
I love to travel and my idea of a stellar trip is a pina colada in one hand, a mindless magazine in the other, with white sand between my toes and looking at crystal blue water.  What’s your idea of a great vacation?

Here’s a couple pics from our holiday trip last year.  My little girl was still a baby.  Now she’s almost 3, but going on 16!

Woman and young girl on beach chair in swimsuits smiling
Woman and child on beat with ocean in background smiling

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  1. I'm so glad I went and looked back at your previous posts. I did not want to miss your pesto! Did you soak the walnuts at all before popping them in the blender? Copying and pasting to my "Averie's Recipes" folder… :)

  2. ooh, peanut sauce, you can't go wrong there! and a spinach pesto, yum yum. gotta love skylar, they learn best by example ;)

  3. I used to make donut holes all the time. I even used to post a donut hole Friday, with a new version each time. You should challenge yourself with something like that.

    I also have some donut-shaped recipes I posted a while ago. They will be pictured in my next post of raw vegan food porn with links to the original recipes. I'm so glad I have a lot of past material to revisit.

  4. Hmm.. I prefer my own hummus, dips.. I dunno overall I just like my homemade cooking compared to what's available on campus. But there are some restaurants that I will be happy eating at over my cooking anyday lol, but that's gets to be $$cha-chiiing.

  5. Averie, Thanks for the peanut sauce! I left out the maple, and added a little coconut butter and cayenne. YUM!

  6. Pesto looks AMAZING!!! I can't wait till my cleanse is over so I can start playing in the kitchen again….:)

  7. Averie! I want to know how to spiralize the zucchinis! Is that a little tool or something? They look awesome. As always, I'm so super-duper impressed with you!

  8. The pasta pesto looks wonderful. I need to get a spiralizer! I think its AWESOME your daughter begs for spinach.. she needs to come to my school and teach the kiddos about proper nutrition! ;) Have a super Saturday.

  9. I'm trying to have a lazy blog reading day but I'm just now catching up with my favs at 5pm on a Saturday! Shew.

    I WISH my kids would beg to eat what I'm making for myself. Someday. Until then just gonna keep leading by example.

    Off to enter your raw treat giveaway!! I need some Averie Lovin' in this house!

  10. Woahhh everything here looks so good! I love your blog, and you're so beautiful! I hope you're having a glorious weekend. I'll have to try the remake/raw version of the Girl Scout cookies – they look and sound TO DIE FOR!

    Love always,

  11. 1 glorious hour of sun salutations + this post = a very productive morning :) love you Av! Have a great weekend!!

  12. I LOVE pesto and peanut sauce! I have GOT to get that spiralizer!!

    I make all of my sauces. I heard that the ones in the store are usually rancid by the time you buy them and I have steared clear ever since!

  13. Wow! I can't wait to try these! I really prefer to make my dressings and condiments at home, too, but I have to admit that my favorite store-bought condiment is restaurant-style sweet and sour sauce, and I just can't seem to find a good recipe to mimic the flavor and consistency at home. Any recipe suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!