Yesterday when I replenished my produce stash, among other things, I forgot to pick up some things for Valentine’s Day.  So back to the store I went today.  The grocery store is my second home.

Valentines day goodies on countertop

I got Valentine’s Day “kits” to make Valentines for Skylar’s 18 friends that she’s having a party with on Monday.

Valentines Day Kit

Nothing like a little extra project for a working mom to make and address 18 Valentines for Skylar’s nearest and dearest friends.

After I make the Valentines, they get stuffed with candy.

Inside box of various candiesAnd yes, this is candy is what I remember as a kid and I am passing along the tradition.

To surprise Skylar with, I picked up this little card for $1 buck.

Chocolate that says xoxo

Card that says Be My Valentine

And her grandparents sent her a goodie box in the mail, too.

For Scott, he gets a card.  We don’t exchange gifts on holidays anymore.

But maybe I’ll make him these

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake in liner
Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing in muffin tin
Close up of one Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake with White Chocolate Icing

Because after all, holidays for me are all about Skylar and making sure she loves them.  Which is why addressing out Valentines for her little party is actually my absolute pleasure.

Halloween = all about her

Young girl dressed in Halloween Costume smiling holding bucket
Young girl and woman standing next to each other while young girl is dressed for Halloween

Christmas morning in Aruba = all about her

Young girl standing on princess mat
Woman and young girl at table playing with gifts

From my last post on replenishing, it was fun to hear what you’ve replenished lately.  I know I’d like to replenish my R & R levels over the weekend, that’s for sure.


1. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day weekend?

I am working and we are not going out.  We don’t have a babysitter, and even if we did, I have to work.

So, hopefully we can enjoy the great weather, go on some power walks together, chitchat, and catch up on life.

2. Do you remember exchanging Valentines with your classmates or friends when you were younger?  Do you still do it now?

As a kid, yes, I have some great memories of random boys giving me Valentines when I was in grade school and although it was because it was a classroom exchange and they “had” to, it still made me a little giddy.

And with girls, to not get a Valentine from certain girls could be devastating.  It meant I wasn’t popular or was overlooked, both of which were not great feelings.  Which is why with Skylar’s party she’s going to, I am sending extra Valentines with, just in case. I don’t want anyone to be overlooked!

3. Valentine’s Day and your take on it?

Some people say it’s overrated, it’s a commercialized holiday, that we should be “good” to our loved ones all year not just on one day, and although I can’t disagree with those things, it’s still fun to make the day fun and a bit special.  But I will not be buying or expecting roses, or anything.

And if I didn’t have a romantic Valentine to celebrate with, I’d grab my girlfriends, my kid, or anyone I could, and just go out and do something that was fun and pampering, like a massage, pedicure, shopping trip, catching up on blog reading, curling up with my favorite book.  Just using the “holiday” to feel good!


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