Valentine’s Day Stash & Thoughts


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Yesterday when I replenished my produce stash, among other things, I forgot to pick up some things for Valentine’s Day.  So back to the store I went today.  The grocery store is my second home.

Valentines day goodies on countertop

I got Valentine’s Day “kits” to make Valentines for Skylar’s 18 friends that she’s having a party with on Monday.

Valentines Day Kit

Nothing like a little extra project for a working mom to make and address 18 Valentines for Skylar’s nearest and dearest friends.

After I make the Valentines, they get stuffed with candy.

Inside box of various candiesAnd yes, this is candy is what I remember as a kid and I am passing along the tradition.

To surprise Skylar with, I picked up this little card for $1 buck.

Chocolate that says xoxo

Card that says Be My Valentine

And her grandparents sent her a goodie box in the mail, too.

For Scott, he gets a card.  We don’t exchange gifts on holidays anymore.

But maybe I’ll make him these

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake in liner
Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing in muffin tin
Close up of one Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake with White Chocolate Icing

Because after all, holidays for me are all about Skylar and making sure she loves them.  Which is why addressing out Valentines for her little party is actually my absolute pleasure.

Halloween = all about her

Young girl dressed in Halloween Costume smiling holding bucket
Young girl and woman standing next to each other while young girl is dressed for Halloween

Christmas morning in Aruba = all about her

Young girl standing on princess mat
Woman and young girl at table playing with gifts

From my last post on replenishing, it was fun to hear what you’ve replenished lately.  I know I’d like to replenish my R & R levels over the weekend, that’s for sure.


1. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day weekend?

I am working and we are not going out.  We don’t have a babysitter, and even if we did, I have to work.

So, hopefully we can enjoy the great weather, go on some power walks together, chitchat, and catch up on life.

2. Do you remember exchanging Valentines with your classmates or friends when you were younger?  Do you still do it now?

As a kid, yes, I have some great memories of random boys giving me Valentines when I was in grade school and although it was because it was a classroom exchange and they “had” to, it still made me a little giddy.

And with girls, to not get a Valentine from certain girls could be devastating.  It meant I wasn’t popular or was overlooked, both of which were not great feelings.  Which is why with Skylar’s party she’s going to, I am sending extra Valentines with, just in case. I don’t want anyone to be overlooked!

3. Valentine’s Day and your take on it?

Some people say it’s overrated, it’s a commercialized holiday, that we should be “good” to our loved ones all year not just on one day, and although I can’t disagree with those things, it’s still fun to make the day fun and a bit special.  But I will not be buying or expecting roses, or anything.

And if I didn’t have a romantic Valentine to celebrate with, I’d grab my girlfriends, my kid, or anyone I could, and just go out and do something that was fun and pampering, like a massage, pedicure, shopping trip, catching up on blog reading, curling up with my favorite book.  Just using the “holiday” to feel good!


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  1. I didn’t grow up in the States thus there were no Valentine thing during grade school. In fact I didn’t know about V day until I was in high school.

    No special plans this weekend..I’ll be going to my friend’s house for her son’s b’day and her sister farewell party. She also just had her second baby a month ago.

    My hubby and I didn’t celebrate V day even when we were still dating (no exchange gift, romantic dinner etc etc). I guess we’re just not romantic type haha..

  2. It’s amazing how much I always agree with your outlook on things. I think people who object to the ‘commercialized’ holiday are reading too much into things: any reason to spend time doing what you love with people that you love should be taken advantage of and enjoyed! I also agree about letting kids in on the classic childhood candy that most of us remember so fondly. :) And I’m sure the one or two “crashers” at Skylar’s party (e.g., an unexpected attendee, someone’s younger sibling, etc.) will appreciate not being left out! How smart of you to have anticipated that. Keep on bein’ you!

  3. I am pretty indifferent to valentine’s day. I don’t care about the romance stuff … that happens all year. I just like the good chocolates that my hubby buys me :-)

  4. Just by coincidence, Rob and I both have the day off on Valentine’s Day, so we’ll probably go out to our favorite cafe at lunch. We usually ride our bikes there, but it’s supposed to be rainy and near freezing by Monday, so we’ll have to (gasp!) take the car.

    Maybe I’ll make the extra effort to shape one of your ball recipes into little heart shapes!

  5. your V-day goodies are so so scute!!!.. V-day is NOT but at all in London- its hard to find cute things that they have in the states– I dont have any plans….mainly because its just not really a holiday over here :(

  6. Awww, that’s so cute! I remember Valentine’s Day parties in school, I used to get some cards from mean little bastards… I mean, boys. :) I used to LOVE when my grandmother sent me Valetine’s Day presents in the mail! Getting mail when you’re little ROCKS! Not so much after you’re an adult, lol. Bill$$$$$$$$$$

    I like any holiday that gives me an excuse to decorate and make special treats. I don’t really get into the history or true meaning of holidays that much anymore, I just like to have fun and enjoy my loved ones, and eat yummies. :)

    I’m actually surprised schools still allow Valentine’s Day parties! Most did away with Xmas for the most part, and birthday parties with cupcakes. I swear, some people have way too much time on their hands to stop others from doing what they enjoy. :roll:

  7. I used to love exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day in elementary school :) I also remember the Snickers hearts the size of my hand- SO GOOD!

  8. My love lives far away, so we will not be spending Valentines together. I am not big celebrator of this holiday (I find it irrelevant), but M always does something sweet for me anyway. I always appreciate the sweet gesture.

  9. I love Valentines day! It gives us a time to reflect on how special people are in our lives! I dislike it when people are negative about v-day It’s a time for positive attitude and love for family and friends! “LIVE it up” is my take on valentines day!

  10. Alex and I were at Target tonight. I was eying some earrings and he asked if I wanted them for Valentine’s Day. He was eying some white chocolate vanilla bean Ghiradelli chocolate and another candy bar, and I asked him if he wanted that for Valentine’s Day. We bought each other our respective items and traded when we got home, lol. :)

  11. Awww if we lived out your way (granted you don’t know me from joe shmoe…lol) I’d love to watch Skylar…I think she’d have a BLAST with my three girls :)

    Valentine’s Day…eh…we do crafts and my husband gives the girls a rose :) It’s sweet :)

    1. I would gladly take you up on your offer…and vice versa…not sure I could handle 3 though…lol. Major props to you my friend!!

  12. Yes I remember exchanging valentines with my whole class! It was a rule that you either brought one for everybody or for no one. That way no one felt left out. And yes, I’m pretty sure we all brought cookies or something in (back when you could bring in homemade treats instead of storebought!)

    Once again you picked out great V-Day candy (I remember you picking good stuff for Halloween too!)

    V-Day: I hated it when I was single, now I kind of enjoy it. We go out to dinner, Jason gives me flowers and I give him the big ass Reese’s PB heart. Its fun every year!

    And about the salmon cakes — I bet Scott would love them, only because I thought they were super delicious and I think anyone would like them!

  13. This weekend is going to be social for me, which is a bit unusual. Tomorrow I am going out for lunch with my boyfriend’s family, on Sunday evening I am having dinner at my boyfriend’s mother’s home, and sometime during the week my boyfriend is going to take me out on a date for frozen yogurt at Qoola. :)

    Averie, I just wanted to say that I am a new reader and I really enjoy everything you put out on your blog. I love that it isn’t just about food but you seem to come up with interesting topics to think about and I really appreciate that. It is really refreshing to see such a confident woman be so happy with her life and her decisions.

    1. Thank you, Crystal, for saying what you said! I truly appreciate that! And thanks for reading :)

  14. I used to LOVE getting valentines from all of the boys in my class when I was little. This year is my first valentines day w my bf so im pretty excited to celebrate together

  15. My weekend plans: spending time with the family celebrating my youngest brother’s birthday.

    I remember exchanging Valentine cards in elementary school, and gift-o-grams in high school. And somewhere along the way, those red cinnamon hearts entered the picture.

    Valentine’s day / night will be spent as an evening at home with my husband, hopefully by the fire. No gifts or card exchange for us – we are headed to Barbados next month, so the $$$ is being saved for that :)

  16. Chris has to work Monday too and won’t have much extra time. I find it’s so busy to go out on Valentine’s anyhow. We’ll hang here and so something at home. We do like to do small gifts and homemade stuff. I gave him my gloves since he keeps borrowing them anyhow. And the dogs gave me some new ones. They let me pick them out. :-)

  17. We were supposed to be going out for dinner with a few other couples tomorrow night, but our babysitter just cancelled. Boo! :-(

    We decided not to exchange gifts this year, but my husband said we could give each other non-monetary gifts. That was his way of saying, “Please make me some brownies”. :-)

    1. i can’t believe your sitter canceled…that is just WRONG on Vday to accept a job and cancel!

      have fun making those brownies :)

  18. I do think V-day is a little overrated…not so much because of how commercial it’s become (because really, what ISN’T commercial these days?!) but because of how much stress it brings to some people- which I’m working on a post about! Spending money and finding the perfect gift and getting dinner reservations seems to overshadow the idea that you should be celebrating your loved ones!
    My boyfriend and I are cooking dinner together and watching a Netflix movie :)

  19. Awwwwww I used to love doing Valentines for school parties for Anthony, hes older now so more of that , instead we were buying a valenitne treat for his ‘girlfriend’ lol! so cute!

    Mike and I are going to do valentines celebration next friday, we didnt have a sitter this weekend so we are just relaxing and I think going to the gym, barnes and nobles, and watching movies ; )

    We are getting eachother cards, we would rather save more money for our honeymoon than waste it on v day gifts ; )

    Have a great day! xox love ya!

    1. yes save money for your honeymoon…i am so proud of you to hear you say that b/c i know you’re a shopper and like to buy stuff (like me) and am proud of you!

      and anthony has a gf?! wow…he’s growing up so fast!

  20. Oh I remember filling out tons of valentine’s day cards to exchange, even decorating boxes for people to “deliver” the cards to. I thought it was so fun and always hoped someone would have a crush on me.

  21. I usually forget about Valentine’s Day most years. I don’t hate it like some, but I’m not into it either. Its just another day. Meh.

    I used to go to Rocky Rococo with my college roommates for heart shaped pizzas every year though. Those were some fun times!

  22. i thiiink scott would very much enjoy you presenting yourself with a valentines trip to vicki’s secret store hahahaha just do iiiiiiiit.

    1. I have a few choice pics up on my FB page. My personal, not my blog. You and i are FB friends, right? Scott has been enjoying those…ahem, outfits :)

      I need someone to sponsor$$ a trip to V.S. for me!

  23. WOW. i guess i’ve been gone for a while if I missed the total website makeover! I’m doing the same thing right now :) how funny!!

    it looks really fantastic!

    happy valentine’s day – bar crawl tonight!! besides that no big plans!

  24. My sister had to do that for her daughters too and some of the gift packs they received were crazy with tons of candy and toys! When I was a kid, I got a card with maybe a few candy hearts – sheesh! :-)

    1. Not much, I’ll be exchanging gifts with hubby and going out Monday for dinner.
    2. Yes, but they were usually just cards and I hated having to fill one out for every class member in elementary. :-P
    3. It’s fun to celebrate, but not go overboard with.

    1. can’t wait to see where you two lovebirds go for dinner

      and elise (saw you comment on her post) posted about her cam bag today. Must be in the air :)

  25. I love valentine’s day! It brings back so many fond memories of elementary school valentines day exchanges:) That is so cute, I love how much you love Skylah! She is absolutely adorable!

    For valentine’s day, i’m going to a raw brunch on Sunday! I am so excited:)

  26. We don’t do Valentine’s day here at all. I have boys and really giving them things is kind of weird in my opinion…in their minds they are too tough to get girly stuff. Tony and I say I love you and show our love everyday…we don’t need a special day to point out that we love each other. So, no plans.

    1. i think if i had boys, it would be way different…never thought about that, but you’re right!

  27. I so remember the days of valentine parties, cute little candies with illegible handwriting on the cards, and the sugar-overhaul. Ahhh, childhood :)

  28. We don’t exchange gifts on holidays anymore either…and don’t do many cards, at least not on holidays. We’ve both been known to give a random card now and then. He’s making me dinner on V-day…that’s about it! I love making holidays special—just because the manufacturers commercialize everything doesn’t mean we can’t take it back and make it special for us (and not fall for the materialism part).
    It’s also super fun to watch kids get excited about it!

  29. Skylar honestly has the most beautiful smile. :)

    I don’t really do valentines stuff anymore… I bought some cheap grocery store oens a few years back to give to my friends as a joke adn never ended up doing it lol. One year I think I wrote on all my good friends’ facebook walls something I loved about them, or something equally cheesy ;)

    and i feel you on living at the grocery store! sometimes i go even when I don’t need anything, just for fun. I swear I have a life…

  30. I always loved exchanging Valentines with the kids in my class.
    My husband and I are going out to a movie Sunday early afternoon and an early dinner afterwards. We never exchange gifts for V-day. Just cards. And we NEVER go out on dates together. We were each single parents with a child when we met and never got to go out together back then, so it’s nothing different now.

    1. I didn’t know that you were both single parents before you met…that is so wonderful that the two of you found each other and blended your lives into one….so wonderful :)

      1. He was a single dad raising his 10-year-old daughter all by himself. He didn’t date anybody for almost 10 years. I was the first person! And I was divorced with a 5-year-old. We’ve been married 5 years. And we have a 3 1/2 year old together (but you already know that). :-D
        I hope you have a great weekend and Valentine’s day!