Vegan (almost Raw) Girl Scout "Samoas" Cookies


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How are you doing today?  I am glad that yesterday’s Vegan Bananas Foster had you thinkin’ about drinkin’…your dessert that is.  Thanks to all who chimed in on whether you drink and why or why not.  And thanks to all my commenters, both old and new alike.  I love your support & thank you!

Pre-Skylar, I was quite the drinker.  Even though I was very much into yoga and I was a vegetarian, I definitely imbibed.  Alot.  It was fun, but now that I have a small child, I’ve grown up a little, and getting sloshed doesn’t hold the appeal it once did for me, but I do have fond, raucous memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world of my past party days.

Close up of Vegan Banana Foster in container

But on to today’s hotly anticipated recipe:  (almost) Raw Vegan Samoas!!!

This recipe is based on Shannon Marie’s creative genius.  I pulled it from We Like It Raw’s, the “Samoraws” recipe which was Shannon Marie’s contribution. I printed it out and referenced it but of course had to tweak it up, just a little here and there…

Photo of cookbook recipe for Samoraws

This is sorta a 3 part recipe.

First, you need to create the cookie base.  In and of itself, this is good enough to eat on it’s own and no dehydrator is neededReread that. 

To make the cookie base I combined
1 c almond meal
1/4 c coconut flakes (I used sweetened and thus, not fully raw)
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
2 Medjool Dates
1 Tsp Vanilla

Almond meal, coconut, maple syrup, dates and vanilla in blender
Overhead view of ingredients in blender

And then I blended everything in the VitaCookieMaker 

Ingredients after being blended up still in blender

And formed my cookie bases by hand.  I got 24 silver dollar sized cookies.

Formed cookies on lined tray


Up close of cookies on lined tray

Again, this is a lovely dessert right at this point and you can stop at this point and still go to coconut heaven. This is your 1st dessert out of this recipe if you wanted to just call ‘er quits now.

I did not put these into my dehydrator like Shannon Marie’s recipe.  Instead, I let this tray just sit out on my countertop to dry out overnight.

Formed Cookies on lined tray

In the morning I made the Samoas Topping.  This is a mind-blowing little diddy on it’s own and could be eaten by the spooooonful, no further action needed.  Nor do you even need to add to the cookie base.  You’ll see why.

To make the Somoas Topping I combined
12 Medjool Dates that I soaked…

Dates soaking in water in white bowl

And then

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Sunflower Seed Butter (Shannon Marie uses Almond Butter, but since I already had Sun Buttah open so I just rolled with that)
1 Tbsp Vanilla (she uses a Tsp)
1/8th cup (splash) of the date soaking water

Maple syrup, sunflower seed butter, water and vanilla in blender

1/2 c coconut flakes on toppa that

Coconut added to ingredients in blender


Ingredients after being blended in blender

After powerblending, stir in another 1/2 c coconut flakes by hand in a bowl.  And again, this is the Somoas ToppingGood enough to freakin’ devour on it’s own by the cupfull spoonful.  This is where you are getting a whole 2nd dessert out of this one recipe.

Blended Samoa topping ingredients in bowl

But to just finish off the job, let’s combine the cookie bases and the Samoas Topping.  I spooned a huge dollop of topping on each base.  If you wanted to, you could cut the Topping Recipe in HALF and still have plenty to work with. And I love my sweets, but this recipe, for me, made waaaaay more than necessary.  We entered glutton stage.  Oh well.

Finished Vegan Girl Scout "Samoa" Cookies topped with blended topping


Close up of Vegan Girl Scout Samoas Cookie
Topped Vegan Girl Scout Samoas Cookies on lined tray

Next, I popped the 24 super heavy, gluttonous cookie bases all topped so heavily with the Topping Mixture into the Magic Box for 6 hours at 110F.  When I took it out, I had pure, unadulterated, Somoas Heaven. 

Chilled Vegan Girl Scout Samoas Cookie lined dehydrator tray

The bases were crunchy and the tops were moist, gooey, decadent, with the awesome flavor of Sunflower Butter and coconut and vanilla…

Close up of one Vegan Girl Scout Samoas Cookie

OMG the Girl Scouts would be proud of me.  And no, I don’t wanna be a Troop Leader.

But Mommy, will you help us get our Raw Cooking Badge for our Brownie Sash?

Young girl wearing pink smiling
Young girl in pink playing at child's sized table

This mommy would rather go to 105 but in a pinch I can troop lead I suppose.

Oh and you can of course top these vegan yummies with chocolate icing or just smoosh some choco chips or dark chocolate chunks into that soft coconutty topping…..yum.

Finished Vegan Girl Scout Samoas Cookie on lined dehydrator tray

Final Comments:  I love making raw desserts and this one turned out delish but if you’re not into putzy futzy desserts, don’t embark on this.  I have to be honest that this one is quite a bit of work because you do have to make the bases, the topping, assemble, clean your VitaMonster, dehydrate and clean that up, ya know, it’s a full blown bakery in your kitch.  However, to really impress your friends, try the recipe just once!  Or better yet, impress yourself and prove to yourself that you are woman, hear you roar, and dammit, you can make Samoas!  

Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.
Veganmofo III logo
Yoga today is a floating version of Maricyasana A.  Kinda like I tweak recipes, I tweak yoga poses, too.  Float if you want to is my motto.

Woman doing loating version of Maricyasana A yoga pose

Tip of the Day: Brag about yourself…see my question….

What’s something that you never thought in a million years you could do or would do?  Easy answer for me would be making Vegan Samoas.  A little deeper would be running a half marathon for the first time, becoming a yoga teacher, or better yet, becoming a mother. 

What’s something you can’t believe you’ve accomplished?  I wanna hear you pat yourselves on the back, please!  Don’t be shy, brag!  Tell the world about how great you are!  As women I believe we can be a bit too gracious, a bit too humble, and we try to sweep our accomplishments under the rug and although no one likes a bragger all the time, every once in awhile it’s ok to let it all hang out.  Not only is it ok, it’s healthy and necessary to allow yourself the space to say yeah, dammit, I’m good enough, smart enough, and people like me!  Start bragging please & fill me in!

 Stay tuned for a saucy post…..

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  1. Oh my gosh!
    I really love your blog! Every time I come here I find something new, and before I know it, hours have passed by and by recipe book has doubled!
    Your site has really really helped me and I just wanted to say thanks! who knew going raw could be so delicious!!
    Much love from Ireland,

  2. Wow! I didn't know that you could make overnight oats without having to boil water! That's cool! I'm going to try it when I get a new batch of rolled oats! XD

  3. You just brought overnight oats to a whole new level. Seriously lady, you rock my world harder every day.

    Hmm, spending. I try to shop sample sales of designers I love whenever possible, but lately I haven't really been buying anything. Looking at my bank statement makes me cry, so yeah…


    i love your yoga poses, and your tats!! you think one post you could take up-close pictures and explain their meanings? That might be really neat! Get to know Averie!!!