Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars-No Bake/Gluten & Soy-Free

But, now that fall has passed us by, nothing screams Winter Holidays to me like Peppermint or Minty Flavored Desserts.  And there’s no better way to enjoy mint than with chocolate.  You agree, right?

Growing up I loved my moms’ Creme de Menthe Bars but since I am a gluten & soy-free vegan, and the traditional recipe is very heavy on dairy, eggs, and crumb-cookie crusts, I had some major tweaking to do.  But I succeed and present you with:

Averie’s Vegan Creme de Menthe Bars-No Bake/Gluten & Soy-Free
This is a 3 Layered Bar: The Chocolate Base/Crust, the White Minty Buttercream-Inspired Middle Layer, and the Chocolate Mint Top Layer.
It is definitely like Thin Mints meets Buttercream Frosting meets Dipped in a Minty Chocolate Bath.  And the whole thing is done in less than 20 minutes.

1/4 c Earth Balance-Soy Free Buttery Spread (or your preferred butter/margarine).  Melt the Butter.

Then add:
1/4 c cocoa powder
1/4 c almond meal
1/4 c ground oats/oat flour (note: you can just use 1/2 c almond meal OR whatever combo & type of flour you prefer, i.e. cashew, oat, rice, almond, wheat, etc.)
1/4 c powdered sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Optional: 2 Tbsp Agave

Stir everything together.  Pour into your container & flatten.

You may have some leftover crust mixture, about 1/4 c worth.  Or just make a thicker crust.  Yummy stuff.

Set in the freezer while you make the middle layer.

Middle Layer
1/4 c of Buttery Spread.   Melt it.

Then add:
1.5 c powdered sugar (I said it’s vegan, not low cal)
Scant 1/4 c Creme de Menthe (If you don’t have access to Creme de Menthe, use Peppermint Extract and start with 1 Tbsp, adding slowly and carefully until just slightly minty or to taste)
Optional: Green Food coloring to make it look minty.  Or a shot of green juice.

Whip Until Blended, Creamy, & Fluffy.  (This is basically Buttercream Frosting.  Tip of the Day: Vegan Buttercream frosting is 1 part buttery spread to 3 parts powdered sugar, dash of vanilla extract, blend, devour.)

Pour this mixture over the crust forming the middle layer.

Put in fridge/freezerwhile you make the Top Layer

Side View of Crust + Middle

Top Layer
1/4 c Buttery Spread.  Melt it.

Add 1/2 c Chocolate Chips (I used the Chocolate and Mint Holiday Edition chips, not technically vegan.  But you could use Baker’s Chocolate, or Cocoa Powder, Agave, Coconut Oil, with an optional Peppermint Extract to keep the top layer truly vegan)
1/4 c powdered sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Add all the ingredients to the melted buttery spread and whisk until combined

Retrieve Crust + Middle Layer from Freezer, and Pour the Chocolate Top Layer over it

Place back into Freezer to Cool & Set Up

Can anyone say Crust + Middle + Top = Vegan Oreo Mint Cookie Adaptation?

After the Creme de Menthe Bars have set up, retrieve them from the freezer and Devour with Wild Abandon.

These are the adult-themed version of Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints meet Minty Buttercream Frosting meet Chocolate Decadence.

You’ve got a crunchy chocolaty minty base layer, with a fluffy minty frosting-like center, with Chocolate on the Top.

They are soooo good.  Sooo rich.

You really only need a tiny piece to feel satisfied…

….Or a big square to feel stuffed.

I included lots of photos for a step-by-step Creme de Menthe making tutorial and it looks like alot, but the whole recipe only takes about 20 minutes of active kitchen time and the rest if just waiting for set-up in the freezer.


Have you ever tried Creme de Menthe Bars?


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  1. I love the taste of peppermint and prefer to use the real thing when I can. However, the extract is the next best thing in a pinch :)

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  11. I had this recipe printed out from when you first posted it, but I seem to have lost it between last year and this year.
    I’ve come back to print it out again, as it is a real favourite at Christmas gatherings and I love that is is Gluten Free.

  12. Hi I really want to try this as I live in Australia and right now we are having 40 degree summer weather. No oven for me! Just one question. Is powdered sugar just icing sugar? Thanks!

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