how to cook the

perfect steak

Learn how to cook the perfect steak, every time! Which cut and grade of meat to choose, what temperature, and how long to cook it. Plus, there are all the TIPS and TRICKS you need to know are included so you can make the BEST steak at home to rival a fancy steakhouse every single time!

Pat the steaks dry and optionally rub them with some olive oil before seasoning with salt and pepper. Then, place the steaks in the hot skillet and let them cook on both sides.


Add some butter and let it melt before adding some minced garlic. Let them sit and cook on top of the meat. Remove the steak and let it rest before cutting.


If desiring steaks to be medium-rare or more, place them in an oven on a skillet and continue to cook.


Remove the steaks and allow them to rest. Put the butter and garlic on top and let them melt.


Averie Sunshine

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