Weekend Recap & Raw Vegan Apple Carrot (Pan)Cakes

So how’s Monday treatin’ ya?  Hopefully you had a nice weekend and got to get some R & R time in and pamper yourself a little bit by chillin’ out and havin’ fun!

Things ’round have been awesome in the kitch.  Lemme recap some of what went down.  Our hatchets, that is.  Aside from the Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies I made yesterday, here’s some of the other eats I whipped up. 

Quick sidebar on those too for all you who wrote me privately wanting to make the choco cookies in a regular oven…Because the batter was very dry before I even put ’em in the dehydrator, I think if you did a very low oven like 300F (or less) for 5 mins and then let ’em sit in the oven with it off for another 5 mins or so, but please play around with this, that’s a strategy that I could totally seeing working if you don’t have your hands on a Magic Box….yet

First up for the eats we have oatmeal, but this is not just any ordinary oatmeal.  These oats are stacked to the max.

Let’s review that mountain ‘o joy from the bottom up:
1/2 c dry oatmeal cooked with a half a nanner in lowfat vanilla almond milk.  Stirred in cinn & brown shug after the oats were cooked.  That’s the base layer.

On toppa the oats is the other 1/2 of banana in the form of Banana Brulee.  Thanks to Miss Chocolate Sweetie Pie Katie for her hot tip.  Essentially a nuked nanna but I also added a tablespoon of almond milk to my Nanna Brulee. 
Speaking of Katie, she has an “Amazing” GiveAway goin’ on so go check her free shizzle out!

For the brulee, it’s super easy.  Just cut up the nanna a bit and nuke.

Back to the oatmeal layers….
The, brulee.
Then, there’s some raisins.
Then, some leftover Raw Apple Crumble Topping crumble mixture.
Then, a schmear of Sun Buttah…
Lookie at that Mound of Oatmeal Decadence

And wait, where did that Cool Whip come from?  Scott’s not vegan so he likes to roll with some ‘Whippy.

Moving right along to some dinners.  This one was a bed of spiralized zuke noods, greens, and on toppa that was aspar grass, B.S., tomato, red & yellow pepps, dressed with the juice of 1/2 orange, agave, and black pepp.

Also still were groovin’ on the Raw Cuke Wraps stuffed with red & yellow pepps, carrots, on a bed of greens and other chunks ‘o zukes, cukes, and more pepps. 

So I’m thinking that’s ’nuff greenery….

….And more of the sweet & fun stuff again.  Here, I popped a tray of sliced nannas into the Magic Box

And then, after 6 hours they looked like this.  I have to say, just dehydrating the nannas somehow makes them taste and remind me of my grandma’s banana bread.  And since she’s been gone for 10 years, the taste memory is awesomely powerful, in the best way.  They get all warm and gooey and even sweeter. Luv It!

But here’s where the real fun recipe comes in….

Averie’s Raw Vegan Apple Carrot (Pan)Cakes
I write it as (pan)cakes because you can either fix these as pancakes, or as little round breads or sweet cakes, maybe with a little dab ‘o nut buttah or jelly on toppa one, or eat like a cookie, or like a sweet bread.  Lotsa options, peeps. 

I came up with this recipe from the wonders of my own brain cells during a 5 mile run in the 104F heat.  My brain cells weren’t fried, because this one worked beautifully.  My goal was to create a sweet cake, that had a minor carrot cake vibe goin’ on, and I succeeded!  I’m 2 for 2 with the dehydrator (see yesterday’s raw vegan double choco cookies if you missed ’em) but who’s keepin’ score…

Averie’s Raw Vegan Apple Carrot (Pan)Cakes
First, 2 c of oats and ground ’em up in VitaCrusher + 2 c almond meal that I combined in a bowl

Then, I threw a dozen baby carrots, 1 cored apple, 1/2 banana, 1/4 c maple syrup, 1/4 c agave, dash of cinnamon & vanilla extract, and 2 tbsp vanilla almond milk in the VitaWhiz( If re-making this, I would not add the nut milk til I was certain I needed the extra liquid…which I really didn’t but no biggie, I worked it out) 

In 15 secs I had this

Which I poured into the dry mixture of 2 c oat and 2 c almond meal flours

Couple quick stirs with a spoon to incorporate

And then I formed into cute little pancake shapes on the Magic Trays

This one had a chunk ‘o apple hanging out in the middle

And then I slide the 11 little pancakies I got outta this recipe into the Magic Box at 118F for about 7 hours.

Before everyone writes me and tells me they’d love to make this recipe but can’t because they don’t have a dehydrator, you can still make it!  Seriously, the batter would be perfect, lightly fried up in maybe some coconut oil or other oil, just like you’d fry up regular pancakes.  Or, you can could pour these into muffin tins and bake in the oven for a pancakey-cookie-muffin creation, and I bet a little PB & J on the little muffies would be fab.  So, there’s options for you, my loves.  Dehydrator or not.

Here’s the dirty dozen minus one comin’ out the Excal

Then I made a coupla stacks and tupperware-ized ’em

And here was brekkie Sunday morning, all loaded up in real maple syrup, with a half ‘o sliced nanner on top, dash of cinnamon, and a few raisins sprinkled on for good luck.  Freakin’ ahhh-mayyyy-zingggg!  Note the syrup pool at the bottom.  Slurp.

And wait, for the non-vegan, some ‘Whippy dolloped on top.

The verdict:  The best breakfast in years!

I can’t wait to hear who makes this recipe…please do, and tell me all about it!  Remember, you can make the batter and then bake in the oven or griddle things up on the stovetop. 

Tip of the Day:  Nominations for the 2009 Food Buzz Food Blog Awards are open!  If you haven’t voted already, go do so!  Click on through and under step 6. there’s a very tiny little clickable link, that’s where you enter your nominations.  You don’t have to vote in every single category, and I just cut and pasted the URL’s of the bloggers I was voting for in each category.  I didn’t bother filling in their full name, just their URL (hope that’s ok!) so it only took me 5-10 minutes.  I really encourage everyone to vote!  Successful bloggers put alot of time, energy, heart & soul into their posts and their blogs, so go pay ’em back with your votes!  Please Go & Rock the Vote, Peeps!

24 comments on “Weekend Recap & Raw Vegan Apple Carrot (Pan)Cakes”

  1. Hoooooly roasted vegetables – great minds DO think alike (read your comment on my blog, as always; and you already know that my response is "much love" to ya!! chat soon!!).

    I'm the epitome of type A :)

  2. Love you, Averie! I wish I lived close so we could have a girls night!!

  3. Looove roasted sweet potatoes! Especially this time of year!

    Adorable door mat! Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. Yum, looks so good!

    I just roasted some veggies for breakfast. It is definitely roastin' season!

  5. after i saw the dressing here and over on mama's blog i thought that i really need to get my butt in gear and make it. but using hummus and cottage cheese is just so much easier and i am a slack ass. ha! but i am going to whip up some vegan treats from your blog for my dudes this weekend, aside from those chia bars of amazingness what would you suggest i make for 3 treat loving boys?

    i don't think you were reading when i had the big baked/roasted discussion on my blog. what do you consider the difference between baked and roasted? i saw you used roasted and back when we were all discussing it we decided they were the same thing but canadians and british people said roasted, hahah.. the blogger consensus! anyway, this is a pointless paragraph, sorry for wasting that 7 seconds of your life. moving on!

    oh for the record i like my sweet potatoes cut into rounds, topped with some cinnamon and cayenne and baked at 450 for 15 min each side so they get spots!

    super cute rug and what a steal!

    hmm it is weir,d i am pretty go with the flow but there are certain aspects in life i freak about. so a combo of both types, if that makes sense.

    your pose today made me so happy! you are a doll. i am with CCK i wish we all lived close for a GNO!

    XO GIRL!

  6. I'm late to the name party but congratulations!! 101F?!?! I'm pretty sure that's my melting point!

    I love those roasted veggies! They sound delicious! Drunk off of ice cream?! Uh oh! That sounds dangerous but I like it! I used to be extremely Type A but I'm learning to ease up a little bit.

    Funny you should mention Cirque because a friend of mine's cousin is in Cirque du Soleil!

  7. i love all your yoga poses! you are so awesome :)
    your veggie dinner looks awesome!! YUM! I love love love raosted veggies!

  8. LOVE roasted vegetables! I am currently obsessed with mushrooms, onions and broccoli. I just spray with oil, sprinkle on a seasoning blend and roast. SO GOOD! Also brussel sprouts and squash. Mmmm…

    I am type-A. Monica from Friend's and I could be twins… I try to focus on tiny things to stay in the moment- ie, a raisin. Pick it up and describe how it looks, what it feels like, etc. Bite into it and describe exactly how it feels/tastes…helps!

  9. Wow! that looked so good!I followed you from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set, Thanks!

  10. those roasted veggies look awesome!! roasted carrots are SO underrated!!

    cute new rug!!

    love the oats too! you are making me hungrrrrrrry! :)

  11. just catching up on your old posts now (curse you school for making me too busy to stalk my lovely Averie reguarly) but I have so muchooo to say.

    1. Averie Harmony is an absolutely beautiful name.. very appropriate for the absolutely beautiful YOU :)
    2. That long and skinny sweet 'tato has so much "Thats what she said" potential
    3. Full camel (from your last post) = my fav. pose.
    4. THANK YOU for this thought of the day! Staying in the present is one of my greatest challenges. I'm also so focused on the feature and what will happen that I forget to embrace what's going on now. Awesome message, you make me smile :)

    love you love you loveee youu!

  12. Your tip of the day is the best yet… it's also one that I have the hardest time sticking with.

    I haven't gotten to roast up the veggies yet, but I can't wait! I'm also STARVING, and looking at all of your yummy foods didn't help one little bit ;-)

  13. Oh my goodness.. this post is honestly making me drool. I HEART sweet potatoes and I have found roasted carrots are amazing with brussel sprouts!! Gotta try those oats. Keep up the awesome blog! :)

  14. Those veggies look divine! I LOVE sweet potatoes so those would hit the spot! Have you checked out Clean Eating Magazine this month? It has so many yummy fall veggie recipes, yum!

  15. I am type A but working on it :-)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heat. It was 106 today and I couldn't wait to get out of the cold restaurant and back out into the lovely enveloping WARMTH!! AHhhhhhh! (dry heat of course)

    Have terrific day- your eats look amazing as per usual.

  16. OMG! I am SO type A it isn't even funny! I am learning to live in the present moment more and more though and it feels really good. When I start looking too far ahead or being anxious about next week, I have to really pray to just take life one day at a time and enjoy what ever moment I am in.

    I agree that linens, rugs etc. are way overpriced. Rugs are for wiping dirt on for crying out loud! You did get a steal!

  17. Thanks for all the great comments grrrl-frands! I am roasting some more sweetie potatoes right now. Janetha I think bake vs. roast is just verbiage and they mean the same thingey. But I'm sure someone from the French Culinary Institute will correct me :) Anyone from there reading? Can I have a scholarship?

    K- I so wish I was a Cirque cast member, that woulda been a perfect job for me pre-mommy days.

    And for the rest of you Type A's, glad I hit a chord and you can all go breathe.a little. or alot. And slow your fast brains down.


  18. Averie girl! You rawk, i love you blog!
    Thanks for the comment, you're right, we'd make fabulous friends with our love of food, yoga, chocolate, and spiralized thingies! Mmm, love sweet potatoes too, esp in the winter!!!
    Hugs to you!

  19. I love roasted veggies!!! so quick, easy, and unbelievably delicious!!! i just need to remember not to eat the whole house worth. and to balance my meal out with more dense food. It looks like you have some good eats though. : )

  20. love the name, love the eats, love it ALLLLLLLLL…seriously, drool.

    i wish you had moved to nyc instead of effing AZ. too hot!!

  21. You are a pretzel woman! So damn cool and impressive.

    Thanks for the link love – it really turned out great. The last thing I made with soaked cashews didn't turn out quite right so I was glad to have a reason to try, try again.

    Can't wait to see how you're going to change things up here! I think what you got going is pretty dang good but I know I'm always looking for area to improve so I can totally relate!


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