What’s White & Green All Over?

My raw veggies!

Here’s some of what I’ve been eating and doing this weekend…

I’ve been enjoying green & white for dinner this weekend. Only green or white made the cut:
*B.S. (yeah lotsa bullshit going on around here, too, but I actually mean Brussels’s Sprouts)
*Jicama (tasty, full of fiber & potassium)

And after the green and white kick was over, here’s another Plate of Veggie Love:
*Yellow Peppers

Fruit: White peaches, nanners, blueberries, watermelon
Brekky bowl of oats, 1 banana, cinnamon, and some pudgy raisins from TJ’s that I made for Scott. He said it was the best oatmeal he’s ever had. He says that every weekend, so I guess I am one-upping myself.

And for dessert. First, those easy, raw vegan Ani cookies I talked about yesterday. Thanks everyone for all the great comments, and yes, I am definitely looking forward to trying out so many more of her recipes and will post all about it.
Another recipe I wanted to post with the cookies I made yesterday was this one. Although I’ve never tried it, I’ve been told it’s a Go-To Gluten-Free, Vegan Cookie Recipe, although it’s not raw :(

Next up for dessert…In addition to the Ani oatmeal raisin cookies, I’ve been indulging in some of the Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies around midnight lately. Oh well, I don’t get Skylar into bed til 11pm lately, so what the hell.

And there she is, giggling away in her Little Miss Giggles t-shirt. Guess the sleep deprivation isn’t hurting her a bit. Just me.

Next up, a random shopping purchase…a protein powder mixer. I had mentioned that I was having trouble getting my Jay BRPP to dissolve easily and quickly. Sometimes I just don’t wanna break out the V just to mix up a little protein and stirring with a spoon can take awhile. Enter Shaker Cup. Not sure what the real name for it is, but I found it at a musclehead shop where they sell whey protein in 50 gallon vats and speed metal music is blaring, you know that kind of place. Anyway, put protein and water in the Shaker Cup, drop wire wisk thing in, shake for 20 seconds, perfectly mixed protein and 2 seconds of cleanup. LOVE IT!

After running a few miles, some yoga. Tolasana, with a smile. (I have heard this pose called lolasana, but lolasna to me is more this.)

And an arm balance. Start by hooking your right leg at the knee, over your right shoulder, plant your hands at hips with, then push downward into the ground with your hands to get your butt off the ground. For some added fun, tilt yourself forward, then get even bolder and extend your legs. I had it down a week after I started yoga. JUST Kidding :)

Last but not least, did I mention I run a few miles every now and then? My shoes see a couple hundred miles a month and so after brief amounts of time, like 3 months, holes form.

And they tear and rip.

So I got new running shoes today at Fashion Valley Mall at the Nike Store. I got the same shoe I have had for the last 3 months, the Nike Air Vomero. But what is everyone’s favorite running shoe? Please share your suggestions. My preferences are lightweight, narrow, and due to being BigFoot, I pretty much need men’s sizes (but I so wish the cute girly shoes would come in my size). And with that, I think I can safely promise I won’t post any more pictures of dirty old athletic shoes for awhile.


Tip of the Day: Replace your running/workout shoes regularly! They say every 500 miles for runners. I say, it’s time to replace them when your back, knees, ACL, IT Band, plantar fascitis, or any of your normally-don’t-bother-me-but-lately-they-have aches and pains start creeping up. This is not the time to get el cheapo friends and try to make ’em last. Not on your workout shoes.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I love giveaways, which reminds me that I need to do one again soon:)

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