Mondays are always my busiest day of the week, but this one really took the cake for being especially manic.

Target was closed on Easter Sunday as I mentioned, and many of you noticed that this year, too, and that it seemed to be a new thing.  Who knows.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make a Target run today but I stopped by Rite-Aid and grabbed a few items when I was out today.  Intended to buy one, but they were on sale for $1.99 each.  I love sales.

Suave naturals soap: cucumber melon, coconut, and sweet pea I have used the Suave bodywashes for years and like them just as well as Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret bodywash, and you can’t beat the price on the Suave.

And Carmex.  I love thee.  I have it in every room and purse, bag, car, and desk drawer.

Carmex chapstick three packCannot live with Carmex.  It’s a Must Have Item.  From my last post, I enjoyed hearing what your Must Have Items are when you’re traveling.

These razor blades are a must have.  Wish these buggers would go on sale, though!

venus Embrace 5 blades razorIt’s an epic ripoff to stay smooth.  They are the best razor blades I have found to date, though.  I will skimp on some things, but not on razor blades.  Hacked up legs is not worth trying to save a few bucks!

I also managed to make a colossal mess of my kitchen.

Messy kitchen counters

I was in it all afternoon cooking.  And then photographing everything I made.  Recipes coming soon coming when I have time to get them posted.  Whenever that will be.

empty pan with foil and spatulaI was just happy to get the dishes done after all the cooking!

And I was really glad to dive into this bowl of strawberries.


They were on sale for 88 cents for 2 pounds of berries at Ralph’s today!  Practically free!


I really wanted to put my feet up, chill out, and eat a Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake
Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake with white chocolate icing

…But it didn’t happen because I am working.  My paid job.  Everything else around the house is unpaid but still work! Oh well, duty calls.

Glad you liked my product reviews of the water bottle and lotion from my last post and what I plan to Bring With on our trip. 


1. How was your Monday?  Did you happen to have the day off since it was the day after Easter?  Any trouble getting back into the routine of school or work after a holiday weekend?

Whether or not I was going to have any trouble getting back into the swing of things was a moot point.  Duty called and I had to rise to the occasion.   As I always say, I’d rather be busy and whirling around than the alternatives.

2. What’s your busiest day of the week?

Mine is, without a doubt, Mondays!  My email explodes, my personal life seems crazy with errands, chores, phone calls, etc. and work is busy, too!

Enjoy your Tuesday.  And the rest of your week.  Hopefully mine is calmer than today was!

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