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Mondays are always my busiest day of the week, but this one really took the cake for being especially manic.

Target was closed on Easter Sunday as I mentioned, and many of you noticed that this year, too, and that it seemed to be a new thing.  Who knows.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make a Target run today but I stopped by Rite-Aid and grabbed a few items when I was out today.  Intended to buy one, but they were on sale for $1.99 each.  I love sales.

Suave naturals soap: cucumber melon, coconut, and sweet pea

I have used the Suave bodywashes for years and like them just as well as Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret bodywash, and you can’t beat the price on the Suave.

And Carmex.  I love thee.  I have it in every room and purse, bag, car, and desk drawer.

Carmex chapstick three packCannot live with Carmex.  It’s a Must Have Item.  From my last post, I enjoyed hearing what your Must Have Items are when you’re traveling.

These razor blades are a must have.  Wish these buggers would go on sale, though!

venus Embrace 5 blades razorIt’s an epic ripoff to stay smooth.  They are the best razor blades I have found to date, though.  I will skimp on some things, but not on razor blades.  Hacked up legs is not worth trying to save a few bucks!

I also managed to make a colossal mess of my kitchen.

Messy kitchen counters

I was in it all afternoon cooking.  And then photographing everything I made.  Recipes coming soon coming when I have time to get them posted.  Whenever that will be.

empty pan with foil and spatulaI was just happy to get the dishes done after all the cooking!

And I was really glad to dive into this bowl of strawberries.


They were on sale for 88 cents for 2 pounds of berries at Ralph’s today!  Practically free!


I really wanted to put my feet up, chill out, and eat a Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake
Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake with white chocolate icing

…But it didn’t happen because I am working.  My paid job.  Everything else around the house is unpaid but still work! Oh well, duty calls.

Glad you liked my product reviews of the water bottle and lotion from my last post and what I plan to Bring With on our trip. 


1. How was your Monday?  Did you happen to have the day off since it was the day after Easter?  Any trouble getting back into the routine of school or work after a holiday weekend?

Whether or not I was going to have any trouble getting back into the swing of things was a moot point.  Duty called and I had to rise to the occasion.   As I always say, I’d rather be busy and whirling around than the alternatives.

2. What’s your busiest day of the week?

Mine is, without a doubt, Mondays!  My email explodes, my personal life seems crazy with errands, chores, phone calls, etc. and work is busy, too!

Enjoy your Tuesday.  And the rest of your week.  Hopefully mine is calmer than today was!

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  1. I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written

  2. Monday was great! And I did have it off but my hubby did not. Noah had hockey…twice, but I did manage to take the kids out for lunch and to see Hop.

    I really like Suave products, too. The coconut and melon one are personal faves of mine! :)

  3. I use the men’s Mach 3 razors, and I pretty much have to take out a loan every time I need to buy more! :)

  4. My busiest day of the week is usually whichever day I have class on (because I work and then have to rush home and eat supper before class). Other than that, I am not too busy.

  5. Really enjoyed having a peek into your busy & messy kitchen. Reminds me of when we are getting ready for a party and we are both in the preparing dishes, chopping, unbaking / baking, cooking and then trying to get most of it cleaned up before the guests arrive ;)

    I was off my paid job on Monday, but was back out at the paintball field to do some work there for the morning. Clean up, straighten up, store equipment, refill air tanks, sort paperwork…
    Family dinner on Monday night to celebrate the birthdays of two aunts. Fun family get together was a great way to end the day.

    Now that the paintball season is upon us, Fridays and Mondays are my busiest days of the week. Friday I work at my paid job, then get paperwork & food ready for the weekend. Monday I work my paid job, then get the paperwork and computer entry done from the weekend at the paintball field.

  6. Interesting on the body wash, I’ve used that brand before. So true on razor blades, prices are crazy.

    Oh, you’re good at messing up your kitchen too? :-)

    Cute strawberry pic, like the photography table. :-)

    1. Okay, busy – but time flew.
    2. Depends on what’s going on at work, it varies.

  7. Thursdays! Between kickball games and baking and serving dinner rolls to homeless, it gets craaazy!

  8. The weekends are always busiest for me… Since technology has come along, professors insist on making things due Saturday night… I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT! Haha

    On the other hand, I absolutely love your blog! You’re so encouraging and uplifting. I love the “just go with it” attitude. You and Skylar’s smiles are contagious!

    1. thank you for the compliments….and Sat nite homework is due??? that’s horrible!

  9. Those strawberries were such a steal – I’m super jealous! They look really good too…
    My busiest days are Wednesday and Thursday – I have four classes to get to on these days!

  10. I had yesterday off so yay!! now back to the grind of things… I actually just bought my fave razor yesterday, Gillette Mach 3. it’s men’s but for me, it’s the best! :) and yes why are these things so pricey!!

  11. I haven’t actually started my new job yet, so I had yesterday off and it was great! I cleaned the apartment, did laundry, ran errands, and then went to the library to get travel books. I’m trying out this “law of attraction” thing and whether it works or not, it makes me feel good! Then we had some friends over for homemade cookies and a movie.

  12. The busiest day of my week is Sundays. Going to the first church service, volunteering during the second service. Then running errands, doing my food prep, and attempting to get family time in as well. I don’t work Mondays as a rule, so they are usually the most relaxing day.

  13. Monday is my busy day in terms of standing committments, teaching and classes, but then I can have super busy Thursdays or other random days if I have a lot of meetings to schedule. I haven’t had time (or desire lately) to make a mess of my kitchen. Hoping to get in there again this week, but I have SO much to do before moving….

    1. clearly between your dissert and your move, kitchen time is not on the radar. That’s how i was last year at this time getting ready to leave Phx and do my fitness comp!

  14. my mondays are pretty much always low key, but it gets busier as the week progresses. and yes, it def. is a lot harder to get back into the grove after a nice long holiday or vacation.

  15. I definitely agree, once you find good products that work (esp if they are reasonably priced) you stay loyal to them :) I can’t wait to see all the new recipes!

    Monday and Friday are usually my busiest days. Friday’s because I’m trying to get things finished up for the weekend have enough time for date night :)

  16. I don’t know if you belong to a wholesale club (Sam’s Club, Costco, etc) but I feel like you’d REALLY love it, if only for the deals on razor blades, nuts and other items like that. Last time I was there I got a 16 pack of razor blades for 16.97. Yes, insane!!

    I took the day off, so I think today is going to be a little rough. Coming down the home stretch, and the next few weeks are gonna be a shitshow!!

  17. I love Suave products — I can’t tell a difference and the price is so good.

    Tuesdays and Fridays are my busiest days at work — everyone wants things done on Friday and many people here work at home on Mondays so I don’t see them until Tuesday which means they have work for me then! I don’t mind, it is kind of nice to know when to expect to be busy.

    I did work yesterday. I remember being in private school (high school) and having the Thurs, Fri and Mon surrounding Easter off. It was awesome!

  18. As a former Target employee, I can assure you that it’s not a new thing :) However, I believe WalMart and Kmart are open on Easter, so maybe that’s why it seems off that Target is closed.

  19. I am totally with you on the body wash. Dial and Suave have been my brands of choice for years. If people buy me those Bath and Body Work gift packs I won’t complain though ; )

    And yeah, I’d say if we’re going to be putting sharp objects ON our body, we should go for quality.

    Happy Tuesday Averie!

  20. That’s my kind of mess. I (usually) clean while I cook, so I don’t have a mess to clean up later. Depends on what I’m making. I managed to hit Target yesterday because The Girl stayed home sick from school, so I took the day off. Snagged some excellent, discount Easter candy. Should last me until tomorrow…

  21. Easter Monday is a holiday in my part of the world, and so is Good Friday. That also means that everything is closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday! Can you imagine the crazy crowds at all the stores on Saturday? They make it look like it’s the end of the world, seriously.
    My busiest day is usually Saturday, with trips to tgrocery stores, mall, drug store, doing laundry and other housework, and an occasional date night with my favorite girls. Because of my full time job (which is more a 7-5 than 9-5) I only have Saturday to do most of my chores. Plus, all stores are closed on Sundays, so I need to plan ahead for the week a bit earlier.

  22. We spent Monday flying back to PA– so NOW I feel like today should be Monday, which I know is going to screw me up all day long, haha.

    Have a great Tuesday, girl! Glad y’all had a good Easter!

  23. I use the same razor/blades! It’s the best one I’ve found!!!

    My busiest day usually depends on the week… I’m a full-time student, but my schedule it pretty evenly spaced out over the week, so it depends on which classes have the most going on and whatnot. It’s definitely crazy right now though with the end of the semester!

  24. No wonder Target was INSANE yesterday morning at 9:30!
    My busiest days are typically Thursday. I work all day at the office, and train clients beforehand and afterward until pretty late.

  25. My busiest day of the week fluxuates – it can be Monday one week or Wednesday the next. It just depends on what Ihave going on!

  26. Okay. How come you never show up at my door with a dozen of those chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes?!?!

    My busiest day of the week is usually Thursday or Friday (our weekends) because I save up all the errands that I need to run that are off our compound and ask Cody or my dad to drive me to the stores. Since I’m a woman, I can’t drive myself off of our compound, so I gotta get them to take me places. Luckily our compound is huge and has almost everything we need on it, so I don’t have to run errands that regularly. But this Thursday we’ll be going across the causeway to Bahrain to stock up at the all organic food store. But that doesn’t feel like a chore, it feels like heaven to see all that delicious organic food.

  27. oh, i’m with you: while busy days can feel overwhelmingly hectic at times, i’d much rather have too much to do than too little.
    sales are great! esp when you don’t know an item is on sale, and need it. and i totally buy multiples, too – i’ll pick of 3-4 of x if i know i’m going to use it.
    i’d say friday is likely my busiest day of the week – full day of work and usually something fun/social in the eve.
    hope you get more than 2.5 seconds to yourself today, averie! :)

  28. I hate that razors never go on sale (ESP since I swear I’m the worst shaver ever!!!) but I did have coupons last week and instead of 8.99 paid 4.99 – do you ever use coupons?

  29. Holy shizzle, Target was closed on Easter?! :shock: Not good. My uncle works at the company that makes ALL of the cans for Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, etc., in the whole country and he said that they closed down for 3 days for Easter–first time ever closing down for that long. These are signs of how bad the economy actually is; companies are using holidays as excuses to save money so it’s subtle, but it concerns me deeply. Sigh.

    Busy = good. :)

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  32. Your Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing looks to die for!!! Do you take orders?!?!? :D

  33. Oh my gosh raizors and blades are so expensive!! I can’t stand it.

    I hate when the kitchen is a mess from a day of cooking. It takes me forever to get it back to normal :) lol

    Excited for ur new recipes!