Windy Window Shopping


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I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was nice but fast.  Wham-bam and it was over.

The weather was craptastic here for most of the weekend in San Diego.

This was as nice as it ever got and even this photo is a bit deceiving.  It was so windy and dreary and rainy all weekend.

Blue sky and palm trees on street

Scott is a big Chicago Bears fan and the Bears were playing the San Diego Chargers in Chicago.  When I was running on Sunday, I felt like I could have been running down Lake Shore Drive in the Windy City or that I could have been sitting at Soldier Field freezing my butt off with the wind and misty weather that we had here in “sunny” San Diego.

Bad weather outside is a perfect excuse for some cooking and baking time inside.

In honor of it being National Peanut Butter Month, I have been hard at work using PB in just about every recipe I can dream up.

Jar of Planters Creamy peanut butter

I made a batch of Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake) and gave them to Scott to take to his friends’ house where he watched the football game.

Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting stacked

Apparently there were no leftovers.

Instead of watching the game, I did a little Williams-Sonoma window-shopping.  Well, almost.  These pictures are from my trip to the mall last week that I forgot to post.  I would not st foot inside the mall on a weekend during Holiday Shopping Season.  No way!

Williams sonoma display window

I saw “my” machine in the window.  Hint hint, Scott.

Red Kitchen aid mixer on wood platter

And saw all these machines…

Mixing machines shelves

…And Vitas and food processors and was in blending heaven.

Food Processors and blenders on shelvesI’m sure there’s enough horsepower on that shelf to pulverize rocks.

And this Le Creuset set, in person, is the most amazing shade of teal blue meets dusty turquoise meets I would love to own this set that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Le Creuset blue pots

But it was just window shopping in Williams-Sonoma for me.

Good thing I had Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies at home waiting for me.

Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies stackedGood thing, yes.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Those dark chocolate chip cookies rank right up there for me.

I also tackled a few projects around the house that felt nice to accomplish.

And spending time with my family was nice, too.

2. Have you done any window shopping lately?  Seen anything fun, new, or interesting?

It never hurts to look, right?  You can mentally draft your holiday gift list that way.  You know, with field research by window shopping.

Have a great (and short) week!

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  1. I have been doing a lot of “window” shopping online for designer bags – can’t seem to find exactly the right one.

  2. I love browsing WS, but haven’t bought anything recently. Agreed on holiday weekend shopping, not fun if you’re just trying to shop.

    My weekend was not exciting being sick and getting bad weather here too.

  3. I haven’t been anywhere near a store lately. Everyone seems to be going holiday crazy right now. It seems less sane now than in the first couple of weeks in December for some reason. I actually hate window shopping though. It’s all about “Oh that’d be cool if I could afford it. Man I really want one of those.” etc. etc. It’s just a bummer!

  4. I love Window shopping, well no not really, I love shopping, shopping. he he Oddly enough, this year I want a Kitchen Aid Hot Pink hand mixer that I saw at Sur La Table. Mine is so old, by Black & Decker, do they even make Black & Decker anymore?

    Best thing I ate this weekend? Cherry Cobbler from a buffet I went to on Sunday. I’m a sucker for cherries!!

  5. Hi Averie,
    Love this post. But was trying to get to the link for your Fudgy Nutella Brownies but was unable to get to it. Could you please help? Thanks!

  6. I spent all day thinking it was Friday. Probably because the weekend went too fast, though I got a lot done. Christmas gift making, not shopping.

    My mom made your butterfinger bars again. She’s an addict. I remember those nutella bars from this time last year? I think we were going to make them. Might have to put them on the list again. Sadly, things on the list don’t always get made.

  7. I had a lovely time catching up with some old girlfriends from high school this weekend and kicked my butt in a HIIT workout – YAY!

    I actually go window-shopping as mini-therapy — no buyers remorse but I still get to be surrounded by pretty, wonderful-smelling things!

    I am actually in charge (put myself in charge, obviously) of bringing a vegan dessert to thanksgiving dins – any recommendations?? I don’t want to just bring a vegan version of everyone’s favorite pumpkin pie!

    1. these are already vegan and GF, use pumpkin, easy and everyone seems to love them

      or try these, seasonal, and you can follow the vegan adaptations

      or really try any of the cookies, bars, balls/bites, breads…most all have vegan adaptations listed or are already vegan

      1. Ah you are the best! I knew you would have some good, atypical ideas – those caramel bars look like just the thing, and easy enough to hand out to friends throughout the weekend! Thanks! :)

  8. What a fun weekend. I love shopping for anything kitchen related! I ate fabulous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this weekend- recipe on my blog. My husband has seriously been asking for more every weekend for the last 2 months… Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!

  9. I had my first blogger playdate!! Lots of fun- but I’m still super sore from the Kettle BAll class we went to

  10. I love all the kitchen appliance “porn”! LOL

    I usually don’t window shop. It just depresses me because of all the things I want, but don’t have the extra cash to spend money on (which is ridiculous, considering I have a VitaMix and a Kitchen Aid. What else does one need??).

    Your PB bars look yummy. Most of the time I don’t like PB flavored stuff. The only exception is when they are combined with chocolate! Bring it on!

  11. That Le Creuset is GORGEOUS! Love that color!
    Best part of the weekend? Home made pizzas on Saturday night and a movie! (it was rainy and cold in LA too)

  12. everything is so expensive here in Denmark that it’s been allll window shopping a browsing for me! But it’s still so fun and exciting to see such new stores.

    1. isn’t that the truth! Whenever I travel I am reminded that things like Target or Marshall’s really don’t exist in other countries very much and what should be a $5 item at home is like…$50 sometimes when traveling!

  13. My weekend went by really quickly today, and I just had the LONGEST day ever. Woke up at 4am, headed into the office and just got back to my room now. We had a nice dinner out and we got on the topic of peanut butter and recipes… and I totally mentioned YOUR blog! Like I said, you’re the PB queen!!!

  14. I did lots of window shopping this weekend too. I made a photo Christmas list for my boyfriend at Lululemon’s and anthropologie.

  15. Hi Averie! Thanks so much for saying hi on my blog … made my afternoon and felt a little like a celeb had dropped by! :).
    Okay, the best thing I made all weekend was a Chicken Picaata that was out of this world good… although I was also VERY partial the Autumn creme pots, that were so contraversial in other peoples eyes. Oh and some flapjacks that were pretty insane good, but Im not allowed to think about as I AM GIVING THE REST OF THEM AWAY. oh yes I am!
    Have a great week – not so short here unf! Xx

    1. Awww, thanks for the sweet comment, Emmy! I do see you all over the place and am usually just a few minutes “behind” you :)

  16. That KitchenAid is just so pretty. I have a silver one since it’s easier to match and I like to leave it out on my counter (it’s like functional art for my kitchen), but the red is something special. :)

    I would love to own a few Le Creuset pieces at some point. I used to work for an online ecommerce company and I’m kicking myself I didn’t take more advantage of the awesome employee discounts when I was there.

  17. I have a red KitchenAid! The bf got the hint last Christmas. I would LOVE the red Le Creuset set. Window shopping is a lot tougher when you do most of your shopping online…I just splurged on the 4 try Excalibur dehydrator.

    Best thing I did? I got to watch my boyfriend drive a race car, it was his Christmas present from me LAST year. It made him happy, so I was happy!

  18. I want the purple Le Creuset set… I am madly in love with it!! I bet that photo doesn’t do that teal/turquoise justice!

  19. I had my first blogger meet up and bought some Le Cruset items at about half price at Home Goods! :)

  20. The weekend did just fly by. And it was crazy windy here too – exactly like being in Chicago. Talk about bad hair days and resistance training running ;-)