Zevia Contest Winners Announced!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter the Zevia Contest and now it’s time to announce the winners!

Grand Prize Winner of 24 cans of Zevia & T-Shirt is Shannon

Shannon said…
Entry#1- sometimes, i need a little variety from water. and while i’m not a fan of soda, a natural variety w/o artificial sweeteners would be a nice treat from time to time!

 Runner up #1 for 6 cans of Zevia & & T-Shirt is

Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said…
This is Entry #1 for me: I’d love to give Zevia a try because I’m a HUGE fan of Stevia as a sweetener. I’ve been curious about Zevia sodas, but since I gave up soda a few years ago, I have mostly drank herbal tea, water, raw juices, and smoothies. If there really is a healthy soda option–I’d love to find out! :-D

Runner up #2 for 6 cans of Zevia & & T-Shirt is

Bonnie said…
This is my entry #7 – I have added your blog to my blogroll!

Runner up #3 for 6 cans of Zevia & & T-Shirt is

Margaret said…
Entry #2 i would like to win this contest b/c with all the food eliminations that my kids entail (like ten different things so far… not as much as some people we know, but still) I could really use a treat! And I can barely afford any! So something soda-ish sounds great to try.

Runner up #4 for 6 cans of Zevia & & T-Shirt is

justine said…
Entry #3 Added you to blog roll. (You were already on my dashboard roll). ~Justine

Runner up #5 for 6 cans of Zevia & & T-Shirt is

Jenny said…
this is my entry number 2… i follow your blog, woo!

Winners please get in touch with me at [email protected] and I will getcha hooked up with my contact who will be shipping out your stash!

Thanks for playing and be sure to check back on Wednesday of this week when I have a bangin’ contest I am announcing that’s gonna have a chance for TWO Winners!!!


3 comments on “Zevia Contest Winners Announced!”

  1. CHIC new furniture!! Love it :)

    **drive-by commenting, since I have a short break in between classes right now**

  2. dope table and chairs set! love it! and i got all the nunaturals stuff sent to me but don't even know what to do with it since i never use sweeteners, i should try what you did here. now i just need to find some chia seeds sold near me! have a great day averie!

  3. love your new table! it's very elegant!

    what would I make if money and time weren't an issue…How about just hiring Giada De Laurentiis to come and make some fab italian supper!

    she can bring whatever pricey ingredients she wants…


    I don't really know… I don't ever feel I can't make this or that.

    good food for thougth though

  4. I LOVE your new furniture!! The color and design is very cool. :) That is one crazy amazing yoga pose. WHOA!

  5. Averie- watch your back- Hayley's gonna be doing that pose tomorrow :-) You mentored a 'natural'!

    gorgeous furniture.

    I put 1/2 tsp chia in my water. I am nuts I know but I have chia calorie fear. It's about 70 cal per Tablespoon and it doesn't have much flavor. Why oh why can't Poppy seeds puff out like Chia does???!?!?!?

    Unlimited time? Hmm I wouldn't be in the kitchen. Unlimited money- a Gaggeneau steam oven. A friend of mine swears by hers.

  6. It's so funny that you're posting about chia seeds because that's exactly what I ordered to come with my SW!! Can't wait for both to arrive and to be making yummy yummy smoothies!!

  7. VG-You can drive by anytime, chica :)

    And to the rest of you fine ladies, thanks for the furniture props. This was a long, long time in the making deciding on a dining room and kitchen table combo and the chairs, and we love it, but it's always nice to hear other people like it, too.

    Deb-I think that the calorie fear thing is ridic, but I do understand it. However, b/c the chias have such a nice fiber content, I have actually heard that with really fiber-ful foods that you don't actually absorb 100% of the calories. So maybe subtract a percentage off for non-absorption. Trying to rationalize with ya :)

    A xx- Glad you ordered the Sunny W and some chia. Awesome.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for an X Rated Chia dessert.

  8. Deb you are too kind! I can't even figure out how to get my body in that position! :)

  9. you are all over the chia + NuNaturals concoctions.. way to put those babies to good use lovepie!

  10. Yeah, I really can't stand the taste of Vega powders either. I had to dump mine out too! I promise other hemp proteins are much better!

  11. You are a yoga GODDESS! Love the new furniture. Don't apologize – so what if it was an impulse purchase (which I know it was NOT), dontca deserve it? I LOVE West Elm! I hope you enjoy many killer meals at your new table!

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