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Good morning love’eys! How’s everyone’s day startin’ off so far?  Things are good so far here.  EXCEPT GOOGLE READER IS SLOW.  Sorry if you see this twice, after 3 hours this post still has not shown up in Reader so I am re-clickin’ the Publish Button.  Anyone else with issues?  

Anywhoo negative comment drama and I am glad to hear your fave unseasonal fruits and your recommendations on Ani’s recipes from her book that I just got from the last post.  And of course all your hidden tats and piercing anecdotes were music to my holey ears.

So let’s recap some of my eat-ies.

First there was a brekkie cookie.  1/3 c dry oats, 1 smooshed nanna, 1 scoop Sunny Warr BRPP (brown rice protein powder), heavy dash of NuNaturals white stevia powder because I like my cookie ridic sweet, what can I say.  And a squirt of agave.

For all inquiring minds, the only liquid or wet ingredients I use in my version of the cookie, although I know Miss Fitnessista adds other stuff, but I only do the nanna & agave.  No nut milks or nut butters.  I guess I have really juicey nannerz becuz if I added nut milk or nut buttah, I would just have slop.  And not a cookie.  And I much prefer cookies to slop.


18 hours later…

And I plated it up with pears, pineapple that I’ve been lovin’, and grapes.  And iced it.  Delish.  It’s still 105 F here.  Yeah, icy is good.

Onto some greenery.  A bed of greens, tomato, red & yellow pepps, zukes, carrots, and slathered in my Homemade Thai-Inspired Peanut Sauce. 

You will probably literally lick you plate clean because this sauce is that good, if I do say so myself.

Also rocked out a bowl of greens, carrots, asparg, B.S., red & yellow pepps, zukes, & tomato.  Dressed with My Standard Dressing, which is the juice of 1/2 an orange, agave, and cracky blacky.

And as promised in this post, I got a better lookin’ pic of the Nooch Sauce over zukes, carrots, and asparagus, which I have to say oddly, or wonderfully, resembles the cheesy coating on Cheetos.  For the details on making it in about 30 seconds flat in your own crib, go check this recipe out.  

Dessert time…

Banana Vanilla Softserve goin’ down.  And boy, was it good.  I never get sicka this shizzle.   For recipe info, here ya go. 

Look and it was really thick and delish.

And I also indulged in a few bites ‘o the raw vegan apple crumbleMmmmm.

Yoga today is back to basics.  Seated forward bends.  Paschimottanasana.  If you’re a runner especially, you really need to think about stretching your hamstrings in a seated forward bend or standing forward bend where you’d fold over at the waist and touch your toes.  Running shortens your hamstrings, and forward bends will counter that and helps to lengthen them back out.  And doing so will help you prevent injuries. 

For the non runners, this pose also helps to stretch and release your lower back and since we all spend too much time sitting at our ‘puters and not doin’ our backs any favors, forward bends will help your back out, too.

That’s the beginning of my Tip of the Day:  It’s so important to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves, even if it’s just baby steps.  Takin’ an extra few minutes each day to make sure you’re showin’ yourself some love and treating yourself right is so important.  For me, that means starting my day off with a 20 minute run and 20 minutes of yoga.   

What is your daily must-do activity for your well being & sanity?  Tell me how your fave self-care steps!

And with the traditional ashtanga style toe-hold

Next Tip of the Day: A Couple of GiveAways…First the lovely Amanda from RunToTheFinish is givin’ away salsa.   Go get ya self entered and get a lil fire goin’ in your mouthey.

Stay tuned for some Ani Desserts like I mentioned I’d be hookin’ ya up with.  Provided all goes well in the kitch this mornin’ (and if googlereader doesn’t strike me down), I’ll have pics for ya later today.  Fingers crossed…


  1. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl Reply

    Wow, so many goodies! It's too exciting! That nut butter Deb sent looks SO good. You lucky gal, you!!! Eeeeek! :-D

    And I'm right with you on the probiotics/gut thing–totally true!

    Gosh, now I have to wait to find out that exciting news… I wonder what you're up to!!!!

  2. Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) Reply

    So glad you like the goods! Remember to stir that PB well or you might get drunk off the vanilla :-) Weird how the pecans fell to the bottom of the little container!???

    I know you love your nut butters and that they have found a loving home in AZ. As I said to you before, you've been a really big supporter of my baby blog since I started it in August. So thanks!

    Hope G-reader is working for you now!


  3. The Voracious Vegan Reply

    Haha love all that agave! I am going to make that raw cheesecake asap, it looks just perfect. Can't wait to hear your big news!

  4. Your posts are showing up in my reader! I know you asked if I had idea as to what might be going on – but I don't! I think the concept of a bunch of people submitting posts at once could be on to something, but I've also figured out that posts show up in the google reader of some people before it shows up in others. So some people see it before other people, maybe it has to do with how many blogs you've got in your reader? Just a guess. Either way, I'm seeing them so that's all that's all good!

    I've never read Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, that would be one I'd like to have on my shelf! I'd also like to read Natalia's follow up book to the Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy or Detox 4 Women! So many books, so little time.

  5. I love Sarma's book! The S&M salad and falafel are two great recipes I've tried so far. I've got to start "cooking" more so I can make the rest of the recipes! I plan to try each one once.

  6. This is probably a dumb question, but do you juice your own oranges when you make your Oj/avage/pepper dressing?

    I don't think I made nearly enough of that cheesecake. It is seriously so damn good Averie!

    I use Burt's Bees facewash, too and I love it!

    Oooh what is this big surprise?!

  7. omg those balls look amazing!!!!
    i have to try them. also i love that stivia i have the lemon one and it is delicious in green tea! I definitly apporve of the eats today, haha. I enjoy reading your blog!

  8. I love seeing what cookbooks other people have, I have a about a gazillion of them!

    I wanted to ask you if you plan your meals ahead of time, or just make something when the mood strikes you? I used to make a menu every week, but have gotten away from that. Tried to make one last night and it completely overwhelmed me! BUT, I would do better if I DID plan ahead:)Just curious how you work.

  9. I know all about the gut health! ;)

    So many great things in this post!! I love Sarmas new book!!

    Can't wait for the news!! Have a nice weekend!

  10. i actually went out and bought two raw cookbooks this week…i bought ani's raw food kitchen (because of you)…and i bought the complete book of raw food…i also almost purchased the matthew kennedy book on everyday raw…but i opted out…and will def get it next time…

    next purchases will be sarma's books and ani's dessert book and everyday raw!


  11. Do you have any specific tips for when one -is- on antibiotics? Ugh; wisdom teeth are so problematic. Anyway, I am definitely going to hook up with some coconut milk kefir, and I've been drinking kombucha…Anything else? I'm on it for two weeks too, not just the normal 10 day round. Yikes!

  12. K from ksgoodeats Reply

    I'm slack-a-lackin' on the commenting but I am reading! I feel you on the Reader delay – doesn't it know that the world NEEDS to know what us foodies have to say?! ;)

    Those PB cookie dough balls look oh so creamy and delicious! Definitely on my list of must makes! Those Sweet Leaf flavors sound REALLY good!!

    I want to get V'con one of these days but I think it'll just go on the Christmas list. TGIF!! Hope you have a great Friday!

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Reply

    Thanks to everyone who's already stopped by! CinnyQuill-Just extra probiotics alternated with taking them in between antibiotic doses. Every few hours, taking one or the other. Not at the same time.

    Hayley yes on the oj, just 1/2 orange.

    Kimberly I sorta plan things out yes, so i can shop properly but dont drive myself nuts.

    Alison- good point on reader.

    And K yeah super annoying, we need our stuff published fast us ever-important foodies LOL

  14. wow, the raw cheesecake looks amazing.

  15. yum, agave, a squeeze of lemon and lime and some sea salt is one of my favorite dressings.

  16. LOVE your loot of agave! NICE

    my collection of cookbooks has changed over the years (and other books too) right now I have sitting on my counter Everyday Italian…and my William Sonoma veggie one…however MOST of my recipes since summer have come from BLOGS…and I save them and try them or tweak them…so there it is..I also have Raw Food Real World (love that book) and Natalia Rose's RFDD and the life force one..on my Kindle. should give them a puruse…

    what I would love is Thrive. That will probably be my next Kindle LOVE!

    and even though I have slacked off my probiotics lately..I couldn't agree more…healhty digestion is so KEY…and so much can mess it up.

    can't wait for you fun news!


  17. Hi Averie!

    I have blog-stalking you (among others) and just wanted to say hi finally :)

    I get so many great ideas from you- I am now at (what I would estimate is) 51% raw, 80% vegan. I used to think I would have to do an all or nothing thing to make the change, and I kept thinking I was doomed to fail. Now I just tell myself, if you want it, crave it, then have it. But I have been paying more and more attention to how my body reacts to what I eat, and when I eat "non-vegan" food, or gluten food, or I eat too much cooked food in a day, my body is not happy- I am just tired and sluggish in every way. So seeing those changes makes it easier to go more vegan and raw.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration! Love the blog!

  18. AH, those nut butter yumyums!

    I've been dying for Sarma's books for so long. DYING. V-con is my favorite go-to cookbook, and I love reading Runner's World and pretty much every cooking magazine around.

  19. healthhappinesshope Reply

    I love all the health info in this post, and I couldn't agree with you more about probiotics. I have IBS and started eating LOTS of yogurt, especially ones like activia with added probiotics, after my doctor recommended it. Although I'm not sure it did a whole lot to help the IBS, it sure made a difference in digestion and overall health. It's also so important to stock up on probiotics when you're traveling out of the country to help boost your immune system towards foreign bacteria.

    Another of my favorite yoga poses. I was in gymnastics for quite a few years, and wheel pose is actually known as "bridge" in gymnastics. I was so excited when I started yoga to feel like I had a sort of head start on this pose. It definitely provides some major stretching!


  20. I vote you become the spokeswoman for Agave.. just a thought.

    amazinnnnnnnnng grocery haul girl — can I come live with you?? ;)

    …no, seriously.. can I?

    love you!

  21. WOW … gorgeous food overload!
    loving the thai inspiration! an the awesome tip on burt's bees – they are amazing, but so overpriced in my neck of the woods!

  22. Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries Reply

    Ha Averie, your posts are always long like mine. but they are always so packed with creativity and deliciousness–so I love em just the same :) That salad looks incredible, and that cheesecake STILL makes me wanna be vegan/live with you

  23. That was so informative yet again! I love agave…seriously I need a better blender I mean those homemade nb's are to die for!

  24. Yay- I LOVE vitacost! (Kudos to the parentals for raising me right.)

    And I'm having no reader issues with your posts.

  25. More deliciousness and shopping fun! Yeah! I do love that Avalon line. Thanks for the props : )

    Great book collection! I have another one that you just have to add to it, Rawvolution. It is so great! The raw tacos that I put up on my blog came from there. My fave!

    Looks like AZ is loving you and you're loving AZ : )

  26. My favorite shopping finds are holiday items that are really cheap because the holiday just passed! They are perfect for the next years to come:)

  27. Oh my gosh, the I've been trying to find Chocolate Zevia near where I live! You're a lucky duck!
    I would love to know if the Burt's Facial Cleanser works for you, I have also been trying to find some new products.

  28. Shopping finds…I love a deal! Going broke saving money! Best buy this week was my turkey and steaks saved 31.00! Wow! Cut off our cable! but I really don't have a good go to place that just has things cheaper. Will be checking out vitacost.com ASAP!

  29. Food Makes Fun Fuel Reply

    I love it when I find store brands as good as name brands!

  30. omg u know what's funny? i have those 3 exact flavors of liquid stevia in my cupboard…and i use them everyday! dontcha just loveeee them?!?! :)

  31. i think i'm going to make those peanut butter cookie dough nowwwwwwwwwwwww :) how did i miss this post?!

    ♥ lindsey

  32. I love finding new fruits that i have never had at the grocer store. I mainly shop for food when i go shopping.

  33. Living and Loving in L.A. Reply

    I love Burt's Bees! I've been a big fan of their Honey Beeswax Lip Balm forever!!!

  34. Nutritious is Delicious Reply

    Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls?! YUMMM! I love burt's too! :D

  35. Holy cow, my favorite product in this post is definately the liquid stevia VANILLA CREME flavour!! *O*

    Americans are genius :p

  36. My favorite finds at the grocery store is any organic fruits & veggies for a good deal! I live in a small town so it's not easy finding the food that I like sometimes.

  37. My favorite finds are new nut butters and dark chocolates!! Also I love when stores have a variety of foods in their bulk bins!

  38. Cookie dough balls….

  39. yum bombs!! :)

    lovey.claud AT mycleaninbox.net

  40. My fav finds are new veggies. I like to try a new one every month, sometimes it means I have to do some hunting for it but it's always worth it!

    lovey.claud AT mycleaninbox.net

  41. My fav recent shopping find is Erewhon raisin bran! It's sooooo delicious with tons of raisins, minimally processed whole wheatberries, and NO added sugars!! Perfectly sweet, chewy, and crunchy…I love it!

  42. Thanks for the Avalon facial cleanser recommendation. I just wrote about green beauty products recently (http://justaudreyblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/are-natural-beauty-products-worth-it.html) and as I said, I'm always on the hunt for those that are good for the planet and actually work, too! Plus I'm almost out of facial cleanser, so I'll def check that out!

  43. My favourite shopping finds are local veggies, devoid of pesticides or rogue chemicals, and nut butters. I live in an area where such items are difficult to come by, so when I do happen to come across them (usually inadvertently), I am definitely pleasantly surprised!!


  44. My favorite shopping finds are things on sale! Nothing is better than a good sale :)

  45. my fav shopping finds are when almond butter is on sale! :D it just makes my day! but also trying out new types of veggies! i use to always just buy the standard romaines, carrots…and when i started stepping out of my shell i found out there are so many more amazing options!

  46. I like this post – one of my favorite shopping finds recently was Kombucha at Whole Foods. I only wish it hadn't cost $3.39 for a 16oz bottle. It was really good though… I need to find it cheaper somewhere else, or just buy it on special occasions.

    (Is it possible to make your own Kombucha, like you make Kefir?? I'd totally do it!!)

  47. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl Reply

    I love finding really healthy products at a real discount. Love it!

  48. averie! i love backbends, they open me up so much :)

    and i made your raw cookie dough balls, except with peanuts! talk aboutt raw peanut butter cookie dough with choc. chips? holyyy nommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :))

    they are amazing. i have to force myself to stop!

    pictures on my blog if you're curious :)

    ♥ lindsey

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