Day Before Thanksgiving: Everyday Eats & A Blogger Meetup

How are you doing today?  I’ve had a great day!  I designed some business cards for my yoga business but for a girl who feels like I need to see every last choice, I think I have looked at 9834573 versions of backgrounds, layouts, fonts, colors, from multiple online printing sites.  But I decided on some zen-like cards with earthy tones of soft brown & green with white text and can’t wait to see how they look when they arrive!

Then, I had a blogger meetup with Madeline of GreensandJeansWe drank coffee, had a great time gossiping about all you other bloggies talking shop, talking life, and catching up!  It was just what I needed...thanks, Madeline, you rock!
Sorry, we didn’t do a photo op today but here’s a Photo and Link to our last Coffee Cluth

 And then it was time for me to get home with Skylar, get her some lunch and a nap, so I could get ready to go teach yoga.  Which is where I am off to now.

But first….
I am really glad you appreciated the Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Post:  
Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes from yesterday’s post were a hit and they’re a cinch to whip up.  10 minutes or less so you still have time to impress your non-raw, non-vegan friends-n-fam tomorrow.

And thanks for the props on the Roasted Potatoes receips


and the Salads & Homemade Vegan Dressing Recipes


For today, let me show you just a few of the things I’ve whipped up as day-to-day eats before the Gorge Fest Thanksgiving Feast happens tomorrow.

There was a bowl of Overnight, Raw, Soaked Coconut & Mango Tropical Oats

That I made un-raw by nuking.  (As I mentioned in this post, cooked food is fine.  If your body asks for it, then feed it.)  I added half a sliced banana, cinnamon, & brown sugar to the cooked oats.

For dinner, I made a Great Kale Salad with Cauli, Tomatoes, Brock, Orange Peppers, Asparagus….

….& My Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing just dripping off every last leaf.  Delish!!!

And there was a Bed of Greens, Radiccio, Dulse Flakes, Carrots, Yellow Peppers, Cukes, Cashews…

….and the Holiday Spice Orange Viniagrette I told you about yesterday.

Skylar snacked on a Clif Bar in White Chocolate Mac Nut. I had really high hopes for this bar and I tried a tiny piece and it was kinda meh.  

These are way better.  Wild Blueberry Pure Bars.  Num.

But I do have high standards in the Chocolate Department, I suppose.  Which is why I whipped up another bath of my Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

I never get sick of these things! 
They taste just like real raw chocolate chip cookie dough and the dough is vegan, gluten & soy-free, and they’re ready in 10 minutes or less!

But really, it doesn’t take much to impress me if you have a jar of this, TJ’s Sunflower Seed Butter.  I know there are other brands, but I really love this one.  So I’m not messin’ with a good great thing.

 And then a spoon and dark chocolate chipsUse your imagination.

Oh, and those Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookies that I made have been burning a hole in my vegan pocket, so I noshed on a few of those, too.


Yoga Today is Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose, or the full splits).  A wonderful hip opener and way to stretch our your hammies, quads, and hip flexors.

Tip of the Day:  Enjoy your holiday!!!!  Don’t stress, don’t sweat the small stuff.  No one will remember whatever, comment, food you made/brought/ate/didn’t eat, or you name, it in a month.  So don’t worry about it now.  Just enjoy your day in whatever way makes you feel special!

Tips 2 & 3–Two GiveAways:

Elina from Healthy and Sane is having a NuNaturals Stevia Products Giveaway!

Shelby, La Belle Vegan, is having a Oh Nuts Giveaway!

Is there a food you are super excited to eat on Thanksgiving?  For me, honestly, I think I’ve gotta go with my raw vegan apple crumble.  Not that it’s a long-standing tradition or anything, but it sure is good!  If I was back home, I’d say my mom’s wild rice casserole or the homemade Christmas candy she starts breaking out before Thanksgiving are wonderful memories from my childhood.  What foods do you have fond memories of or can’t wait to dig into tomorrow?

Stay Tuned For A Recap of What I Made for Thanksgiving….

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  1. I actually did the very same thing with my Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood. Although I make my own granola bars and added about 8 scoops to the granola before patting it down. It is SOOOOO yummy and so good for you too! Don't you just love it when that happens! :)


  2. I love those frozen TJ's mango chunks – they have a kind of marshmallowy texture!

  3. Those crackers sound awesome.. what a great prize!!!

    If Im ever at a place that I dont like (Which happens if we are visiting the in laws who enjoy chain resturants.. ahhh). I pack some trail mix, veggies, and an apple in my purse and shut my Sometimes its JUST easier that way!

    I just checked out your guest post.. awesome. I love Soap and Chocolate!

  4. I love the chocolate amazing grass–I just might have to buy a whole container because it's that good.

    I totally agree with the "saving your calories" mentality. I cringe whenever I hear someone say they do that, but I hate imposing myself and trying to explain to them how that's not necessarily the more healthy option.

    I'm happy to have a family who understands that I have certain dietary restrictions and I mean nothing rude in not eating their food. I'm not quite sure how Christmas Eve will work when we visit my mom's family but there's a first for everything and I intend to bring red-colored all natural anise christmas cookies

  5. I still can't get over the creme de menthe bars. I think you are a raw dessert genius. :)

    The new dessert looks delicious, too! I love your holiday eating strategies and you know I agree with them all. Especially the part about being gentle on yourself if you do overindulge.

    I use TJ's mango chunks in my shakes alot. Recently I felt like they were lacking a bit of flavor? Maybe mine are old. They've been in the freezer for awhile!

  6. Flackers…love the name!

    Those mango chunks are my fav! So delicious!

  7. Hey Averie – Just started reading your blog, and holy mammoth posts (in a good way)! So many yummy looking foods and sweet chocolaty recipes begging to be made :)

    I have those same TJ's mango chunks in my freezer – those and frozen cherries are one of my favorite lunch "desserts"!

  8. Thanks for the product reviews!

    I still can't get over those creme de menthe bars! I'm seriously thinking of making them :)

  9. I love those Trader Joes mango chunks, yum.

    When I'm at a restaurant where I have trouble with the food and I'm with a bunch of people I usually either try to order it to accommodate my dietary needs, or I just eat a few bites like you said. Not ideal, but I hate to be "that girl" haha

  10. Sounds like a busy day, but it's never a bad thing to keep your mind occupied once in while!

    I LOVE the idea of mixing the Chocolate Superfood in your recipe. I've only used mine in smoothies, but I imagine it could be used in almost any recipe calling for cocoa! Great idea Averie!

    What an amazing yoga mat! I love how the color actually represents something as well. Reminds you of your intentions each time you get on your mat!


  11. I'm gonna have to try a Pro Bar. I love when you can see that they are made of REAL FOOD!

  12. Your Creme de Menthe bars look so professional! Uh oh, your little peanut likes the chocolate coffee?! Is she prepared for a life filled with addiction?! ;) She has good tastes!

    Those Dr. Flacker's crackers sound like an awesome find! Thanks for the heads up on those.

    LOVE your holiday tips! Nothing aggravates me more than hearing people "save up" for the big event. Usually I'm game for eating anything (as long as it's vegetarian) BUT I don't do fried foods. I tell people that fried foods upset my stomach (the truth) and they usually let it be. Have a wonderful evening, Averie!

  13. STANDING SPLITS!! Did that this morning – loooove it.

  14. Hahaha, only you would think to make vegan chocolate coconut snow balls with Amazing Grass ;)

    Okay, this may sound awful, but if I'm in a social situation where people are eating gross food around me, I just say I'm allergic. Which is aaaalmost true. I have a digestive intolerance to high fat foods, so greasy pizza WILL make me sick. I just use that excuse kinda liberally ;)

  15. dude that yoga matt looks luscious. if that's even possible..

    those mango chunks (haha im so immature) from tjs sound so good! i'm for sure gonna have to be on the lookout for those the next time i'm there! i'm thinking they would be delicious in some oatmeal too.


    have a great night girly!

  16. i have those mango chunks in my freezer right now!! they are so tasty in smoothies with some almond milk and chocolate amazing grass!

    great review on those bars! too funny that skylar loves coffee already! haha…she takes after her mama I guess!

    I love your strategies, I NEVER go to a party on an empty stomach! also because I dont know what food is going to be served there so I might as well eat something that I know I like and know where it came from!

    have a great night!xoxo

  17. I really do enjoy your blog. You are so positive, and I am trying hard to be more positive in my life. Particularly hard with the holidays. I tend to look at everything I cannot do, the sadness in life, and seeing others cheeriness and bubbliness and excitement gets me very sad. I am now working on more positivity and hope it pays off. You are a creative baker. I am lazy in that department, some day I will try to do more baking instead of the lazy-man way out :)

  18. I had an awesome weekend, but it's definitely a lil hard to adjust back to routine. The menthe bar looks amazing! Like I always say, I have no clue how you keep coming up with such fab and creative recipes :)

  19. I need to try your veggies and slaw combo, it always looks so good! As for your question, that is such a toughie! My mother taught me the fine art of strategically pushing food around while complimenting some aspect that is sincere. "how interesting" comes to mind. Her other trick is to always offer to bring something specific like a salad or fruit tray so she knows she always has something that she can eat. My problem is that my face is usually a dead giveaway to my true thoughts! Oh well! :)

  20. I'm not a mint girl but I do want to give you mad props for the networking!!! I'm of the age/experience where I realize the importance of getting out there and getting known. Good for you.

    Sounds like a perfect day (give or take a few abc's)

    I joined grassheads and get the quarterly order. I can already tell it's not going to be enough but it's all I can bear to afford right now. The box of packets is $21 at my local co-op. Ouch! I LOVE Amazing Grass though! And lately I've felt great!

  21. Next on my list will be your coconut snowballs, these are perfect for the holiday gatherings!!

    I was going to ask you for some holiday vegan recipes….I will bring my dishes everywhere I go this year :) LOL!

    I just made some amazing chocolate cups that I will post shortly, I am thinking you will like them ;)

  22. Wow. Chocolate galore! Of all kinds! Nice!

    If I don't like the food that is being served, I still eat it. Part of being social is to follow the group. I won't die with one bad meal, and it's not worth stirring bad feelings just for one meal.
    But I'm not vegetarian at all, though, so it's easier for me to just eat, I suppose.

  23. I eat frozen fruit straight from the bag all the time! Whenever I'm at a party or a restaurant where the food just isn't my thing, I try not to talk about it, eat what I feel comfortable eating, load up on water, and enjoy the company!

  24. THANK YOU for the bar review! ive been wanting to try them and im glad i read this!! and those crackers soundin goooood! :)

  25. you really are an amazing raw vegan chef, averie!!
    i cannot wait to try those pro bars!!
    and great holiday tips, too !

    i love the chocolate amazing grass mixed in with pure pumpkin and some nu natruals sweetner :)

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