Brazilian Blowout

Friday afternoon I went to get another Brazilian Blowout.

I am so happy to have smooth, sleek, wash-and-go hair back again!

I got one five months ago.

And then I wrote a month later with my review and thoughts.  In a nutshell, I loved it!


If you’re not familiar with what a Brazilian Blowout is, it’s a straightening treatment for your hair.  It’s not a bikini wax, that’s a Brazilian wax. Check the Brazilian Blowout website FAQs.

They don’t last forever, and although their site says they last about 10-12 weeks, I actually had 3 great months out of my first treatment, and then 2 more months where my hair was still straighter than it’s natural state.   But at about the 5 month marker, it wore off and I was back to wavy, kinky, and frizzy.

I wanted to get another treatment because not having to flat-iron my hair in order for it to be smooth and sleek is wonderful and a huge time-saver!

Note: Shooting self-portraits, into the mirror, with a big DSLR, without being able to actually look through the view-finder is like taking blind stabs in the dark and you may end up with 48 shots that are actually of the dots on the ceiling.

If you do get a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment, it’s important to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner which will help extend the life of your treatment.  I discussed my favorite sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner here.

And even if you don’t have a Brazilian Blowout, switching to sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner will likely help the health and integrity of your hair.  I know it did for me.

If all this hair talk is making you ready to talk less about hair, and more about food.  I gotcha.

Food lately….

I had more Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

I brought a No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Energy Bar along with me to the salon.

And then I moved on to thinking about dessert.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with an added-protein option)

From my last post about Stinky or Not, it was interesting that many of you don’t consider yourself to be be big sweaters.   And that if you do sweat, you don’t think you’re all that stinky.  I guess we should ask your friends or significant other about that, huh. Seriously though, it was fun to hear what your fave deodorant picks were.  Many of you said definitely not “natural” deodorants.  You’d rather go with nothing than a holistic type deodorant.

And then there was Stinky Food.  Glad you liked my tips for cooking “stinky” foods like broccoli and Brussels sprouts with minimal stink factor.


1. Do you like your hair?

I do like my hair, yes, but when it air dries on its own, and I don’t heat style it, it is puffy, wavy, and not sleek.  And for work, it doesn’t look professional that way.

There is a wavy texture to it, and it’s not really a “pretty wave”.  It’s straight-ish on the top layer with lots of bend and wave in the underneath layers.

And it’s also not a uniform wave.  I’d call it a random mish mash of straight and wavy.

There is also some frizz to it.

It all “tames down” when I heat style it but I don’t always want to heat style or want to make time to blow dry + flatiron it section by section, so having the Brazilian Blowout saves me time!

And in the long run, just my opinion, but I think that not having to heat style as frequently and being able to just wash and go will preserve the health of your hair.  Now, after putting the chemicals on it to get to that place, who knows, but just a thought.

2. Would you ever get a Brazilian Blowout treatment or a keratin treatment?

And yes, I know there is reportedly formaldehyde in Brazilian Blowout treatments.  If this troubles you, don’t get one.  I always get tons of comments “alerting” me to about this.  I know. I am not the poster child for “healthy, clean, natural, or holistic living”.  I am just me, and I am sharing my life.  Chemical-laden hair treatments and all.

As with everything in life, we all have our own comfort zones and must do our own research and do what’s best for us.  Whether that’s eating meat, crossing the street against the traffic signal, getting a perm or getting a Brazilian Blowout, we all have to live our lives as we see fit.

And for me, that includes sleek hair again!

My advice for anyone who wants to get one:  yes, it will probably work with your hair, you will probably love it and wish you did it sooner; use a stylist who does lots of them or a personal recommendation from a friend, and yes, they are worth the money (I’d say on average they run in the $200-300 range, but that’s just a guess).

3. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

My Brazilian Blowout Friday afternoon and shopping Saturday afternoon.  I picked up a few goodies at the mall.  Nothing too big, but just a couple fun items. 


69 comments on “Brazilian Blowout”

  1. I abso-flipping-lutely cannot WAIT until I can get a Brazilian Blowout… your hair always looks so freakin’ badASS afterwards, and it’s EXACTLY what I want my hair to do!!! :)

  2. hey averie!

    wow, your hair does look super sleek! :-)

    i have a love/don’t-like relationship with my hair:

    love: the colour (two different natural colours give it a red/auburn shade); the length (long enough for a pony tail)

    don’t-like: it’s dry, it’s fine, and it can be frizz ball city with humidity!

    i don’t think i’d get a brazilian blow out or treatment. i don’t blow dry or straighten my hair and i don’t colour it. my hair is fine and dry, so i stay away from any of those treatments, save for deep conditioning.

    best thing about my weekend? there were a few:

    – friday off!
    – hosted a slow cooker pot luck (picked up a slow cooker filled with food from each guest and then cooked them at our place)
    – baked and iced cupcakes for a dear friend’s birthday tomorrow
    – not dealing too badly with the daylight savings!

    happy sunday!


  3. No Brazilian Blowout…..I try to make my hair less flat :)
    No Keratin……I am so boring!!
    But lots of balls & holes! Gotta love that.

  4. Your hair looks great! Mine is about he same texture as yours before the treatment and every time I see a Groupon for a brazilian blowout in Chicago I think about it but never actually buy it. Maybe with humidity and summer quickly approaching I’ll finally pull the trigger.

  5. Congrats on your B.B. Looks great.

    I actually do like my hair. I have naturally straight hair, and with the right cut, it IS wash and go. (Yes, I’m blessed, and quite grateful). It took me several YEARS to find the right hairdresser here in NY, though. Now I have 3 that I know I can turn to. Ha!

    I wouldn’t need a B.B. or keratin treatment (see above), but I have gotten perms. Some good, some bad. Grass is always greener, right? I finally made peace with my straight hair, and have realized in recent years that people actually pay lots of money for hair that’s as straight as mine. Meanwhile, I was paying lots of money for wavy, even curly hair way back in the day. Irony, much?

    Weekend was good. Lots of work and some good rest. It’s all over too soon!

    Enjoy your Sunday evening. :-)

  6. hi Averie :)

    just wanted to say that i’ve been enjoying reading your blog! i finally made your slaw dressing and had it on my salad today — OBSESSED! i used stevia instead of the sugar. have you tried making a miso dressing ?? yum and yay for fermented goodness.


    – Crystal

    • LOL – oh, I also wanted to ask out of curiosity…. who eats all those delicious vegan goods you make besides your daughter?? (like the raw dough balls, vegan rice treats, and peanut butter cups, etc.).. i really enjoy your raw recipes for sweet goods, but i’m scared i’m going to eat all of it at once since i live by myself!!

      • glad you liked the salad dressing and i have used stevia too in it, i just adore real sugar sometimes tho :)

        no miso dressing…not yet anyway.

        And i eat the desserts! And Skylar. And sometimes Scott. But the things you see on my blog, I dont eat every single thing, every single day. I know i have new readers and so some days post a bunch of desserts so people can see what i have, but that doesnt mean that i ate all of it the day before.

  7. I’m thinking about getting that done- any recommendations for a place to do it? (I’m also in Southern California :) ) I spend at least an hour straightening my hair every day- I would love to not have to do it for a while!

  8. Ooh, your hair looks so soft! Must be all the cookie dough ;)

  9. I like my hair, but sometimes I wish it wasn’t so straight – I would love to have some waves (although, if I had waves I would probably wish for stick straight hair …).

  10. Lovely! Do you have to wait several days before working out or perspiring? That’s the only thing that’s kept me from the keratin treatments- 3 days without exercise is FOREVER!

  11. today i was at war with my hair but usually i love it. i’m in austin now so i’ve been eating a lot of amazing tex mex!

  12. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I bet most girls with curly hair do, too! It can look great, and a lot of the time it looks horrible. And in general I have no idea what to do with it so I just don’t do anything.

  13. Oooh so pretty!! You have Barbie hair! I’ve been curious about the Brazilian blow-out but never tried it. And honestly, most days I like my waves:) my problem is that my hair is never wash-and-go. If I want it straight, I have to straighten it. If I want it curly, I have to curl it. If I want it wavy, I still have to put product in it and blow dry. I do nothing and get… a huge frizzy mess.

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  15. Your hair looks gorgeous!! I have to tell you something funny: I had NO IDEA what a Brazilian Blowout was!! But get this: I have my hair chemically straightened, too! LOL I didn’t know there was a name for it?? They usually just call it “relaxer” or “chemical straightener.” My hair is naturally frizzy and even curly/wavy in some sections, so I get it chemically straightened every few months and my hair feels amazingly soft afterwards!! As a matter of fact, I’m due to have it done again soon. Very soon. I need a haircut/dye/straighten so badly but I’ve been sooo busy. So I look all yuck, haha. Thankfully I work from home and Dustin doesn’t mind!

    Is a Brazilian Blowout a universal name for it? Like if I ask my hairdresser she’ll know or is that only in salons (I almost typed salmon) that DON’T cater to 89-year olds getting their weekly set? :lol:

    • BB is the trademarked name for what that treatment is. Which is slightly different than what’s called a keratin treatment but they are similar concepts.

      These are much different though than Japanese straigtening methods OR from what some women call “relaxers”.

      The way I know it, the BB and keratin are just a coating on TOP of the hair whereas a relaxer actually penetrates the hair shaft and changes the hair. But since im not a stylist, obvi this is an oversimplification.

      Go on the BB website and they have a way to search in your area for stylists who do it. Lmk if you end up getting one!!

  16. My hair sounds exactly like yours! Wavy, yet straight in some places, a mish mash of frizz and sleekness. I have never done anything with it except to let it air dry. I don’t have the time or patience for anything else so it usually ends up either half up/half down, or most likely – in a loose ponytail.

  17. I remember when I was little I used to absolutely HATE my curly hair! I really have no clue why.. I always dreamed of perfectly straight hair and did everything to attain it. Now though, I am SO grateful for my curls! They are unique and I now enjoy the fact that my hair never looks the same as it did the day before!

  18. i have always wanted to get a straightening treatment done…. this one sounds amazing..and looks amazing!! its kind of like jen aniston hair!! my hair is naturally wavy but not That wavy and frizzy… and tangly.. so have to blow dry….. will definitely look into this brazilian blowout!!

  19. I wanted to get a brazillian but my hair stylist said my hair is too thin and that’d it would make me look greasy-ugh!!!!

  20. The blowout looks great, very straight.

    1. Yes, I used to hate natural curls as a kid, but love that I can switch between curly and straight.
    2. Probably not because my hair is too curly for them I think.
    3. Ran another half marathon and did pretty well despite mother nature challenges. :-)

  21. your hair loooks AWESOME!!! i do like my hair.. sometimes.. its quite thick so it gets in the way and is such a hassle to dry.. but when its all straightened and such- i love it!

  22. I have really thick, auburn hair. It has a natural wave to it, although my hair grew stick straight out of my scalp up until I had my children. Then the texture changed. I do like my hair but most days, being a busy mama, I wash it and put it in a pony tail or a loose bun. When I have the time, I love to blow it dry and then use my straightener or curl it in ringlets!

    I probably wouldn’t get a brazilian blowout treatment, only because I like having the versatility with my hair. I LOVE yours, though. It totally suits you and looks fabulous on you!

    Best thing I did this weekend was spend some nice quality time with my wonderful hubby and boys! :-)

  23. I love my hair….but yours does look really sleek :)

  24. I just want to say I’m beginner to weblog and seriously savored you’re page. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your website . You actually have tremendous stories. Regards for sharing your blog.

  25. I do like my hair and love the fact that I haven’t found a grey hair yet…and I just turned 37!! LOL I don’t think I would ever get a keratin treatment. I kinda like the waviness of my locks.

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