Stinky or Not

Spring is in the air here and with warmer temperatures combined with working out, that means you better make sure your deodorant is working.

Degree sent me some of their new motion sense deodorant.  It starts working when it senses movement.  Even deodorant is “intuitive” these days.

I honestly didn’t notice too much difference between this formula and their fine fragrance collection deodorant, which has been my go-to deodorant for years, but maybe when the weather is truly hotter and I am working out in that weather, the motion sense version will be more apparent.


For now, it worked perfectly and smelled fresh and citrusey and kept me stink-free.

Speaking of stinky…

Some people think broccoli is stinky when it cooks.

As well as Brussels Sprouts being a little stinkerific.

Or that cooked kale is stanky.

I have found that raw kale salads don’t stink up my house at all.  Imagine that.

This raw kale salad  with mixed veggies was dressed with Vegan Creamy Tahini Cesar-Inspired Dressing

And had diced Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu on top.

The maple and ginger in the tofu smells great, not stinky at all.


Kale chips don’t stink up my house, either.

In fact, the smell of these cooking is so delicious that family members come running into the kitchen wondering when they are going to be ready.  Not kidding.

From my last post about Boots and ugg boots, thanks for letting me know if you’ve ever worn uggs and if you’re a boot fan, or not. Sounds like lots of you thought my new purple uggs were cute.  I am loving them and it’s only been one day that I’ve had them and I wore them today, even though it was 70F and sunny.

This dessert will stink up your house in the best possible way: Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread

There is just something about bread baking, or bananas, or peanut butter that produces the best aromas.  This bread + bananas + PB  is a trifecta for your nose.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

I went to the mall!  It was fun.  I can report back later with my shopping finds if you’re interested.

2. Do you wear deodorant and if so, what brands do you like? Any that you don’t like or don’t work for you?

I am not that much of a sweater and not that it’s a great claim to fame, but I don’t think I am that stinky when I do sweat.  I think eating a plant-based diet, not drinking much alcohol, and drinking plenty of water does help reduce the stinky sweat factor.

Also genetics.  Some people are just not sweaters or stinkers.  However, some people, no matter what they do, sweat tons and have stinky sweat.   Or people with stinky feet.  I’m sure they’ve tried everything for their stinky dogs.

I do wear deodorant and like Degree.  I used to wear Secret when I was younger but like the scents that Degree has lately.

I have also tried natural deodorants and for me, even though I just got done saying that I am not that much of a sweater, I do find that the lack of antiperspirants or aluminum in many “natural” deodorants leaves me feeling a bit under-protected.

Review and more info here

3. Do you think that certain produce is stinky when you cook it?  Any cooking tips for reducing the stink?

The trick I’ve found to not having cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussles, kale, etc. not stink up your house is to eat them raw.  Kidding.  Kind of.

But if you don’t want to eat raw brussles (I have, and they are hard and bitter) but cook them only as long as need be.  The longer you cook them, the more the plant fibers break down, the more sulfur that is released, and the more house-stink that will result.

And honestly, I don’t even mind the stink.  But Scott’s not a fan.

Some people also say that roasting makes cruciferous vegetables stink up your house less than steaming or boiling them.

Others suggest using frozen veggies rather than fresh in order to reduce the stink factor.

If you have ways to cook your veggies with as little stink as possible, drop a line.  Someone else’s nose may thank you!

Have a great weekend, gang!

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  1. i’ve done so many fun things i cannot choose! i learned that 17% was not enough for me, i needed the 18 or 19% anti-pers. guess i’m a sweater! i tried an alba natural deodorant before and it worked ok in the winter but spring/summer made me feel self conscious about personal stank ha.

  2. I have super dry skin and don’t sweat unless I’m working out hardcore, so I don’t wear deoderant. I just shower and I’ve never had any complaints ;)

    I steam frozen veggies or I’ll roast fresh ones. So I haven’t noticed any stink problems. Well at least not from cooking :)

  3. hey averie!

    please, share your mall experience so I may live vicariously through you (i’m on a shopping hiatus). :-D

    i’m not much of a sweat-er, even when working out. I’m also not stinky, so deodorant seems to be more of a habit than a necessity.

    Ah, stinky cooking. Our tiny space is NOT well ventilated at all, so we have to be careful, meaning open the sliding glass door and front door to create a through-draft. This may sound weird, but I kinda embrace the smells of cooking, as they mean something is being cooked and someone is preparing a meal.

    how’s daylight savings time treating you? so far, so good. we’ve been waking up an extra 10 minutes early each day for the past week, to thwart the time change.:-)

    happy sunday!


  4. They are a little bit stinky:( But not oging to lie, I love them anyways!!

  5. I love raw kale salads thats my favorite way to eat it. As far as deodorants I tried every natural one and none worked for me, not somewhere im willing to risk being under protected. I have been making my own for a month now, baking soda, corn starch, tea tree oil, lavendar oil, and coconut oil and it works great!

  6. ha! I have kale cooking in the oven *right now* – and it’s not stinky this time. It’s weird, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t! Maybe has to do with what I season it with??

  7. I love sweating and hate deoderant! I think I smell fantastic however I am aware that not everyone agrees, so in the company of more conventional folk that I caer about, I will use the crystal rock stuff- like it b/c it lets me sweat as I normally wouild while neautralizing odor , not making me smell like something Im not. but, that is just me and Im probobaly in the stinky minority on this one…

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  9. You’ll have to keep us posted on the deodorant. I usually wear Dove because my skin is super sensitive.

    I also roast the veggies you featured on your page and I don’t notice any odor. I also wanted to let you know I have tried a few of your recipes this weekend:) My favorite was the peanut butter cookie you bake in the dehydrator. My hubby and I got a dehydrator a few years ago when I was on a dried fruit kick…now I just prefer it raw. I think I am going to try making your seed crackers next weekend.

    Hope you and your family had a great weekend!

  10. “However, some people, no matter what they do, sweat tons and have stinky sweat.” Yup. This is me. I tried to use Tom’s natural deodorant a couple weeks ago, just to see if it would work for me. NOPE. I am a huge Degree fan, sometimes even the men’s scents! I have to use it or I am just gross. The ladies in my family have always been huge sweaters, and I think I’m done trying to fight it! :)

  11. Those natural sticks don’t really work but they are deodorant whereas Degree, Secret etc are anti-persperant which actually stopes sweating. Many of the natural sticks are just meant to “cover” up scent. I think that’s why they don’t have much effect. Personally, I don’t sweat much and anti-perspeant freaks me out a bit but if I sweat a lot I might use it. For anyone who’s interested Dr. Mist is a really good natural “deodorant”. It has no scent and it’s just a mix of water and salts. I swear it works! It has won several awards. You can’t it everywhere but if you ever come across it at a health food it’s one that’s actually worth it.

  12. I don’t wear deodorant at all – never have. I don’t sweat very much throughout the day, and when I do it is odorless. I have had the hubby check for me to make sure I am not just crazy :-)

    I think that broccoli stinks when it is cooking … but I like the stink because it means I get to eat yummmmy broccoli. I think fish smells when people microwave it.

  13. I usually don’t even wear deodorant! When I do I reach for my BF’s Arm and Hammer Naturals deodorant.. it smells AMAZING! Slightly reminiscent of man’s cologne but not quite.. more just super clean smelling! Love it!

  14. Interesting on the deodorant, I always use it even in the winter. My hubby makes fun me for putting it on before long runs and races, but I don’t like to stink. :-) I’ve never noticed broccoli smelling bad when it cooks, but cheap mushrooms smell awful cooking to me.

    1. Ran another half marathon, even though I sore and running on a lack-of-sleep today. :-P
    2. Yes and I alternate brands, I try to buy mid-range deodorants that smell nice and work will, but aren’t $8 for a tiny stick.
    3. Mushrooms – never cook the cheap canned ones!

  15. Thanks,your articler is so good

  16. I’m a die hard Dove deo fan! And I prefer the “fruity” scents over any other.

    Broccoli has got to be the worst stank offender, but it sure doesn’t stop me from steaming it up! :)

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