Not every day is exciting or thrilling.  Some days are just get the job done days and all about the mundane, humdrum tasks of life.

Yesterday I filled up my mundane tasks calling card with a couple loads of laundry.  Sheets and towels in addition to the one load per day that I do, regardless.

Having a small child also necessitates daily laundry.   Kids get messy, period.


A few other mundane tasks included:

taking out the trash and recycling cans

getting the mail

scrubbing 4 toilets (we have 4 bathrooms.  Don’t ask me why there are so many bathrooms for a small urban rowhouse.   I wasn’t the builder.)

putting the sheets back on the bed

grocery store run for some produce

organizing my silverware drawer

cleaning my shower

organizing and making Skylar’s books neat and orderly.  All 200 of them that were a big hodgepodge and mess.

I could go on and on but won’t bore you with the humdrum tasks of my life.  You have your own.

I will move on to food.  That’s more exciting.

Raw Vegan Spring Rolls with 2 Minute Peanut Sauce

Pair them with Cinnamon Sugar Chickpea “Peanuts”

If you don’t have peanut flour you could try coconut flour, almond flour, or skipping flour and make this alternate but similar recipe

Or Pair With Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

Dessert/Snack: Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars (Vegan, GF, 5 minutes to make)

From my last post on Pretty and Not So Pretty Pictures, I am glad you enjoyed the food styling book review.  If you’re at all interested in food pictures or food styling, I highly recommend it.

Also, I’m glad to know I am not the only one who feels like certain subjects and certain food just do not photograph well.  I liked hearing about your tricky shots, too.

It was also great to read that you have plenty of not so pretty pictures on your blog.  Misery loves company. As I said in the post, we all start somewhere and I am not proud of about 90% of the pictures on my blog but I am trying to do better!  I am glad you liked my photography tipsAgain, I am no expert, clearly!


1. What non-thrilling, lackluster, mundane, humdrum tasks have you accomplished lately?  But doesn’t it feel good to get them done?

I also

went to the bank and cashed a couple checks

filled up my gas tank

researched a couple things online

did tons of dishes.  I was in the kitchen creating a new recipe.  That was the exciting part.  The dishes?  Not so much.

2. Did you get a workout in?

Yes I sure did!

Need any ideas?

Check my Workout Tab

Or my 20 Minute At-Home Workout Moves

3. Bake Sales!

First, Blogging for a Change has items up for bid at Rally For Japan.  100% of the proceeds go to Japan victims.  Go Bid on some of the great items up for grabs.

Secondly, go Bbd on Katie’s Vegan Blog Bake Sale for Japan items.  Dozens of bloggers donated vegan goodies and the bid proceeds go to the people of Japan.

I am donating Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

The auction ends at 1p eastern time Thursday so just a few hours lefts!  Hurry!
Go Bid!!!


  1. Yay! I’m not the only one up super-early! :)

    And ugh to humdrum tasks… I have laundry drying as I type this. Blah.

    Good morning to you, sweet Averie!

  2. you got a lot of tasks accomplished!!! feels great, eh!
    i love organizing…(like putting skylar’s books in order, silverware drawer, etc) – geek! but is very satisfying and the results are always much better than before you started.
    laundry – even with no children it’s minimum one load every two days…better that than stink, right!
    have a great one!

  3. yay for spring rolls! Did I mention that all your snack bars I made are gone….time to make some more!

  4. Hi lovely!

    Mundane tasks – YES. I’m finally finishing up my masters degree so the past few days have been nonstop forms, paperwork, etc. I can’t stand stuff like that. It manages to be boring and anxiety producing all at the same time.

    I’ve also had to wait on 3 different deliveries, one each day for the past few days. It is impossible to coordinate with the drivers when the packages will be delivered, and if you aren’t here at the time they show up, you won’t get your package for WEEKS. Sigh. Life in Saudi Arabia can be pretty frustrating! SO, I’ve had to sit around for 3 days waiting for each of the deliveries. Annoying!

    But now it’s the weekend and it’s time to relax and have fun. I haven’t been to the gym regularly for weeks and I’m finally in the mood for it again, so that’s on my schedule for sure. And I’m starting Spanish lessons next week! I took Spanish for 5 years in school but I’m still not fluent and I’ve forgotten a lot of it. Time to brush up! Mundane always transitions into fun. ;-)

  5. I went to the bank and the gas station this weekend: it was like filling up the bank account and draining it while draining the car tank then filling up. price of gas is terrible! (sorry to be a twat; I sent you an email and would love to be in-touch! I don’t know how to be graceful about the whole thing. I need to learn manners I guess)

  6. ooph cleaning my ROOM! i hate picking up my clothes and everything.. oh and washing the dishes of course! if you ever need any help eating your food- i would gladly chip in ;)

  7. Morning Love!! U are a busy girl! Those are all important tasks that you got done ; )

    LOVE the pic of Skylar! Just love ; ) so cute!!

    I hope you have a great day , and thanks for the info on the lens! Wow it is a investment, but worth it ; )

    love u!!! xoxo

  8. I’m just starting to realize what a full-time job it is to do all the everyday tasks, now that I live in my own apartment. Dishes, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, vacuuming, taking out the trash… it’s a never-ending list and it all needs to get done. But a part of me does like the responsibility, and it does make me feel good knowing that I’m keeping my life organized and being productive!

  9. Everyday tasks take up most of my day! And I am making those quick chocolate oat treats. Yum and thanks!

  10. I was all excited about having a day off tomorrow, and then I remembered I have a HUGE list of chores I’ve been putting off that need to be accomplished. Woohoo.

  11. You know my chores are just like yours…EVERYDAY! I already worked out for today and so it will begin all over again starting with the dishwasher. I hope you have a great day Averie!

  12. what a busy day you had! i love crossing off those regular-life things–feels so good.

  13. Averie, let me first say I LOVE your blog. I check in with you every single day!! And, your photographs are amazing eye candy! My day yesterday was completely mundane too. I did get some things done that I have been putting off for quite some time, lilke organizing my kiddos’ craft room. I have two little girls- ages 5 and 3, and they love to do artsy and crafty projecst, but I was tired of looking at the crayons, markers, glue sticks, paint brushes, etc all mixed up and thrown in bins. So, all is back in order…shew! Now, for the rest of the house :/

  14. Could you please start showing some new-ish recipes?

  15. what a fun post! to be honest besides the fun blog stuff so much of my day is hum drum but that’s okay.

    Skylar has such a sincere smile you must be so proud of her! :)

  16. I need to get some mundane tasks done myself. I’m good at putting the clothes in the washer, and even the dryer. The part where I have to fold them and put them away is the part I’m not good at, ha! :)

  17. Thank you for another fantastic blog. Where else could I get this kind of information written in such an incite full way

  18. Everyone has humdrum days!

    But Skylar is so happy and sunny :) I hope I have a kid like her ~

  19. Humdrum days, did someone call my name? I’m an accountant, nuff said! Lovely blog by the way, my first time here.

  20. I sent Jason the link to the bake sale and 1 of the 3 items he picked out were your dough balls!

    I do lots of humdrum things each day — making breakfast, packing my lunch, going to the bank, returning library books, getting gas, etc. Everyday stuff that has to get done but it sure doesn’t seem special!

  21. loved your spring rolls so much last time I’m going to make them again next week!!

  22. Ugh! You do laundry every day! I do a white load and dark load on Saturdays and I can’t stand doing that much!
    Those cinnamon sugar chickpeas look fantastic!

    Is there an App that lets you grab the food off the screen? There should be.

  23. Hi Averie, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been following for awhile now – posted a few comments here & there, but I wanted you to know that it’s nice to click on loveveggiesandyoga for much needed relief from scary stories about Japan, Africa and the rest of our crazy world. It’s almost a refuge here – good food, great motivation, new ideas, appreciation of life, etc. Last night I made your cheesy roasted veggie bake dish – kinda winged it as I only had lentil soup and for some reason didn’t think that would be good (in hindsight that would have been just fine) – so I used some veggie boullion instead. It was a little watery (soup would have been better), but it tasted so yummy – added in some canellini beans too – and I used the “nooch” instead of dairy cheese. I love the nooch! (love typing & saying it too- ha ha!) I’m a vegetarian who eats a lot of vegan meals. Leftovers for lunch today – yay! Thanks for your virtual friendship & spreading the sunshine. Keep it up :o) (p.s. hope you are healing well too – I still remember the day I took a bad fall running around the St Louis Arch – bruised some ribs – was like being in a car accident!)

  24. Yes, kids are messy. It is all part of the fun of being a kid. That said, Skylar always looks great in the photos you post. She is so tall, and her hair is so long. Wow!

    The photo of your Raw Vegan Spring Rolls with 2 Minute Peanut Sauce reminded me that I found rice paper in the grocery store in Barbados. I’ll have to practise more, as my wraps/rolls didn’t turn out that pretty. Tasty though :)

    Humdrum tasks: Swept floors, dusted, cleaned bathroom, cleaned & changed bedding, snow tires taken off, regular laundry, re-organised filing cabinet, re-organised (and de cluttered) book shelves – also gave away a bunch of books to charity. Online banking & paying bills also make the list.

    Walking in the sun was my workout – the huge cold wind provided great resistance.

  25. My list of mundane tasks sounds just like yours! We have 4 bathrooms too – so I know how fun it is to do the bathrooms! ;)

  26. All humdrum tasks were put off. Today’s the day to get them done though. After I teach, I’m doing laundry and scrubbing that stupid sticker off my car window. I’m still pissed at the parking ticket nazis at school.

  27. I noticed you have Thrive in your library. I tried to read your review on another one of your posts but it was not there. I got a 404 message.
    What are your thoughts? I am thinking about purchasing it.

  28. I just love those summer rolls! Yum!

    I have tons of horrific pics on my blog.! and in reality, I still post many pics that are not exactly great! (part of the reason is that since I do so much photo editing for my actual JOB when I am doing my blog, I want to chill a bit!)…

  29. Mundane tasks? This week it’s been unpacking and arranging my new apartment, which can be fun but i just want to be done already. Also washing dishes, scrubbing floors, and paying bills. Yuck. I’d much rather shop for groceries, write and work on setting up my studio, which is currently full of boxes.

  30. I like this idea. I always out off those humdrum tasks, which generally means a mess slowly piles up around me!

  31. Gosh I hate laundry, but I guess someone has to do it :S

  32. I cleaned out my fridge the other day and it felt sooooo good! I found some very scary things hiding in the back. Also, I had your microwave oat cake for breakfast this morning. My tummy is happy :)

  33. I feel like if I let it my entire day would be filled with those type of “humdrum” tasks. But I try and throw some fun stuff in there too. Like trying new recipes! I baked your vegan banana cake a couple of days ago and it’s already all gone! To be fair, I did take most of it to my best friend and her family. So with eight different people eating on it, it was gone in one day! And she’s already begging me for the recipe. Sooo good!!

  34. I just have to tell you I seriously LOOOOVE reading your posts. I look forward to them!!!

    I definitely feel good when I am productive & get all the things I don’t like doing DONE (sweeping/mopping the kitchen, laundry, etc.) but it doesn’t mean it’s fun to do! My least favorite chore is cleaning the shower; I save that for my fiance :) I’d rather clean the toilet than the shower! Is that weird?

    I tweeted you that I was in the midst of baking your cinnamon/sugar chickpeas last Friday … LOVE them! I stored some in the freezer and I love them cold and crunchy when I need a sweet fix :)

    I always manage to get work outs in b/c it’s become more of a discipline thing. I get up super early and get some fitness action each morning before work. It’s early, but I feel SO good and love starting my day off right :)

    Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!

  35. Hey, I really like your blog. Just found it :D it has a lot of neat recipes. I think the mundane task I do is going to school and doing homework. Yuck.

  36. I hate chores… ugh I hate them so much. Sadly because my house is also my office I have to keep it tidy for when clients come to visit so I’m always having to do the dishes, clean the kitchen (they have to walk through it to get to my office… lame, I know) and vacuuming. Last night I finished work early (at 7pm) and cleaned the house – put away laundry, did the dishes, put away mail, updated my weeks’ worth of expenses… blah!

  37. Oh days like those…not fun at all…
    I really want to try that ginger tofu!

  38. I think the secret (I DON’T have this done yet) is to enjoy or appreciate the mundane. Most of our lives are filled with the mundane and it’s not like after we do the dishes or the laundry that we don’t continually have to do them again. Only if we have a perpetual housecleaner or when we die do these things end, so I am never “happy” that they are done. I DO wish I could find the secret of not having so many dishes. Probably a smaller house so I don’t have to go find the cup I used last time. Maybe my life is just particularly mundane, but I kind of feel like it is the exception that we don’t do these things constantly…….Maybe a joy of the nomadic life is that you have little stuff with you and you don’t have a sinkful of dishes or useless FM shoes.

  39. Those microwave bars were TAILORED for a college student – they look too nommilicious!

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

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  41. Haha. I came back to check out the comments. Everyone seems to agree that cleaning etc., sucks :) – My most hated chore!

    And someone else’s comment reminded me that I MUST try this chickpea recipe.

    *Join the Be Real movement

  42. My whole life seems to be one humdrum task after another, lol. I don’t even think about them anymore! :cry:

    I want the people who designed your row house to design our house. I love that you have 4 bathrooms!! Personally, after the kitchen, bathrooms are my favorite room of the house. Dustin grew up in a house with 6 people and frequent guests and only one bathroom; the thought of that makes me shutter a little, lol.

  43. I hear ya on mundane tasks, I have quite a few to get to myself. Great recipe ideas and shots.

    1. Laundry, kitchen cleaning, weed pulling, vacuuming, cleaning cat boxes, etc. Sure and they grate on my nerves when I know they need to get done.
    2. Yesterday … no! I know, so rare for me, but we were celebrating hubby’s birthday. Back to my usual workout schedule today. :-)
    3. Very cool on the bake sales, that’s awesome you’re donating!

  44. I returned some pants that were too big.

    Yes, I got a workout in. I slept in again (finally getting over the Hawaii red-eye sleep deprivation), but squeezed in a 20 minute round of Jillian’s 30 day shred.

  45. Humdrum stuff I have to do:

    – Clean house
    – Work :-)
    – Homework

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