Keyed Up

Yesterday I had to stop by the hardware store and have a key made because over the weekend Skylar managed to drop one of only two house keys down the crack of the elevator shaft.

You couldn’t replicate the randomness of it if you tried a hundred times.

She and Scott were locked out of the house until I made it back home and could let them in.

Total fluke and it will probably never happen again, but I definitely wanted a backup key for those just-in-case moments.  Or just-in-case elevator shafts.


Other things that have me keyed up:

1. Our Trip.  Next week.  Can’t wait!

2. I’m not keyed up about cooking Thanksgiving dinner or making sure all the pieces of my Thanksgiving menu come together tomorrow.

It’s work, yes; but it’s not stressing me out.  Then again, I’m cooking for a man who is grateful that I’m even cooking at all and for a four year old who pretty much eats anything, so not exactly tough critics.

3. I am a little keyed up about packing.  I hate packing.  I always feel like I’m going to forget something. But truthfully, the majority of what I pack I could live without or ends up not being used anyway.  So I probably shouldn’t stress over it but I do.  Just a little bit.

4. The winner of the Reusable Bamboo Bottle Giveaway may be keyed up by the news.

Ari@ThE DiVa DiSh November 21, 2011 at 6:17 pm

“I have just a regular water bottle that my husband got at a conference for free! :-) and it’s really lame! haha. So basically this idea sounds awesome!” :-)

Congrats to Ari!

5. I’m always keyed up by chocolate.  I was looking over my Chocolate Recipes and think I need to make some No-Bake Vegan Turtles for the holidays.  Super easy and fast.


1. Are you keyed up about anything?  Or not keyed up about something?

2. Have you ever lost your keys or dropped them somewhere and couldn’t retrieve them?

Scott actually managed to drop his keys down the elevator shaft at his office building about two months ago.  And Skylar did it over the weekend.  Since I usually take the stairs rather than the elevator, I doubt I’m next.

The last time I locked my keys in my car was about 10 years ago.  I still shudder to think of doing it again and make a conscious effort each and every time I slam my door to think to myself “I have my keys in my hand”, check.   Sort of like, the stove burner is off, check.

Some people say it’s impossible to lock your keys in your car with automatic key locks.  But it’s not impossible to slam them in…the trunk.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And thanks for the Enjoy Life Snack Bar Giveaway entries!

37 comments on “Keyed Up”

  1. The Turtles look so good! I may have to make them for christmas.

  2. Have a fantastic time in paradise – sounds like heaven in a cold time of the year.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I made your vegan spinach artichoke dip today to take to the in laws tomorrow. I ate the whole thing! I just put together another batch to take! YUM!

  4. bahaha, I shouldn’t laugh, but I did the EXACT same thing to my mom when I was around 3 years old :P the ‘elevator man’ had to come to our building, stop the elevator, go underneath, and retrieve her keys! oopsie.

    aaaaand now I’m off to check out those turtles!

    • you did it too? Your mom and I can relate then :)

      Enjoy the turtles if you make them! You can use storebought caramel sauce, mostly it’s just sugar and water and oil…or you can make your own vegan caramel sauce or use agave/maple/coconut milk that you boil/reduce down.

  5. That totally happened to me recently! I had carefully and neatly written out some conversions on a post it note to take to the gym to use and as I walked out the door and stepped into the elevator it slipped through my fingers and fell right into the elevator shaft on the 31st floor. So then I had to go home and re-convert everything once again. Fun day.. :)
    I’m glad you were able to sort it all out and get new keys before leaving for Aruba! Packing is the most annoying part, but pretty soon you’ll be in paradise! :)

  6. oh my goodness — two keys down the elevator shaft and your husband did the same thing? I’d be weary of elevators if I were you…
    Those turtles look delicious! Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels!

  7. YIKES on the keys! I (knock knock) have never lost mine…

    I am keyed up (I’m taking that as EXCITED) about our upcoming trip too… leaving the country Saturday… back right before Christmas… ahhh… :D

    just wanted to say happy Turkey Day to you, have a great holiday with your family and safe travels! XO

  8. I leave the hatchback part of my car unlocked because I occasionally lock my keys in my car and my fail safe is to climb through the back! I don’t keep anything of value in my car so I don’t care! :)

  9. Oh no about Skylar dropping the key, BUT thankfully it wasn’t your car key. I know how expensive those digital keys are. We had to have ours replaced in our Merc when we had one and it was $450!

    Open-ended return <- NICE!!! But not that returning to perfect weather in SoCal is such a bad deal, either. SoCal is the vacay destination of so many, ha!

    Speaking of turtles: We have a turtle cheesecake from CCF defrosting right now. How good does that sound? You may have to recreate it. Consider this a formal dessert request.

    Happy Thanks to Give! :D xoxo

    • No we do have return tickets…I wish it were an open ended return…but no, after Xmas, we’re back :)

      And so glad the CCF cheesecake made it to you. Good ole FedEx came thru…YAY! And I love a good dessert challenge.

      And oh those car keys, yes…”digital” keys for lack of a better word are so ridic expensive. We had to get a spare and it was like 3 or 4ish…CRAZY!

      I hope you and Dustin have a great (and calm) holiday. Enjoy the CCF for me!

  10. I’m totally keyed up to head to Aruba on Saturday! I cannot wait and it looks like you will be right behind me :) Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to stock up on some Kerastase! Happy Holidays!

  11. I get keyed up about packing too. Really stresses me out (unnecessarily). I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow!

  12. Yikes on the keys, what a mess! Exciting about your trip! So true on packing, I make lists and list and still manage to forget something.

    1. Relaxing this long weekend, finally! :-)
    2. Not yet, but I’m always afraid I will drop them down a drain or something.

  13. A couple months back, my mom and I were bringing in a bunch of shopping bags from her car and somehow we misplaced her key. She has one of those mini coopers with an electronic key, which costs an irrational lot to replace, so that was fun. It still hasn’t turned up….
    Happy happy Thanksgiving Averie! Love you lots!

  14. DUDE. I just locked myself out of my house on SUNDAY. Are you kidding me with this?

    I had to call my landlord, hoping he had a spare, because I don’t. He had just found his that very morning and was leaving to work in Duluth (about an hour away) in an hour. Luckily he lives only 3 blocks away, so I went down there to get the keys and they are now safe in my car as a backup. Still have to get to the hardware store to make a spare set for myself.

    I’m all keyed up on sugar right now. Mmmmm….butterfinger bars.

  15. Dropping keys down an elevator shaft sounds like something I would do. ;) I don’t like packing either! I usually just throw everything in site into my suitcase and hope there’s stuff I need in there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Hope everything goes smoothly for you between cooking, baking, and taking pictures tomorrow for you! I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful day with your family, and how exciting that you’re leaving so soon for your trip. I’m keyed up about traveling later today and seeing my brother in Amsterdam!!

  17. My grandmother died when I was 8. The realtor that was selling her house lived down the street from us and one day Mom had me go get the house keys from him (can’t remember why now). As I was waiting to cross the street the keys fell down the sewer! I’ll never, ever forget how horrified I was. My parents ended up having me crawl through the bathroom window to get in the house…. :/

  18. I’ve tried making your turtles twice now and I keep messing them up. The sweet layer always seems to not set up. They still taste AMAZING though!

  19. My keys fell out of my coat pocket one time as I was running for the bus. Of course, I didn’t realize this until much, much later. Oy vey. And yep, I’ve locked my keys in the car more times than I care to admit. A couple of time with (wait for it), the car still running. Really smart. You’re right, a little mindfulness and focus goes a long way to prevent this sort of thing.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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