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My weekend flew by in a whirlwind.  I can’t believe it’s Monday already.  How did that happen?

I worked.

And I tackled household cleaning projects, did lots of laundry, ran some errands, went grocery shopping, did blog and computer work, cooked, did my fair share of dishes, and other similarly thrilling domestic chores.

I also bought our airfare to Aruba

We’re leaving in early December with open-ended return tickets.

Who knows if or when we’ll return to California.

Aruba beach and ocean


(gotcha for a second)

We do have return tickets.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing stands

But the thought has crossed both Scott’s mind and my mind to just not return and live in our house there

And let the hustle and bustle of life here in California go on without us.

And drink mango watermelon juice from the Green Hut.

Green Hut Snack Food and smoothie bar

With this view, it’s tempting.  Trust me.

Malmok beach with post and chains

But life, work, and duty calls back in San Diego.

And I do love San Diego and where I live, and honestly think I’d go a little batty and stir-crazy after a few months on the island

san diego street with palm trees

Or at the very least would miss Trader Joe’s terribly

Trader Joe's storefront with palm treesI was able to get two of our tickets using frequent flyer miles accrued through my credit card miles and one ticket we paid for.

Airfare now through the holidays will just keep going up and up, and frequent flyer dates will get blacked out, so I’m glad I handled it now.

Because come December, we’ll be ready to be here

Aruba beach with beach chairs and blue ocean

Handling travel plans

And noshing on Caramel Apple Bars were a few highlights of my weekend

Caramel Apple BarsAnother highlight was they were ‘Gawked and ‘Tasted

Caramel Apple Bars stacked

And finally, the winner of the Case of Odwalla Bars Giveaway is:


“omg! This is Josh’s favorite flavor! He’d go nuts if we won! Pick us! ;) I like mojo bars and homemade bars as well (I just typed bras haha). Hope you have a fantastic weekend”

Congrats, Erica (and Josh)!


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?  Any special highlights?

2. How far in advance do you purchase airfare or book your travel?

We used to do spontaneous trips when it was just Scott and I.  We’d go to Napa for the weekend, or Tahoe, or Vegas, or even farther away destinations, but we were flexible and able to travel very last-minute and take advantage of the internet travel deal sites and specials.

Sometimes leaving last minute works in your favor on price.

Sometimes, like with holiday-season travel, leaving last minute almost ensures that you will overpay. 

Or that tickets on your preferred travel dates will be sold out.  There are only so many seats and flights on those coveted flights a few days before and a few days after Christmas and the airlines know this and price things accordingly.  Sigh.  Or everyone else buys the tickets you want.

So with holiday travel, I book a 2-3 months out.

Going anywhere for the holidays this year that you know of already?  For either Thanksgiving or Christmas?

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here were mine since Friday:

Have a great week!

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  1. my girlfriend and i, no matter what, go to brunch the first saturday morning of every month. it usually ends up being about 3 hours (we warn the server ahead of time… and tip extra!) but it is the best morning of my month by far.

    i’m a last minute purchaser… i hope for those cheap last minute fares. it either totally saves you or totally screws you!

  2. I have booked my airfare travel anywhere from 8 months in advance to only a couple weeks in advance.

  3. I look forward to your Aruba trip — and live vicariously through you — every year. Hard to believe I’ve watched two go by through you’re blog, and now comes three!!

  4. I’m a planner by nature so it’s hard to wait till the last minute because although people say you can get cheap deals that way I don’t trust it! For short weekend trips to Vegas or somewhere though I would probably be more spontaneous. When we go home each year though I try and book those in advance as that is one EXPENSIVE trip!

  5. I have never traveled out of town for the holidays before, so I have never actually thought about things like buying plane tickets in advance. Pretty much my whole life my entire family has lived without about an hour of each other, on both sides. It’s only recently that I had a couple of relatives move out of state. So they fly in to see the rest of us. Holiday travel in general feels different to me because it just doesn’t cross my mind.

    But from all of your amazing Aruba pictures, I might have to travel sometime other than the busiest time of year just to soak up some sunshine!

  6. Aruba? I’m SO JEALOUS. You’re going to have an awesome time!!

    Usually, I like to book my airfare tickets four to six months in advance. I know that sounds a tad far out, but usually I can get the best deals then and let’s be honest, the anticipation before a trip is the best part!!! :)

  7. We wanna get somewhere hot for Christmas, but I think we’d better get serious about where and book it soon. I certainly don’t want to overpay!

  8. i need to plan a winter vacay, need to get tickets now so i can get them cheap!! im actually about to go to CALI in two weeks :) jealous that you LIVE there. i would like to go aruba someday, or any tropical island really. i want to get to see that blue/clear ass water some day.

  9. Best thing I ate this weekend were these little japanese pancake desserts called Imagawayaki filled with adzuki (red bean paste) in Little Tokyo in DTLA =)

    My husband and I usually plan a year or 2 in advance for our big trips and I booked our airfare for December of this year at the end of January! Sounds crazy but since we were using airline miles for RT tickets, I knew I had to grab them the minute they were available! We are looking forward to visiting the Christmas markets in Vienna and Prague in December =)

  10. So awesome about Aruba, I’d be tempted to stay too! Especially after the busy months I’ve had!

    1. Spent time with my sisters eating out and shopping. And having a great dinner out with hubby.
    2. Totally depends, typically a few months. But sometimes last minute trips happen.

  11. I was just having this “when-should-you-book-the-tickets?” conversation with my boyfriend re: December travel. What a PIA that time of year can be for traveling, especially because even if your travel has nothing to do with the actual holidays, you get lumped in to contend with that group because it’s still your school/work break and hence your only time off. I think now would be a good time to get all that done. Kudos to you for crossing it off the list!

  12. Wait…can we trade lives? You know you want to come live in a small condo in the suburbs of Philly ;-) I will flip between San Diego and Aruba. Ugh…those views! I would be tempted too!

    Can you maybe do a post in the future as to HOW you do it ALL??!! Work, do the harder job of being a mom, homemaker, blogger, etc, etc, etc. I have never seen a more amazing example of someone that gets SO much done successfully! I am lucky if I get one load of laundry in a day….and make dinner more than 2x a week for the family. Well, that’s because my husbands impossible and I make my quick meals for myself most of the time.

    Booking in advance…we usually do it as soon as we can. This way we get in on a good rate!

    1. Well, in between jet-setting, the humdrum of real life exists! I always wonder if I paint the wrong picture with posts like this b/c yes, as you said, I work 7 days a week as a mom, my hubs is gone/traveling much of the time, plus my own job, blog, etc…

      How do I do it all? Be really organized. Prioritize. And sleep 4 hours a night :)

  13. Oh man, I’m seriously jealous you have that trip on your horizon. After the holiday buzz is over I start to get seriously depressed with the winter crap weather in NY. Thankfully, we always have my MIL to visit in FL but that barely feels like vacation. at least it’s sunny though. Right now we have no future trips planned and it’s killing me. I need something to look forward too :)

  14. I love having exciting things to look forward to! You all must be stoked, too. And look at you go with those frequent flyer miles. That is awesome! And those pictures…my, I wouldn’t mind sitting there for a bit…

    My weekend? I went to visit a friend in upstate NY – so all of it was a blast :] It was a good “detox” from the usual routine, and I can’t wait to go back soon…

  15. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST!! i didn’t want to bug ya, but i kept thinking, “she’s gotta get her aruba tix soon!?!?”
    i agree – aruba is AMAZING…but i don’t think i could live there. the longest we ever stayed was four weeks, and to be honest, i was ready for home (and dare i say even a bit less sun and heat) by then.
    glad you had a great weekend!
    maybe spontaneous trips will come back once skylar is older!

  16. Aruba looks so beautiful. . . (& you totally got me with the not returning to California :/ in my defense, i was still slightly groggy from my nap :D)

  17. Hahaha…it’s always tempting to stay on vacation forever, isn’t it? :-) But at least you’ll get a nice, long break in December!!!

  18. My best weekend eats? Your dough balls! Chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal.

    Toast with heaps of peanut butter and nutella is a close second. And chocolate almond butter.

    I’ve been a major chocolate fein.

  19. Ohh how exciting, do you go to aruba every Christmas? I have a very exciting trip planned to Denmark over Thanksgiving break for 10 days to visit a friend. I’m very excited to explore a new city!

  20. Every time I see those Aruba pictures I start looking up airfare and places to stay there. They are truly amazing pictures, the water is just beautiful. Can’t afford a trip or to take off work yet, but we might be going to Florida in the dead of winter (in the philadelphia area that’s around february) and around that time i will be grateful for any temperature above 50.
    Have fun and be safe!

  21. Its always so much fun to look forward to a vacation once you have those tickets purchased :) Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous photos you’ll be taking this time!
    Best thing I did over the weekend was bake! :)

  22. I am so jealous of your aruba trips!! When I was in college I stayed in belize for a little bit, and I dreamt about living there and forgetting life back home…but I know I would miss certain things..and trader joes would be one of them for sure!! And those bars look amazing!!! So beautifully photographed too!!

  23. How lucky that you’ll be there right when winter is hitting! As much as living on an island sounds amazing, I think I agree and I’d miss more civilized mainland life. My flight to Italy in January is not being handled by me, but I know it’s going to cost a fortune! I don’t fly much, but I have my heart set on a trip to Seattle sometime in the future for a super special mission :)

  24. I am awful about planning my trips ahead of time. The dates I wanted to travel to see my family over the holidays are already blacked out. The best thing I ate over the weekend was a cookies and cream cupcake.

  25. So fun! It sounds like you’re more than overdue for a vacation! I try to balance booking early, but holding out enough so that we don’t miss the good sales on tickets. It’s hard though, and airfare just keeps getting more and more expensive!

  26. ah!!! I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you so much! And fabulous that you’re going back to Aruba- I know how thrilled you must be!

  27. I had French fries twice on Saturday! Which is a splurge for me because I generally have FF once every couple of months. Lunch was from Chickfila and for dinner I baked some ff at home. Yum!

  28. Sounds like you’ve got something to look forward to! I like to get tickets well in advance, but that never seems to happen. I look for deals until my eyes bleed!

  29. Aruba looks just perfect! I like to plan holidays well in advance – we’ve already booked a long weekend in Washington DC in December and we know what our plans will be for next summer (California here we come!) but the logistics rely on a couple of other things happening for us to be able to firm up our plans.

    I wish I was on the beach right now looking at your pictures!

  30. wow the caramel apple bars –> yum!!

    i seriously need to relocate. today nyc is dreary and gray. it looks so pretty over in Aruba. :)