Thrifty Dishes Jackpot

Over the weekend I stopped in my favorite local thrift store.

And boy, did I hit the jackpot.

As long as you’re willing to deal with some hodge podge and disarray, there’s always great deals and finds to be had.


I haven’t ever bought any used appliances and have only stuck to dishes but one day I may be tempted to buy something random like a one dollar toaster.

The thrift store had just put out Christmas items in their display case.

Cookie cutters for a nickle and pinecones for a dime?

Don’t mind if I do, thank you.

I scooped up a half dozen pinecones for a whopping 30 cents.

And I saw three Christmas ornaments from Z Gallerie still with the tags attached that were $1.50 each.

I love Z Gallerie and West Elm.  They are two favorites of mine and where most of my home decor is from.  Or where I’d like it to be from.  I love those stores even more when I find their brand-new-with-tags-attached merchandise at the thrift store.  Score!

I also scored on vintage, antique, and hand-painted little plates and saucers.

These two below have little “holes” in the plates.  So delicate and dainty, loved them.

This little saucer in person is so vibrant and adorable with the birds and flowers. I can’t believe someone gave that away.

This plate is about the size of a typical salad plate and the gold enamel work is really beautiful.  There is a small, teeny, tiny chip on the lower edge of this plate.  Where about 5 or 6 o’clock would be, but it’s so insignificant it’s hard to even make out in the photo.  It looks like it’s just part of the scalloped edges.

These two plates are salad plate sized and gorgeous, vibrant, pink, and girly in person.  I took these photos at dinnertime after I got back from thrifting and was working with almost no natural light.  But soon enough you’ll see desserts and new recipes photographed on them and I’m sure the lighting will be better.

I watched a middle-aged man pick up this pie plate or tart plate and was thinking to myself, “Please put that plate back so I can snag it because it has pink roses on it and it’s girly and I really want it.”

My silent psychic pleading must have worked because he set it down and I scooped it up one nanosecond later.  You know, for all those pies I’m going to make.  Maybe a no-bake vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?   I’m thinking that could work.

Lastly I found these four plates (2 salad and 2 dinner) all at .50 cents each.  They are not fancy or antique-ish.  They’re from Ikea, but they are in perfect condition (they appear to never have been used) and are a cool, icy slate blue color which is unlike anything I already own.

I also picked up a coffee mug and soap dish which you can see in the second photo at the top of the post.

All my finds came to $42 bucks.  The thrift store has tons and tons of dishes that are 50 cents each, or a buck each.  Then the “nice stuff” is about $5 bucks each.  Still cheaper than Target or TJ Maxx and when it’s one-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired, or has antique charm, you just can’t beat that.

The last round of dishes I scored was a few weeks ago.  7 items for $7 (one item missed the photo opp)

Those white bowls have already helped me out plenty.

Samoas Bars (Vegan & GF options).  One bowl is holding butterscotch chips and the other is very blurred in the background.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip is in one bowl with another in the background in the back right.

The chocolate chips in the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies are in one of the white bowls.


1.  Do you get into a dishes “rut” and use the same things over and over?  Or do you mix it up?

I reach for the same items over and over, both for everyday eating and for food photography; and it’s usually the 50 cent items that I use over and over.  Things like that one perfect coffee mug that I hand wash because I’d rather not use another mug for coffee; I prefer to drink coffee from my favorite mug.  I swear it tastes better.

I couldn’t resist the little trinkets I bought over the weekend and I am excited to bake.  Just so I can take photographs of the baked goodies on the new porcelain and glassware goodies.

2. Have you seen or found any cute items for the kitchen, house or home lately?  What was it and where did you get it?

I may “need” it, too!

Any thrift store finds you adore?

P.S. Thanks for the Coffee Giveaway entries!


  1. I am in love with all your finds! I need start hitting up thrift stores again. I used to go all the time. I have an almost complete set of china I got for 30 bucks! I actually completely forgot I had it until I read this post. And I highly recommend checking out the appliances too. I scored a brand new cuisineart ice cream maker and a bread maker for 15 bucks each.

  2. Awesome thrift finds, how fun. I haven’t been to one in awhile, but want too! And I’ve seen plenty of cute items I’d like to get lately, too bad I need to save money for the holidays – grrr!

  3. The beautiful plates with the ‘holes’ around the edges are called ‘Ribbon Plates’. People threaded ribbon through the slates and hung them up on the wall. Some tiered cake plates have them around their edges as well. Threading a ribbon through them can really ‘jazz’ up dish.
    I love plates too! I have a collected a few just through sheer luck of them being handed down to me. Some too delicate to use so I really should hang them up…or perhaps I too should use them with some of my ‘sweet treats’.

  4. Ah! You seriously find that absolute best dishes. I love the $5 one with the roses. I am a bowl fan. I have a lot….

  5. Oh yay, I was hoping you’d show your finds. I definitely reach for the same plates over and over. I wish I had room for more dishes, fun dishes. I know it’s just a plate or bowl, but sometimes it can make such a difference eating off of a different dish for a change.

  6. Hi there! I found your blog through a comment you left on Oh She Glows. I had to comment because I have that same exact tart pan with the pink roses! My mom got it from a lady at church for free. I actually have a few pans like that but have yet to use them for anything. I think it’s time I got with it.

  7. We have been ALL about shopping for the kitchen recently! I just wish we had more room for cute plates! I have a pretty big fiesta ware collection. It always looks so cheery!

  8. i get in a dishes rut because i don’t have many! we got a standard set for our wedding that i use every single day, along with a few baking dishes, but i need to scope out some thrift stores for photo friendly options. our crate and barrel white is so boring!

  9. Senior year, my roommate brought all of these fantastic thrifted plates she’d collected over the years. They were so dainty and delicate, and I would love to have them now! (But… they’re hers.) Must start my own collection!

    Also, I was emailed a coupon code for the yerba, but it didn’t work… I told your contact about it but he never responded. Hmm…

  10. what a haul! I love to browse shops like this for single pieces. I have a set of dishes we use for everyday, and they rarely see the blog ;) and I have many other pieces I use for photography.

    I haven’t gotten anything new for a while, so no on ? #2… but I DID find an awesome pair of shoes I *NEED* to have, that counts, right?? :D

  11. Jackpot indeed! I love going to the thrift shop for blog props!

  12. I’ve really got to find a local thrift store to check out what beauties I can find. I am definitely in a dish rut!

  13. i just moved here to san diego. can you share what thrift shop this is??? :)

  14. LOVE your new dishes Averie! I get very excited when i see you have been shopping again :D
    I soooo need to go thrift shop shopping!!

  15. Thrift stores have the BEST dishes :-) Looks like some great finds!

  16. I love the flower dishes! There so pretty! I always go bold with my dishes, but I also love the cottage looking dishes, there very girly!

  17. You should seriously photograph baked goods as a living. You’re amazing at it!

  18. Oooh, I am so so jealous of your thrifted goodies!! You definitely hit the jackpot :)

  19. GREAT finds, Averie! I’m inspired to check out our Thrift shop this weekend!

  20. Awesome finds! I love getting ANYTHING from a thrift shop. I have a bunch of photography dishes from one here, but I tend to use the same white plate for everything. Whoops!

  21. I am totally boring with my dishes, I have small glass ones, larger glass ones, and glass bowls. That’s it. And I just reuse them as necessary. Although I do like your cute dishes!

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