Twas The Day After Christmas

‘Twas the Day After Christmas here in Aruba.

And it’s been another spectacular one.

We have been blessed with the best weather of our trip the past couple days and I am so grateful.


I actually have a recipe post coming up next.  It’s been three days but it feels like ages but I figured with Christmas Eve and Christmas, why bother typing when everyone is with their families and unplugged anyway.

So if you’re tired of me droning on about the blue skies and palm trees in Aruba…

And turquoise water…

And sandy beaches…

You’re in luck with the next post.

Cookie butter spread (i.e. Biscoff Spread or TJ’s Speculoos Spread) recipe, coming at ya.

But for now, a family walk to savor the last bits of paradise.

And Skylar got her hair braided today, too!  She loves getting braids.

More cute hair pictures….later.  It’s walking time now.

How was your Monday? 

Did you return any gifts?  Or score any deals at the stores with day-after-Christmas sales?

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  1. I could never get tired of blue skies & water and sand. No returns for me and no shopping either. Avoiding that chaos.

  2. beautiful! we are back in cold chicago… missing the beaches + warm weather.

    you will never guess what santa brought me… THE lens! now i just need to figure out how to use it :)

  3. Just got back from the outlets. It was complete chaos and insanity but I got a bunch of great steals including 5 things from lululemon for $100! So happy to live near a lulu outlet :)
    Skylar’s face in that braid picture is so cute!

  4. Hi Averie!
    Merry Christmas! Skylar looks so cute getting her hair braided, and I’m so jealous of your amazing weather in Aruba! What a great way to spend the holidays with your family.
    Hope all is well, and hope to see much more of you in the new year!

  5. omg SO pretty! I am so jealous! Happy holidays my friend!

  6. My Monday has been 100% lazy (besides a quick 2 mile lazy day walk/run) and I am 100% okay with that :) Will probably have to get some shopping in at some point this week, but trying to stay away from the insanity for as long as possible. PS- Skylar is adorable!

  7. I wish I had a little time to go shopping, but it is back to work for me! I am enjoying the beautiful outdoors like you, though! Hip hip hoorah!

  8. Averie-

    Love reading your blog! Could never get sick of the photos! As a matter of fact, I just made it my screen saver!

  9. I had a bunch of returns to do today but none of them were Christmas related. All the stores were empty though!

  10. Aw I bet Skylar was psyched about her hair. I remember those great pictures from the last time you were in Aruba too!
    I stayed far away from malls and the like today. Ate lots of salads. didn’t drink any wine (yet) and rested a bunch! Perfect after christmas day for me.

  11. I went to the outlet mall and bought clothes and a purse. Such great deals! Did some returns as well and ate leftovers. No cooking for me today.

  12. oh skylar is just a blonde beach bomb! watch out! hehe.

    No shopping returns here. thank goodness!

  13. so jealous! the water looks incredible, hope you’re having the best time :)

  14. I scored some deal and did some returns. I went really early this morning with my future sister in law to beat the crowds. I got a few foodie items and some new Nike running shorts that I love, and tons of crafting stuff AND a great new belt. As it turns out I forgot to pack a belt and my jeans were falling off me all day yesterday. Good thing I was wearing a sweater dress over them, because there would have been some Brittney Spears moments otherwise.

  15. Haha, I could never get tired of your paradise shots!
    We had a very quiet and relaxed Monday. No dashing to the shops or anything, I conciously avoided all craziness this holiday season :-)
    Your little princess is so adorable! She is such a pretty girl, and I cannot believe she’s only 4 years old!? Her hair is sooo long! Love the braids- and she always looks so happy and cheerful :-)

  16. :) luv the sea pics,…

  17. Seriously – you are killing me with these photos!!

  18. I went to the mall to catch the day after Christmas sales. I love taking my Christmas money and getting the most for it. My husband got some more cheese and stuff from Hickory Farms (which means I get strawberry candies!) And we bought calendars for the new year half off. It was way more packed than usual, probably due to the fact that a lot of people had yesterday off too. But it’s all fun. We also watched two more Christmas movies. Guess I’m not quite ready for the holiday to be over!

    I don’t think I’d be patient enough to have my hair braided, it’s crazy that Skylar has more patience than me, lol!

  19. Gorgeous pics, glad it was a wonderful day for you. I had the day off work and needed it to clean, run errands, and get ready for another work week after all the holiday activities.

  20. I can’t get over those unreal pics!

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  22. Nope, didn’t return any gifts.

    The braids are really pretty :-)

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