‘Twas the Day After Christmas here in Aruba.

Aruba coastline

And it’s been another spectacular one.

We have been blessed with the best weather of our trip the past couple days and I am so grateful.

Aruba sea with boats

I actually have a recipe post coming up next.  It’s been three days but it feels like ages but I figured with Christmas Eve and Christmas, why bother typing when everyone is with their families and unplugged anyway.

So if you’re tired of me droning on about the blue skies and palm trees in Aruba…

Palm trees and blue sky

And turquoise water…

Rocks overlooking Aruba sea

And sandy beaches…

Aruba blue sea

You’re in luck with the next post.

Cookie butter spread (i.e. Biscoff Spread or TJ’s Speculoos Spread) recipe, coming at ya.

Cookie Butter Spread Ginger Molasses Cookies

But for now, a family walk to savor the last bits of paradise.

Aruba path with palm trees

And Skylar got her hair braided today, too!  She loves getting braids.

Skylar getting braids in her hair

More cute hair pictures….later.  It’s walking time now.

How was your Monday? 

Did you return any gifts?  Or score any deals at the stores with day-after-Christmas sales?

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