I’ve had a productive day of checking various tasks off my list:

I got my hair done.  Regrowth, goodbye.

I love the salon vibe and overall environment at my salon.

I just don’t love sitting there for a couple hours.


This was my view of the downtown San Diego city skyline while I was sitting in the chair with my feet up and receiving an amazing head massage during my shampoo.

Oh how I love a good head massage, and my stylist gives one of the best, ever.

I also had a nice run today despite the weather cooling off from the low 80s we had all week.

It’s now in the low 60s and a bit overcast, windy, damp and much cooler than it was, but that brisk air just made me run faster.

And thankfully no cars hit me.

I had to run home and:

do my laundry

work on my computer editing photos

and I typed up a recipe that involves lots of this chocolate score

…and peanut butter.

Stay tuned.

Right now I’ve got to stop procrastinating getting dinner started and step away from my desk.

I don’t know what we’re having for dinner.

But I do know I am having a White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookie for dessert.

Just like I think about the cup of coffee I’ll drink the next morning as I’m falling asleep the night before, I’m usually thinking about dessert I’ll have before I’ve even started making dinner, let alone eating it.

That’s how my brain works.

Does your brain work like that?

What tasks have you crossed off your list today?

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far.

32 comments on “Tasks”

  1. Finally got all of our hand-me-down clothes for our baby girl sorted, organized, and put in containers under the bed! YAY!


  2. I love how relaxing your salon looks! I work at a salon here in Maryland and yours looks very similar. And I always, always, ALWAYS think about dessert before I even make/eat dinner. I think that’s the best way to live ;) Have a great weekend, Averie!

  3. I’m such a list person. I feel so empowered when i check something off whether great or small. This morning I cleaned the kitchen, made my healthy breakfast, did some much needed research, and of course blogged. Now it’s off for coffee and then on to the gym before making a healthy dinner. I can’t stop thinking about making that orange almond cake ever since your post on oranges. Tis the next one on the list to get baked! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  4. Today was all about getting tasks done for me too! I mailed letters, went to the bank, picked up the dry cleaning, washed, dryed, and folded all of my laundry, ran, did some yoga, and made several emails and phone calls. Now I’m settling into some research for an upcoming interview! Busy busy busy. I also went on a bad date, lol.

  5. Well today I went grocery shopping and updated my blog. Thats about it! It was a lazy day for me!! How did your hair turn out?

  6. I totally think about the coffee I’m going to drink the next morning too. What did you end up eating for dinn-ah!?

  7. I finally got my thank-you cards done!! :) Tomorrow I tackle my office!

  8. I need a haircut as well. Whatever I do typically looks the same… unless I do something drastic!

    PB & chocolate: best combo ever. Can’t wait to see what you make!

    My brain does think about all the other meals I’ll have for the day.

  9. Aah. Head massages. Nice. I just got half of my hair lopped off, so the salon scene is fresh in my mind. I bet you look lovely and I’m glad you made it through this run unscathed! ;)

  10. Yes, my brain works just like that; thoughts of what I will eat next often creep into my consciousness. :D Planning it is 80% of the enjoyment!

  11. Aww… Averie, I totally do the same thing when it comes to thinking about the next morning! I’m surprised that I don’t dream about coffee. :)

    You reminded me just how much I love to have someone else wash my hair…sigh….
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  12. Your Salon looks so peaceful. Sometimes they’re so hectic on Saturdays. I’m often kept awake with recipes swirling in my head…….glad to hear I’m not the only crazy one!

  13. I love head massages at the salon, the best part!

  14. I’m usually thinking a few meals (and desserts) ahead, but I’m having a spartan diet this month to make up for my holiday excesses, so I’m attempting to think about food as little as possible. But I’ve been having yummy salads involving shrimp and avocado, and sweet potato fries after my workouts.

    Had a killer boot-camp yesterday morning (sweating profusely even though there was ice on the track) then I pretty much vegged out the rest of the day doing a jig-saw puzzle with Rob. Jig-saw puzzles are like the biggest time-waster in the world (yes, including the internet!) but every several years we get on a kick where we do a bunch of them for a few months, then they disappear into the closet again for another several years. I like to think they’re waking up a sleeping part of my brain.

  15. Reading blogs was my #1 to-do today, so check and check. After seeing your beautiful photos, I may have to add “moving to San-Diego” to my list.

  16. I’m often bad about thinking 10 steps ahead and forgetting to enjoy the moment I’m in. I find that it can stress me out actually so I really try to stop planning so far ahead.

  17. That salon view looks pretty relaxing! I so need to dye my hair. It could also use a good trim as well.

    I usually think about desserts before I begin deciding what to eat. When I’m about to bake something, I’m thinking of it well in advance. I even plan it out the night before sometimes. :-)

  18. Too funny, I also did my roots Saturday. Agreed on sitting for hours, it used to take 3+ hours to foil and highlight my hair back in the day. At home it takes me about an hour now.

    I checked off doing my roots, decluttering the house some more, starting another batch of cultured veggies and sprouted lentils, and watched hubby organize the office some more. :-)

  19. That salon does look awesome! Hope you had a good weekend!

  20. hey there! i have not posted in a long time, but today your one comment compelled me to post–i don’t like sitting at the salon for two hours either–i thought i was the only one : )

  21. I’m totally thinking about dessert. Pretty much any time of day. lol I have never had my hair cut or colored in a salon, but that head massage sounds perrrrfect!

  22. I hate sitting in a salon getting my hair done. I’m just such an antsy person that after 30 minutes I’m like get me out of this chair!! Things I crossed off my list today: getting my eyebrows waxed! It’s been long overdue :) you live in such a gorgeous place — I want to move to California so badly, but I will admit that I’m afraid of that long overdue earthquake :\

  23. I don’t have much of a to-do list these days, so nothing to cross off … but I did prep dinner for tomorrow night, make chicken stock, and try a new recipe today.

  24. you were SOOOO right about TJ’s chocolate. SOOO right. That pb cup reminds me of matzoh snacks I make during passover. aka matzabrei. Heaven. Simply heaven.

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