I’ve had a productive day of checking various tasks off my list:

I got my hair done.  Regrowth, goodbye.

Hair Salon

I love the salon vibe and overall environment at my salon.

I just don’t love sitting there for a couple hours.

Hair salon chair

This was my view of the downtown San Diego city skyline while I was sitting in the chair with my feet up and receiving an amazing head massage during my shampoo.

Oh how I love a good head massage, and my stylist gives one of the best, ever.

Hair salon windows

I also had a nice run today despite the weather cooling off from the low 80s we had all week.

Bridge overlooking trees

It’s now in the low 60s and a bit overcast, windy, damp and much cooler than it was, but that brisk air just made me run faster.

And thankfully no cars hit me.

Landscape with pink flowers

I had to run home and:

do my laundry

work on my computer editing photos

and I typed up a recipe that involves lots of this chocolate score

Four squares of Trader Joe's poundplus chocolate

…and peanut butter.

Jar of natural jif peanut butter

Stay tuned.

Right now I’ve got to stop procrastinating getting dinner started and step away from my desk.

I don’t know what we’re having for dinner.

But I do know I am having a White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookie for dessert.

Stack of White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookies

Just like I think about the cup of coffee I’ll drink the next morning as I’m falling asleep the night before, I’m usually thinking about dessert I’ll have before I’ve even started making dinner, let alone eating it.

That’s how my brain works.

Does your brain work like that?

What tasks have you crossed off your list today?

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far.

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