Thursday Things


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Time for a few Thursday Things.  A few noteworthy items of the week are:

1. I was hit by a parked car while I was running just a few days after we got home from Aruba.

San Diego street

Allow me to explain how this (painful) fluke happened.

I was nearing the end of my run, I was in The Zone, I was tired, I was running fast, I was going down a hill, and was on the sidewalk and I was not thinking about much of anything other than I was almost home and I was going to get dinner started, and then it happened.


A person inside a parked car that I was running by opened his car door to get out at the exact moment as I was running past it.  I didn’t see him sitting in his dark parked car just waiting to exit his vehicle at the moment I was running, but I don’t make a habit of gazing into parked cars that I am running past because I run past hundreds which line the city streets on any given run, either.

I took the impact of his car door on the underside of my forearm on the ulna bone because my arms were pumping up and down.  The skin broke and it was bleeding and I had a golf-ball sized welt and although the swelling has slowly been going down, it throbs when I move my arm.

And the other place of impact was the top of my thigh.  Black and blue and welted with a bruise the size of an egg.  Not pretty.

2.  I made these to console myself.

Pretzel Peanut Caramel Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles

Pretzel Peanut Caramel Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles

3. Chocolate heals all wounds.  Or that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

Four squares of Trader Joe's poundplus chocolate

4. Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only 5 weeks away?

That’s exciting to me because I plan to bake with lots of pink sprinkles.  I already have a few tricks up my sleeve.

5. A Whoopie Pie Pan

Whoopie Pie Pan

I’ve seen lots of people baking cookies in them with fabulous results.  Like a deep dish cookie of sorts and with different enough results than just using a muffin pan.

I’ve tried that and those are fun, too.

Cookies in whoopie pie pan
Deep dish cookie

6. I love my donut pans

Mini doughnut and regular doughnut pans

…Maybe I need a whoopie pie pan, too, and can show that some love with some new creations.

$12 bucks at BB & B with a coupon.  Cheap thrills baby.

I had one in my hand the last time I was at BB & B and then set it down thinking I could live without it.  How foolish I was.

Ice cream sandwich and whoopie pie pans

7. NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway is open one more day

8. I am really looking forward to the weekend.

9. The weather has been in the 80s here in January, which is very unseasonably warm, even for San Diego.

Palm trees and sky

But it’s been fabulous and I think people have spring fever.  The parks are crowded, people are out in full force running, walking, and seem to be just be outside soaking up the great weather.

I know I have been.

Pink and White flowers in nature

10. These Fiesta Pie Plates

Teal fiesta pie plate

Don’t they just make you wanna bake?  They do for me.  Cute dishes are my weakness.


Have you ever experienced any injuries or accidents?

I took a terrible fall last spring.  Hopefully these flukey running calamities all behind me and so 2011.

How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods?

Have you seen any things lately that have you excited?   What are your things?

The weekend is close.  TGIF a day early!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of my mini whoopie pie pan, but never thought to make cookies with it. GREAT IDEA! I also found the large Whoopie pie pan for 2$ and love it. Not sure what else to do with it, but love the huge pies that I make!

  2. Yes, my foot is STILL bruised from New Year’s. Although it’s not nearly as swollen and puffy as it was before. It was the first time I ever put pictures of my feet on my blog, LOL. That totally stinks that you were hit. I say that’s the fault of the person on the car. I always look around before I just whip open my car door. But maybe he was off in his own little world?

  3. Oh no Averie, I’m sorry to hear about your parked car mishap on your run! Sometimes I completely zone out on my runs too. I also can’t believe Valentine’s Day is coming up so soon! Pink is my absolute favorite color (especially in sprinkle form!!)

  4. I almost want to get in a tiny fender bender just to make some of these cookies and make myself feel better. Because you’re right, chocolate DOES make things better. As does red wine and bacon. Sorry about your car, glad you’re ok!!

  5. AH! Sorry to hear about that Averie! Sometimes I get so zoned out on my runs that I completely ignore everything around me and that’s when I am milliseconds away from getting hit by a car. Not good.

    1. After biking across the country twice and all the running you’ve done in your life…it’s me, who runs like 3-4 miles at a time in a really unlikely setting who gets smacked! Not you on the open road in like Montana. Lol. Happy weekend xoxo

  6. The weather has been bizarre here. It was freezing, then perfect for a few weeks, got kind of warm and now were back to freezing.

  7. As a veteran urban bike rider, I know all about avoiding those car doors. Staying away from them while walking on the sidewalk side is no problem, however, since all of our sidewalks around here have strips of grass or trees as a buffer zone.
    What, no photo of the arm? Don’t be shy!

    1. I figure since people come to a food blog to be inspired and drool, I didn’t want to repulse anyone :)

  8. So sorry to hear about that incident, Averie. What terrible timing! I have heard of that happening before, especially in NYC (bikers). Very dangerous. People need to check those rear-view mirrors before opening the doors. Anyway, loving the sunny pics as usual (Aruba looked fantastic) — if you recall, I’m the one who finally trekked out to SD this summer after wanting to forever and loved it! Now, I’m spending a few months there to be near my friends. Although it has been a very mild winter in the tri-state area so far (zero snow in December), it’s exciting to escape the rest of the winter and what’s inevitably coming! :) Happy Friday!

  9. I bought some Biscoff to offset the lack of cookie butter from TJ’s.

    I want a donut pan and that will totally happen with a coupon! :)

    And the weather here has been gorgeous then dips kind of low unfortunately. I always forget a jacket because I forget it gets so cold later on!

  10. It hasn’t even really felt like winter, and I’m kind of loving it. (Except for the fact that this means we’ll probably be in a major drought this summer…) And what a crazy accident! It’s so crazy that he opened his door at that exact moment. You would think that he would have looked first. Crazy!

  11. oh my gosh!! im glad you are okay! i have never been hit by a car…but the other day I acutally saw a car hit a biker it was scary!! people certainly need to be more aware!

  12. Ooooh, ouch!!! I hope the person was nice, apologized, etc.. That sucks, and would be very unexpected.

  13. Yikes! I’m always worried about that happening when I’m riding my bike. I guess I should worry about it while running too! Hope that chocolate helped!

  14. eeeeik~ hope you’re ok averie!! i finally broke in my donut pan today with your chocolate pb donuts! so good!!! i thought i didn’t have confectioners sugar for the glaze, so i made caramel glaze instead… so good still! then turns out my aunt (i’m staying with her) does have confectioner’s sugar! ha. next time! thanks for the recipe!

  15. OUCH! damn that must have hurt.
    but you know you did the right thing–go home and eat comfort foods.
    I am so very jealous of the great cali weather. all my cali friends keep texting me temp updates.
    aren’t they sweet? while I sit here in 30 degree weather and NO SUN.

  16. I am a lurker but I just have to share today… I saw a holiday card from you and your family at my yoga studio today. You mentioned in your posts that you lived in a coastal town in NC but I didn’t know it’s where I live! :) what a small world!

    1. Hi! I am guessing at Kristin’s or Ashley’s studio? Wow!! I used to live on Wrightsville Beach and still send holiday cards to my yoga friends from…a decade ago. Gulp. Time flies. Thanks for delurking!

      1. Oh, the memories. We lived there in 2000-2002 and she had just opened the studio and we’d do beach yoga in front of our place on the beach. I will always have fond memories of running up and down Lumina Ave, Robert’s Grocery, Bluewater, The Oceanic, the Harris Teeter right across the bridge; getting caught by that stinkin’ bridge…oh…it was a fabulous time in our lives. Scott and I had just met and moved there together. Thank you for reading my blog and saying hi! Please keep in touch!

  17. Holy ouch! Glad you’re ok!! Girl I am a walking disaster. I got a concussion roller blading once. Ambulance came down the trail we were on, totally embarrassed & I managed to flirt my way out of hospital trip (though I had cracked ribs and concussion). And I don’t flirt!

  18. Hope you feel better soon! Exercise-related injuries suck. I hurt my arm doing yoga a few years ago, and it took me a really long time to fully recover. I still can’t go back to that studio because of bad memories.

    It’s been COLD in NYC, so I’ve been enjoying hot yoga and drinking lots of tea to stay warm. Something about this weather makes me extra-motivated to clean my apartment and get organized, so I’ve been doing a lot of that.

  19. Ouch! Hope the bruising goes away quickly and you’re not in too much pain. And yes chocolate heals all wounds. Feel better!

  20. Oh my gosh! That’s quite an accident–hope you’re on the mend.
    I was peeling a squash last month and my hands slipped…I ended up peeling my pinky finger. It gave me an excuse to finally find my local ER!

    1. Omg that’s awful and chopping squash, watermelon or big clunky produce like that is always a huge fear of mine that I’m gonna slice a finger. TAKE CARE!

  21. Heh, I’ve had pretty hardcore injuries resulting from am eight foot fall off a ledge. I won’t bore you with details but lets just say I’m lucky the brain trauma wasn’t worse and there’s so much metal in my right arm I call it the bionic arm.
    Take good care of yourself and by all means take it easy if you need to! That car smash sounds pretty brutal.
    Weather in LA is equally amazing so my Thursday thing is going to be the free entrance to LACMA for LA residents after 5-time to take in some art!

    1. Omg you’ve had a horrific turn of accidents…yikes! Glad you are living to tell the tale.

      And enjoying this GREAT weather in SoCal!

  22. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your run-in (literally) with that car door. That’s part of the reason I’m so scared to ride my bike on busy streets. I’ve seen quite a few bikers – in the bike lane mind you – get hit/almost hit when people don’t look before they get out of their cars. I hope you feel better soon!

    On a happier note, I love the pink sprinkles! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. yes re the bike lane. People by and large are pretty good here but it’s the fluke things that can just…be awful.

      The pink sprinkles..I have to say, I outdid myself. But the recipe is pink…so a few weeks til I post it for Vday :)

  23. Ah that sounds terrible! You didn’t mention it but I am assuming there were multiple apologies issued for your injured elbow and thigh!

    I am pretty positive huge chewy delicious deep dish cookies will cure all :-)

    1. Never said he was sorry other than sort of a whoops, sorry ’bout that. Not like a meaningful apology of any sort. I swear, they were drunk and just bailed.

      1. Gah, what asses. I apologize on their behalf! I hope you heal quickly Averie!

  24. That’s awful, Averie!!! I hope the guy was EXTREMELY apologetic! Gosh darn. Ice! Eat more chocolate! Sleep! Relax! Treat yourself to that Whoopie Pan!

    1. Never really apologized other than sort of a whoops, sorry ’bout that. Not like a meaningful apology of any sort. I swear, they were drunk and just bailed.

  25. Oh no! So sorry that happened to you! I’m so glad you are okay :)

    We have been LOVING the warmer temps! We are outside all the time :)

  26. I so sorry you were hit! and yes, chocolate is a sure fire way to feel better. Yesterday morning on the way to school it was 11 degrees :/ I am perpetually jealous of your San Diego warmth!

  27. Yikes, so sorry about the running accident! Hope tour arm feels better soon. A car nearly backed into me on a run a few months ago and I’ve had some nasty skating and mountain biking wipeouts, no fun!

    Weather here is nice, unseasonably warm and dry. We may need get outdoors to enjoy it this weekend.

    1. If you posted about that and I missed it, so sorry!!! Omg that’s awful!

      And yes, it’s warm and DRY here. So dry. Crackily crack skin dry.

  28. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident! Did the guy in the car totally freak out? Hopefully you got all the running accidents out of the way! Smooth sailing from now on!
    …Those pans!! I must have some! I haven’t been into BB&B in forever.

    1. Yes, totally creeped/freaked me out. That whole line of thought went thru my head after the fact, too. Strangers in parked cars. It wasn’t dark or anything but ya know. He was harmless (two gay guys) so they wanted nothing to do with me…but still. A reminder to just be aware of my surroundings!

  29. Yikes-glad you are okay. Sounds like you are going to be in pain for a while though.

    Today was 50 degrees and sunny here. For January in Ohio, that’s good. I’ll take it!

  30. i had no idea all those pans even existed! cute baking accessories are my weakness as well. i just bought my 6th set of measuring spoons from anthropologie because they were just to die for cute.

    so sorry to hear about your accident!! i swear, running can be the most hazardous sport of them all!

  31. Holy crap! I’m so sorry you got hit. Keep eating that chocolate. And pour some wine. That will heal you right up. ;)

    1. Thanks, Bev. I want to drink wine and eat chocolate with you! The stories we could tell!