Baking with Chocolate

Part of my day including baking with my favorite chocolate

I used 100th Birthday Oreos

I dirtied so many dishes I ran out of dishwashing liquid.


The bowls are these (someone always asks)

Sprinkles were used with reckless abandon. I made something kind of like these, but not exactly.

I’ve also been editing pictures like a mad woman and have been staring at green food. My next post is so green. As in, St. Paddy’s Day green. It’s my best recipe in 2012, to date, and it’s coming up next.

I also started a Green Smoothie eBook Giveaway.

From one polar opposite of green food to the next.

How was your Monday?

What have you made in the kitchen lately? Anything fun or delicious?

33 comments on “Baking with Chocolate”

  1. I have those birthday Oreos, haha. We inherited them. My Aunt Stephanie sent them home with my mom because her children don’t like them. I smelled them, they smell like cake batter, which is always a pleasant scent. :)

  2. Yummy! Love those bowls, and reckless usage of sprinkles. :)

  3. Oh Averie, we were meant to be friends. I looooove that chocolate. I have been snacking on it nearly every night. It’s also perfect for baking. And I think I’m heading out the door now to find these birthday oreos!

  4. those 100th birthday oreos are so cute! love all the sprinkles in this post! :)

  5. So fun :) Sprinkles and chocolate! I made J some more breakfast bars today. I also made a spaghetti squash filled dinner!

  6. Just worked, rode bike, finished a book. It was a good Monday! The only thing I have “cooked” today was I reheated some bean/corn quesadillas I made yesterday. So good!

  7. yay St. Patty’s day can’t wait! Sounds like a good day to me! My monday was a good one :)

  8. Baking With Chocolate – always a good post title ;)

    I just baked with the Birthday Cake Oreos the other night – YUM! Those things are dangerous for me.

  9. It was a Monday, but at least it was sunny and warm. I made a tasty dinner with roasted butternut squash & beets with sauteed kale. Yummy. Kind of messy cutting up the beets of course ;-)

  10. My Monday was pretty good for being back to work after 9 days off! I baked all last week :-)

  11. Chocolate, sprinkles, Oreos….looks like you have been up to some delicious things in the kitchen!

  12. I just can’t take the suspense…what will it be?? Best recipe of 2012??

  13. I like the preview–chocolate, Oreos and sprinkles! I was able to go home for lunch today so made some dark chocolate peppermint bark with coconut (for a little extra texture) and crushed candy canes.

  14. I made something in my kitchen yesterday: maple syrup banana peanut butter Cheerio bars. Haha, a mouthful! Any idea to simplify that name?

  15. I’ve been working on perfecting a peanut butter protein smoothie using some organic peanut butter powder I just discovered. . .almost there!
    Also, my Monday has been FANTASTIC – by BF and I just booked a trip to San Francisco! It’ll be our very first time to the West coast. It’s SO exciting! :)

  16. Chocolate, oreos, and sprinkles? Sounds like the best day possible!!!!

  17. Funny– two women at Target yesterday were going on and on about those Oreos when I was in the check-out line. Guess they’re the next big thing :-)

  18. I’ve heard good things about the birthday Oreos – I need to get my hands on some of them! I baked cookies yesterday but that was about the extent of it.

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