Part of my day including baking with my favorite chocolate

Thick squares of chocolate

I used 100th Birthday Oreos

Birthday cake oreos

I dirtied so many dishes I ran out of dishwashing liquid.

Mixing bowl with baking tools

The bowls are these (someone always asks)

Sprinkles were used with reckless abandon. I made something kind of like these, but not exactly.

Mixing bowl with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate

I’ve also been editing pictures like a mad woman and have been staring at green food. My next post is so green. As in, St. Paddy’s Day green. It’s my best recipe in 2012, to date, and it’s coming up next.

I also started a Green Smoothie eBook Giveaway.

From one polar opposite of green food to the next.

mixing bowl with green frosting

How was your Monday?

What have you made in the kitchen lately? Anything fun or delicious?

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