Sunglasses ‘n Wings

My el cheapo sunglasses bit the dust. I had about a three year run with these $8 dollar-ish numbers. They cracked and I’ve been sporting taped sunglasses for the past few days. Good thing we’ve had plenty of rain.

I purchased them at Forever 21-type store from the mall that’s no longer in business. The sunglasses lasted longer than that store.

Today it was sunny and I had to get gas and when I was paying, noticed these. $9.99 from the Shell Gas Station. Classy store, eh? But the price was right.

(Gas was up to $4.85 a gallon today. The price on that was not right on gas.)


The glasses have some bling, which is nice.

But more importantly, they’re super comfortable. They’re the type of glasses you put on and your head is happy, rather than having pinched temples, a migraine, or getting ear blisters. We’ve all been there.

I prefer comfort over style but I think these are cute, too.

And in something that has nothing to do with sunglasses, but if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it…

We took Skylar to the pediatrician for her 5 year old well-child checkup and when the nurse asked her if she’s ever had chicken pox, she quizzically asked, what’s that? The nurse explained it’s when you get red bumps on your skin and they itch. Skylar replied, “Well there’s no way I could get that because I don’t eat chicken wings.”

Scott and I and the nurse almost split our pants from laughing so hard.

No chicken wings for me, but you could add some chicken if you’d like to this Cheesy Taco Casserole, or just keep it cheesy and vegetarian, as is.

I don’t have chicken or cheese on the brain at the moment. I have cookies on the brain. What’s new.

Coconut Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

How long do you typically keep your sunglasses?

Do you buy cheap ones, middle of the road, or pricey numbers?

I usually don’t lose my glasses and I’m not careless with them, so I do get a fair amount of time from a pair. I used to buy expensive glasses but not anymore. I’d rather spend my money on important things, like kitchen appliances and camera lenses. The optics in most designer sunglasses aren’t any better than Target varieties. I learned that after working in an eyeglasses store in high school and college.

As long as I don’t need prescription lenses, I may as well save money and just hit up the Shell Station is my thinking.

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28 comments on “Sunglasses ‘n Wings”

  1. hahaha, Skylar is too cute :)
    Your new sunglasses look really nice I think!
    I just bought another pair of sunglasses- this time cheap, but stylish ones (black with white polka dots). Whenever I go for “fashionable” sunglasses, I buy inexpensive ones, however I have 3 pair of sunglasses that were quite expensive and will never go out of fashion. Love them all :)

  2. Skylar is a cutie! Currently I have nicer Oakley sunglasses, one sport pair for running and one for every day and they’re a coupe of years old. I prefer polarized sunglasses and the super light wrap around frame is perfect for outdoor sports. Your new sunglasses are super cute, great bling and find for the price.

  3. Well, I’ve certainly got cheese on the brain after seeing that pic! Looks delicious!

  4. I’m really good with my sunglasses (unlike my husband). I won’t spend a lot on them, try to find on sale. Found some Jessica Simpsons for 10 bucks at TJ Maxx. That’s about my price range…or less.

  5. I can never have expensive sunglasses. I always step on mine…

  6. I would never spend a lot on glasses, ever! I lucked out and scored a pair of ray ban aviators at a consignment store for $5 though. That was a good day!

  7. It’s a shame, but I’ve had my sunglasses for about 12 years, they have prescription lenses, and are durable and elegant at the same time. I bought it in Europe for about $15 at that time. I changed lenses twice and optometrist always tells me how good the frame is. Go figure!

  8. That taco casserole is totally going on the menu next week…hearty Mexican fare is a fave in our house.
    As for sunglasses, Target, sadly…or discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. sometimes there are scores there, “designer” for cheap-o.

  9. Those are some cute glasses Averie! I ususally hit up TJ Maxx for heavily discounted sunglasses.

    (that cheesy taco casserole is calling my name!!)

  10. Super cute shades for Shell Gas Station! I usually stick with the $10-$15 ones from Target. I am going on year 2 with the current pair, but the darn screw keeps coming out. I have gotten lucky a few times and found it on the floor of my car.

  11. Love your new shades! My prescription sunglasses are kind of pricey and I always want a new pair every few years. I keep a cheap pair for beach vacations. $4.85 per gallon for gas?!? Yikes! it’s not that high in NE Indiana but I have heard it will probably be $5/gallon by summer.

  12. Dang. That’s expensive gas.

    I have had the same $10 pair of sunglasses that I got at Ross about 5 years. I used to spend up to $100 on nice ones, but I’d always lose them. Same with watches. The chepest ones last forever and I don’t lose them. The expensive ones break or get lost within weeks. Murphy’s Law.

  13. Skylar’s reply is too funny! I have to admit… I like fancy sunglasses but every pair I have gotten, I still have so far (Knock on wood)! The first expensive pair I got was 7 years ago and they’re still with me.

  14. Awwwwwwe, she is so cute! Kids say the darnedest things :-)

    I never get rid of sunglasses. I don’t wear ’em … but funny enough I have about 8 pair. I buy them thinking I will wear them, put them on for about 30 seconds then take them off because I find glasses really uncomfortable.

  15. I buy cheap sunglasses primarily because I rarely wear them, but also because I know I’m eventually going to lose/sit on them, and I don’t have the cash flow I’d like to be able to throw around at accessories!

  16. LOVE Skylar’s natural sense of humor! She got it from you, of course :)

  17. Wow, that casserole looks so good! When I hear “casserole” I immediately think of this weird grey thing my grandmother used to make. But that one seriously looks delicious. Sorry to judge you, casseroles :)
    I always buy the cheapest sunglasses (last pair were $6). I’m so good at losing or sitting on them so I’ve just decided to buy ’em cheap and let whatever happens happen!

  18. Love the shades and the pictures of the wings, casserole and cookies look so delish!

  19. Skylar’s response was priceless! I bet that made the nurses day :)

    I usually buy cheaper sunglasses that look more expensive (knock-offs anyone??). I am pretty good at keeping my sunglasses in good shape for years at a time, but with my luck I would buy an expensive pair and break or loose them right away. I figure as long as they are protecting my eyes and I like them, that is all that matters.

  20. Love the new shades!
    I am surprisingly good at keeping my sunglasses in good shape. The ones I have I love and don’t want to lose or break, and somehow that’s yet to happen :)

  21. Who would have ever thought you would find an awesome pair of cheap glasses from Shell Gas Station. Great buy!

  22. Last summer I invested in 2, $50 pair from Eddie Bauer. Knock on wood they have held up!

  23. I love the funny things kids say! Last night I was babysitting my nieces and nephews and I caught the five-year-old eating candy off his bedroom floor. I told him that he shouldn’t do that and he told me that it was okay. “Auntie Amber, it’s not the KITCHEN floor, it’s fine.” LOL

    I won’t spend more than $10 on sunglasses and the ones I currently have have lasted me about three years now. The old ones didn’t even break, they were stolen out of my car! And they had lasted for for about four years. Cheapo sunglasses are just fine for me!

  24. I thought you had chanel ones in Aruba?

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