Green & Chocolate Drizzled Banana Smiley

What do you get when you take green sprinkles…

A square of my favorite baking chocolate

And drizzle one square of melted chocolate over a sliced banana?


You get a very excited five year old…

….who has a new favorite snack.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In case you prefer your bananas a little less green and a little more grown up, Strawberry Banana Bread will make your house smell heavenly and is perfect for weekend mornings.

What are your plans for Saint Patrick’s Day?

We have no plans. It’s supposed to rain in San Diego all weekend (love the timing) and I’m not sure what we’re going to be up to. We’ll definitely be staying off the roads and safe and sound at home especially after the bars let out at night.

I may get crazy and drink a Baileys Slushie at home because I adore Baileys. And it’s Irish. I think I almost have to have one.

If you missed it, check out my 25 Saint Patrick’s Day, Irish, and Green Food Recipes for foodie inspiration.

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32 comments on “Green & Chocolate Drizzled Banana Smiley”

  1. That’s the cutest thing. Chocolate and banana=match made in heaven. I won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (I live in Turkey and would be a bit out of place), but I might wear green!

  2. That is just adoooorable Averie! Looks and sounds delicious – and I am super keen to try that strawberry banana bread too :) Bananas are SO GOOD right now!!

  3. This is so cute! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. hahaha! So freaking cute. Sprinkles make everything better!

  5. Big smile. Thank you for that. Looks like a sunny day here. Going to try for a short run with the hubby then get in lots of sister time (maybe some shopping too). Hope you have a wonderful day Averie,

  6. oh man the little things in life! Don’t you wish life was still so simple that a smiley faced banana completely made your day? Although if my Mom showed up right now and made me that it probably would completely make my day, so I take that back haha. Have a wonderful weekend Averie!

  7. That is so cute! I kind of want to drizzle that melted chocolate all over my head.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day!

  8. Very cute :) I have absolutely no sprinkles in my house and that is a very sad thing. Happy St. Paddy’s day!

    • but you are the same girl that can come up with amazing drink recipes and was it muffins or something? that you had never made til recently?! Yet you come up with fried pineapple pancakes! I have plenty of sprinkles to share…lol

  9. that is so cute!
    have a wonderful weekend girl!

  10. so stinkin’ cute Averie!! happy st pattys day :)

  11. Love the smiley face, very cute. I’m sure Sklyer appreciated that :) I actually don’t really celebrate St. Patricks day anymore. I did enough of that in college, as It was a big deal there. I think I OD’d on it.

    I’m being green today by eating my new favorite kale salad. So easy to prepare and so darn good! Zoe has 2 lacrosse games today and I am signed up as the official field manager. I really don’t know what the job requires but I’ll figure it out.

    The storm we had yesterday is heading down your way. We live North of SF so we got tons of rain, almost 4 inches. I’m excited for sunny skies again. I think we hit our rain equivalent this past week as it rained every day! Bring on the sun!

    Have a happy day girl and enjoy your Baileys!

  12. Cute snack! I’ll eat chocolate and bananas in any form. I’m going to be very domestic today–salad making, hemming pants, laundry (and watching some mindless TV while I fold it). I may also do a little shopping myself. It has been in the high 70’s/low 80’s for several days (rare this time of year for NE Indiana) so I’m feeling like my wardrobe needs a new spring thing or two. Hope you have a good weekend!

  13. Such a cute snack, what a fun idea! Not much planned for today, just running and shopping. Tomorrow a family gathering which should be fun.

  14. What a cute snack idea! After dancing and dinner out last night I think I’m way too tired to go back out tonight. Although that could all change 12 hours from now. Or…I’ll be asleep 12 hours from now ;)

  15. I can’t believe with all the summer-like weather we’ve been having that’s its raining this weekend?! I haven’t *wanted* to go out on St Paddy’s day since I was 21 and go figure… it’s raining. We had planned to go up to Hermosa Beach where some friends live for a pub crawl, but I can’t fathom driving almost an hour in the rain to go out in the rain. My friends and I decided we’ll make our St Paddy’s day the next Sat it’s sunny again. HA. Instead… we’re making soup… watching movies… and playing way too much battlefield. HOORAH! ;0)

  16. I”m sorry to hear about all of the rain.
    We have almost 80 degree weather here. I made soda bread scones for breakfast and I plan on relaxing all day and spending some time reading out back and enjoying the sunshine. This evening, it is all about the basketball.

    Happy ST. Patty’s Day!

  17. you are so good at making cute/fun foods for your daughter. This sort of thing never occurs to me. My poor kids – I’m not a very fun mom, I guess! :)

  18. So simple, but so fun!!

  19. That banana smiley face is really stinking cute. Makes me feel like a kid. And now I’m bookmarking your strawberry-banana bread because it looks out of this world. It HAILED today in San Francisco but now it’s cleared up, so I think I will try to engage in some St Patties Day shenanigans :).

  20. The Chocolate mint bars…oh my heaven. Happy Shamrock Day!

  21. I want to be a kid again so someone will make me snacks like this!

  22. Haha I love the banana smiley, it’s adorable! I’m also a yoga teacher and I’ve just started my own healthy living blog! It’s not much right now but I would love it if you checked it out sometime You have the most delicious dessert recipes and gorgeous photos!

    Have a great week!

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