Vanilla Baileys Slushie


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I love Baileys Irish Cream

Bottle of Baileys irish cream

They make a coffee creamer (non-alcoholic), too

And I love it in my coffeee for those non-alcoholic but still want the taste of Baileys moments

Baileys Coffee Creamer next to Mug of coffee

In the wee hours Friday night I had a craving for some Bailey’s.  The alcoholic version.  This is what I came up with.



Vanilla Baileys Slushie

1 shot glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream (about 1 ounce but 2 ounces is fine too)

8 to 10 ice cubes

1 splash water (about 1-2 tbsp)

Vanilla Stevia, to taste (optional)


1/8 tsp vanilla extract + sweeter of choice

Directions: Combine all items in Vita-Mix or blender and blend until ice is crushed and drink is frothy or slushie-like in texture

Note: Vita users are at an advantage because you are making Bailey’s “ice cream” in about 20-30 seconds in your machine <– buy a Vita if for no other reason than that


Gather your booze & sweetener, if desired.  I always desire sweetener.

Bottle of Baileys next to vanilla stevia dropper bottle

You can purchase Vanilla Stevia drops from iHerb cheaper than anywhere else that I’ve seen

Vanilla Stevia drops in front of Bailey's bottleIf you enter code AVE630 at checkout, you’ll save $5 on your iHerb order and all orders over $40 ship free

Add the ingredients into your Vita or blender and let ‘er rip

Bailey in blender

The pictures scream late night + horrible lighting +iPhone photography

And that’s ok

Baileys slushie in blender

Because when you want a Baileys Slushie late on a Friday night you are just not concerned about breaking out a big DSLR and waiting for perfect natural lighting.

 But I get brownie points for my super classy plastic cup and glass straw, right?

Baileys slushie in yellow cup with straw

For all the “volume eaters” (those people who’d rather have a huge plate of steamed broccoli for the same caloric value as 2 bites of a mashed potato with butter), this is a “volume drink”.

One little shot of Baileys produced all this drink (because of the added ice I surmise) and it just whipped up so well.

Baileys slushie in yellow cup with strawIt was so cold that it gave me a Mister Misty headache when I tried to drink it too fast.  It was so good, I couldn’t suck it down fast enough.

It was so good that I repeated this little experiment on Saturday night.  And made a double batch and shared it with Scott.  And he asked for seconds.


1. Do you like Baileys?

I think I should make Buttery Nipples next.  I am feeling the Baileys love lately.

2. Do you drink your beverages at a slow, average, fast, or warp speed rate?

I am warp speed.  I have to consciously remind myself to sip, not chug.

And even with hot temperatures and beverages, my chug-a-lug rate is not reduced.

Iced coffees are the worst for this because I could literally drink them in a few seconds.  Just like some people can guzzle a 6 oz bottle or water in a few seconds, I can do that with iced coffees.  With water too, but iced coffees are more fun.

I always make my own vanilla iced coffee and never buy them when I’m out.   I could suck $4 down in about 4 seconds flat.

vanilla iced coffee in glass cup


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  1. You know how you can buy the sugar-free powder from Coffee Bean to make Ice Blendeds?.. Well I make mine with Teeccino then add Bailey’s for a heavenly dessert!

    Hope you are well.. it’s been way to long! Would love an email or phone date :-)

    1. That sounds delish and no, had no idea that product even existed!

      Was thinking about you the other day as I was having a trip down memory lane about the 9 mos I lived in AZ. Hope you’re doing well, too!! xoxo :)

  2. I am in the UK right now and they just came out with a new bailey’s flavor – biscotti!! I can’t wait to try it, sounds perfect for winter :)

  3. I LOVE Bailey’s…I haven’t had it for ever, but it is so swoonable. Love this recipe girl!! Now I think I have to get some Bailey’s!!


  4. I’m definitely a chugger, and that goes for all liquids – not just the tasty, sweet ones! Water, milk, vodka sodas – you name it, it goes down fast.

  5. Just STOP IT and pour me one right now, this looks sooooo wonderful (and just what I need after a day like today). SO simple too. Love love love!

  6. I LOVE Baileys. They don’t seem too popular up here in Vancouver but back home mudslides are all the rage for a decadent and indulgent beachside drink and they are perfect – thanks to the Baileys!

  7. I don’t think I have actually ever had Bailey’s before, because I hate coffee. And I’ve only ever heard of them going together. I can only chug drinks if I’m super thirsty. Otherwise I’m pretty slow. Although my best friend is like you, I always have to remind her to sip slowly. Especially if we ever share a drink, lol!

  8. I love Bailey’s and coffee. And buttery nipples are delicious. But have you never had the Bailey’s coagulate when you drink it as a drink, not a shot? This happened to me one night, when a friend was drinking one and gave it to me to finish off, and the bottom was just coagulated nastiness. We figured it was because there was grenadine in it, but on Saturday night we had another shot that also had Bailey’s in it, and the Bailey’s coagulated but there was no grenadine.

    And I’m definitely a warp-speed drinker. It’s really pretty shameful.

  9. when i was a teen i would put bailey’s ads all over my wall. it was cool to do the “absolut vodka” ones but i was a rebel, er weirdo…

  10. Ooooh, I did NOT know that they make non-alcoholic Bailey’s!!! I’m going to have to look into that!!

  11. That drink/ice cream sounds great! I’ve got Kahlua at home, but no baileys. I LOVE Making coffee drinks in my vitamix. I use the Stevia drops and some Torani flavored sugar free sweetener for my concoctions. This morning I had a mocha banana Smoothie (minus the booze, I did have to work ya know).

  12. That sounds yummy! My hubby and I love to share cold drinks together…and then we end up fighting for the the last sip :-)

  13. I love Bailey’s, especially with coffee. I’m also a warp speed drinker (and eater…). Working on that.

  14. Party at Averie’s!!

    I’m a warp speed drinker–one of the main reasons I do not frequently drink alcohol! Especially since I go for the sweet, girly drinks. That could be dangerous for waist lines, judgements, and wallets!

    I’ve loved Bailey’s since I was little. Please, let me explain. My family always has Bailey’s around Christmas. It’s almost non-stop from Thanksgiving to New Years. Well, when I was little, I swiped a sip. One of those sneaky little devious stunts that requires a young’n to stalk the grown ups until they turn their heads for a millisecond. When I succeeded, I was so proud of myself! I loved that stuff and still do! I did have to wait quite a while before I was able to have some again though! Yum yum yum.

  15. Mmm – this looks GOOOOD.

    we LOVE Bailey’s – Jason and I ordered Baileys + coffee on an airplane, and everyone in first class heard the order and changed theirs to the same! :D

    we were snowed in over a week one winter, and each morning Jason would make a fire, and I would make the Baileys + coffees… ;) *pray for snow this year* :D

  16. I have to be in the right mood for Bailey’s — for the most part I don’t like creamy alcoholic drinks because they just don’t sit well with me (same with Kahlua).


  17. If it weren’t so cold right now, I’d make myself a blended vanilla coffee right now, because that iced coffee screams “BLEND ME”. But its cold and rainy, so I’ll keep my hot coffee.

    BUT, my mom makes Brandy slushies every Christmas and she loves bailey’s so I’m passing this recipe on to her. Add some Dr. McGillicutty’s in there….heaven, baby.

  18. ah yumm, I had my first coffee, bailey’s, and frangelico a couple months back and it was amazing. I tend to drink all drinks WAY too fast, especially those tiny expensive cocktails out at bars that I really should work on savoring a bit more. And iced coffees- 2 minutes max.

  19. Mmm, this looks awesome! Love that the little shot produced so much. I should try this with a kahlua and (almond) milk…I want those things to last forever…but they’re always gone too fast :P Speaking of which – I tend to drink pretty fast, too! Until I get to the last of things, in which case I start nursing it, haha.

  20. This looks amazing!! Okay, so I have a question…(probably a really stupid question) but does Baileys Liquor need to be refrigerated after you open it? I have two bottles that I bought on my honeymoon 3 years ago but I still haven’t opened it because I am afraid once I do, it will go bad.

    1. I am pretty sure yes, it does. However, I have opened bottles and put them in the fridge and literally not drank anything from them and 6-12 mos later remember them in the back of the fridge and do a sniff test and they are fine. The alcohol pretty much kills germs IMO :) So open your bottles!

  21. love the yellow cup and straw. the only thing better would be if you had one of holly’s retro mcdonald cups!
    i have never had bailey’s. nope. but this drink sounds amazing!
    i drink coffee or diet coke while i knit, so i sip as i go along. that’s the only time i drink anything other than water!