Vanilla Baileys Slushie

I love Baileys Irish Cream

They make a coffee creamer (non-alcoholic), too

And I love it in my coffeee for those non-alcoholic but still want the taste of Baileys moments

In the wee hours Friday night I had a craving for some Bailey’s.  The alcoholic version.  This is what I came up with.



Vanilla Baileys Slushie

1 shot glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream (about 1 ounce but 2 ounces is fine too)

8 to 10 ice cubes

1 splash water (about 1-2 tbsp)

Vanilla Stevia, to taste (optional)


1/8 tsp vanilla extract + sweeter of choice

Directions: Combine all items in Vita-Mix or blender and blend until ice is crushed and drink is frothy or slushie-like in texture

Note: Vita users are at an advantage because you are making Bailey’s “ice cream” in about 20-30 seconds in your machine <– buy a Vita if for no other reason than that


Gather your booze & sweetener, if desired.  I always desire sweetener.

You can purchase Vanilla Stevia drops from iHerb cheaper than anywhere else that I’ve seen

If you enter code AVE630 at checkout, you’ll save $5 on your iHerb order and all orders over $40 ship free

Add the ingredients into your Vita or blender and let ‘er rip

The pictures scream late night + horrible lighting +iPhone photography

And that’s ok

Because when you want a Baileys Slushie late on a Friday night you are just not concerned about breaking out a big DSLR and waiting for perfect natural lighting.

 But I get brownie points for my super classy plastic cup and glass straw, right?

For all the “volume eaters” (those people who’d rather have a huge plate of steamed broccoli for the same caloric value as 2 bites of a mashed potato with butter), this is a “volume drink”.

One little shot of Baileys produced all this drink (because of the added ice I surmise) and it just whipped up so well.

It was so cold that it gave me a Mister Misty headache when I tried to drink it too fast.  It was so good, I couldn’t suck it down fast enough.

It was so good that I repeated this little experiment on Saturday night.  And made a double batch and shared it with Scott.  And he asked for seconds.


1. Do you like Baileys?

I think I should make Buttery Nipples next.  I am feeling the Baileys love lately.

2. Do you drink your beverages at a slow, average, fast, or warp speed rate?

I am warp speed.  I have to consciously remind myself to sip, not chug.

And even with hot temperatures and beverages, my chug-a-lug rate is not reduced.

Iced coffees are the worst for this because I could literally drink them in a few seconds.  Just like some people can guzzle a 6 oz bottle or water in a few seconds, I can do that with iced coffees.  With water too, but iced coffees are more fun.

I always make my own vanilla iced coffee and never buy them when I’m out.   I could suck $4 down in about 4 seconds flat.

41 comments on “Vanilla Baileys Slushie”

  1. I LOVE Baileys. They don’t seem too popular up here in Vancouver but back home mudslides are all the rage for a decadent and indulgent beachside drink and they are perfect – thanks to the Baileys!

  2. Just STOP IT and pour me one right now, this looks sooooo wonderful (and just what I need after a day like today). SO simple too. Love love love!

  3. I will for SURE remember this one! I adore Bailey’s…anything.

  4. I’m definitely a chugger, and that goes for all liquids – not just the tasty, sweet ones! Water, milk, vodka sodas – you name it, it goes down fast.

  5. I LOVE Bailey’s…I haven’t had it for ever, but it is so swoonable. Love this recipe girl!! Now I think I have to get some Bailey’s!!


  6. That drink looks so refreshing … makes me wish I liked Bailey’s!

  7. I am in the UK right now and they just came out with a new bailey’s flavor – biscotti!! I can’t wait to try it, sounds perfect for winter :)

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  9. You know how you can buy the sugar-free powder from Coffee Bean to make Ice Blendeds?.. Well I make mine with Teeccino then add Bailey’s for a heavenly dessert!

    Hope you are well.. it’s been way to long! Would love an email or phone date :-)

    • That sounds delish and no, had no idea that product even existed!

      Was thinking about you the other day as I was having a trip down memory lane about the 9 mos I lived in AZ. Hope you’re doing well, too!! xoxo :)

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