Vanilla Iced Coffee


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I love iced coffee.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

I could chug it until I get the shakes.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

And sometimes I even do.  Both chug it AND get the shakes.

Vanilla Iced CoffeeBut it’s well worth the jitter fingers.

My method & “recipe” for making Iced Coffee:

Brew coffee as usual

Drink all the hot coffee you want and take whatever is left over and put that in the refrigerator.  That becomes tomorrow’s chilled coffee for iced coffee.

I don’t recommend making iced coffee with freshly brewed hot coffee.  I do it in a pinch but the hot coffee melts the ice, it gets watered down, and it’s not ideal.

You can also add excess coffee to ice cube trays and freeze.  The resulting iced coffee cubes are excellent to use as the ice for iced coffee.

I never just pour extra coffee down the sink.  It either becomes iced-coffee-coffee or iced-coffee-cubes.

Take the sufficiently chilled/refrigerated coffee, add ice to it.

Add any of the following is of interest to you (or none of this):

milks: half and half, milk, nut milk, flavored creamers (I have previously discussed my love of Coffeemate French Vanilla)

sweeteners: stevia, liquid stevia (I find that liquid stevia is far superior to powdered stevia when working with cold beverages) and NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Drops are my go-to; real sugar (however there can be dissolving issues whereas “artificial” sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘n Low will dissolve much better); or use a simple syrup (i.e. 1 part sugar to 1 part water dissolved in boiling water), honey, or agave.

others: vanilla/hazelnut/almond/cocoa bean extract, vanilla bean scrapings, cinnamon

dessert-like iced coffee: cocoa powder, whipped cream/Cool Whip, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate or caramel sauce drizzles on top or lining your cup with chocolate or caramel sauce first

I use lots of French Vanilla Coffeemate, a splash of half & half, and a few drops of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia drops.


NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia drops

Some people shake the whole mixture up in something like a Blender Bottle or a martini shaker or by inverting an empty glass over the top of the full glass with the coffee + ice cubes, but I just stir with a spoon or my straw.

I have to have a straw for iced coffees!

I love the local coffee in Aruba.

local coffee in Aruba

I can drink it hot…


…or cold.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

I can suck one of these down in a hurry.  Times two.

Vanilla Iced Coffee overhead

I love coffee, in general.

I’ve reviewed dozens of coffee brands

…from TJ’s

Canister of Dark Sumatra Whole Bean Coffee

to Starbucks

to flavored Smores Coffee

And I’ve posted about Caffeine AddictionOh well. But I do love coffee, caffeine and all.

I came up with a Vegan Caramel Macchiato recipe because I was sick of paying for them!  Very pricey little habits at Starbucks, and those aren’t vegan, of course. Even if you don’t have an espresso maker, brew some strong coffee, buy a cheapie milk frother, add your caramel sauce and you’re done.
Vegan Caramel Macchiato


Overhead of Vegan Caramel Macchiato in mug

Vegan Caramel Macchiato

Overhead of Vanilla iced coffee in glass

Close up of top of glass of coffee

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  1. I have a Keurig. I never tried making iced coffee until I read this post. I’m hooked! I never like the kind you buy either.

  2. *I love Iced Coffee*with Vanilla Sweetener*or Hazelnut*I seriously have like 2 a day*It’s the best pick-me-up!*I drink it anytime of day*I’m so used to it that the caffeine doesn’t bother me*One recipe that I really like*is almond milk with iced coffee cubes*it’s delicious!!!*

  3. Great idea putting the coffee in the fridge and making it iced coffee. I have to do decaf though. I become a nervouse wreck when i do caffine.

    1. I never throw away my old coffee–just put it in a pitcher or container and it’s iced coffee. EASY!

  4. do u have luck with steaming almond milk with the espresso steam wand? = moderate, yes but I dont use my espresso maker much anymore. one of those things i need to dust off

    independent coffee shops…All over University Hts, Normal Hts, Hillcrest, i.e. Adams Ave, University, Washington, there are so many!

  5. I’m a peetnik too…I have them mapped out all around SD. I have an espresso machine and it gets lots of attention from me. I went to Ashland OR and Reno NV this summer and got turned on to 2 totally delicious independent coffee shops, The Mix in Or and The Hub in Reno. They make cool designs on ur drink with the steamed milk. New fave espresso bean brand is Black Cat. Do u know of any good independent coffee shops in SD? Also, do u have luck with steaming almond milk with the espresso steam wand?

  6. real iced coffee is fantastic coffee. it has different taste than the other coffee.i love so much iced coffee.

  7. That iced coffee looks delicious! My mom is so awful at making coffee at home, it is as thin as water and tastes like battery acid… but when I get good iced coffee (no black! so bitter.) I savor it :) and coffee ice cubes is genius!!

  8. Black coffee. no sweetener. hot or cold. i almost went all day without any, but I ended up stopping on the drive home from the canyon to get some. First iced coffee of the season with many more to come.

    have you ever cold brewed iced coffee? I like it a lot better, though I use both your methods above too.

  9. I love coffee…so much. I drink Papua New Guinea Organic coffee every morning and I brew it by the cup so that it is strong and really hot. I like my coffee scalding hot and I add a bit of unsweetened organic soymilk to it. It is the best. I drink 2 of those every morning. Later in the day if I want a cup of coffee, sometimes I do cold and I always add the NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia to it then. For me, iced coffee HAS to be sweet. Love your post about blogging! Even though I am not a blogger, I love to read them and your post was good stuff! :-)

  10. My coffee: Iced (especially in the summer months!) americano or regular iced coffee sometimes with a splash of soy and tiny drizzle of agave, sometimes w/o… but lately i have been using this coconut milk creamer – just a little goes a long way – it’s hazelnut flavored and pretty good – i liked the vanilla one more though!

    I just won a stevias naturals giveaway, they are waiting for me at home, i will have to try this with it!

  11. Yum, the coffee sounds wonderful!

    1. Yes, usually what ever whole beans are on sale at Costco and Trader Joe’s.
    2. With vanilla or chocolate hemp milk and a little stevia.
    3. Yes and I need to try cold compressed coffee soon – yum!

  12. I absolutely love coffee. It has to be iced though. I can’t stand hot coffee for some reason, it just doesn’t compare to cold coffee!

  13. Best way to drink iced coffee?
    Put the cold coffee, some ice cubes, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder in a blender.
    It tastes just as good as a frappuccino from starbucks to me except it actually has some nutritional value

  14. I had no idea you were a coffee lover like myself :) :) The thing I love about iced coffee is that I CAN CHUG IT <3 The faster I can get it down, the more time I have to drink more!

  15. I do love coffee! And I like mine pretty strong. I don’t use sugar, but I do need nondairy creamer or milk. I make the coffee ice cubes, too. I hate watered-down iced coffee. Now I want some!

  16. Loved your Coffee post! I love coffee am definately an addict hehe I usually dont go a day without one big cup, but I prefer it hot. My ultimate favourite coffee which I am drinking right now is a Soy Misto from Coffee Bean with Vanilla its heavenly! xo

  17. YUM. lovee iced coffee in the summertime! I just can’t really drink it because I definitely get the shakes. Which is why i usually put ice into hot coffee so it gets watered down a little. It’s not ideal, but i’ll take what i can get :)

  18. I started drinking coffee when I was about 6 … I’d get up and have a cuppa and read the paper with my dad. When I got older, I noticed I liked the smell a lot better than the taste and stopped drinking it. Now, if I even get a little caffeine, I’m up all night … so I settle for smelling it, which is heavenly.

  19. I never throw extra coffee away either! Just like you, I drink some hot and then the rest goes in the fridge for iced coffee! In fact, I’m drinking an iced coffee right now (with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia drops) – so refreshing and delicious! :)

  20. I love your love for coffee! It’s one of the reason I adore your blog! I am crazy about coffee. I really try to stick to 16 oz of iced coffee per day as too much caffeine doesn’t mesh well with my body chemistry. I drink iced coffee year-round – even in the ice cold NY winter. I L.O.V.E. The richer and more full-bodied the coffee the more I love it. Gosh I could go on and on about my love for coffee but I will stop there. Hope you’re enjoying yourself in beautiful Aruba! I stayed at the Hyatt there when I was 11 and it was awesome.

  21. I always make “extra” coffee with the intention of having some for iced coffee the next day but I always end up drinking it all! I didn’t think to freeze them though! I won’t ever toss even my little bit that I have left. Thanks for the tips!

  22. Gotta have my coffee every morning. Dunkin Donuts Dark Blend is my favorite, and thank you for the iced coffee tutorial. I order iced coffee at coffee shops, but for some reason never make it at home. This will change! :)

  23. Coffee ice cubes?! I’m making that! I’m an espresso drinker, so iced coffee always seemed maybe too meh to me – I’ve never tasted it but your pics always made me want to try! I love cold coffee, though, same with my mum, half the coffee while it’s piping hot – the rest when it’s gotten totally cold, haha…

    I used to take my coffee thin with milk – I had an ulcer and when my stomach upset continued I thought that was a good idea. Turns out I’m crazy lactose intolerant, ha! One of nature’s little happy accidents…I always like espresso better than anything so now I am back to straight up single espresso, all black no sugar – yeeees! I am making this the summer I will try your iced coffee with coffee ice cubes. Not yet, though – sitting here in a sweater, will be saving it for when (if?) it gets hot out!

  24. i think you just changed my life with the mention of FREEZING ice coffee into coffee cubes! omg that is so freakin simple and I cannot believe i never thought of it!! yes I love iced coffee and always brew then chill THEN dirnk…never drop cubes into hot coffee, it tastes like watered down somethinggg, but certainly not coffee! thank you for the tips! i love iced coffee and live off of it in the summer time! i usually always have some chilling in my fridge!

  25. During the winter, I was obsessed with hot coffee and coconut cream. Just last week, I became obsessed with iced coffee (with coffee cubes ;) ) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. SO good. And I especially love blending the iced coffee cubes to make a iced coffee slushy ;)

  26. Once again a post that you were nervous about posting (Blogging 101) was very well received by your readers. Hurrah! Love it when that happens.

    I’m not a coffee drinker. In fact, I don’t even like the smell of coffee. More for the rest of you :)

  27. I love, love, love iced coffee too! SO glad its summer because thats my favorite time to drink it!! Definitely going to make some iced coffee cubes :)

  28. Funny that you mention iced coffee…I have been craving them like crazy lately and have been loving making my own, too! Sure, a trip to Starbucks is always a bunch of fun, but making them at home is super easy and doesn’t cost a dime. :D I love Nunaturals in mine!

  29. That looks so darn good. My favorite summertime drink is an iced latte. I actually just by a doppio espresso (double shot of espresso) from Starbucks and make up my own latte at home.

  30. I LOVE iced coffee! Much more than hot coffee. Like you, I could drink it until I get the shakes… or until my tummy starts to protest. So delish! That second pic is perfect and I think you should submit it. :) Iced coffee is so refreshing in warm weather. Something about it… yummm! I think I’ll buy one next time I’m out. Although, Starbucks isn’t nearly as good as Coffeemate or International Delight, lol.

    I noticed that my mom’s ID is made with palm oil, no longer with hydrogenated oils, so that’s a plus! It’s a health food now, LOL. ;)

    1. thanks for lmk which pic you liked! i was going to submit them actually :) and would have but had to make a groc store run, deal with the local bank down here, ya know, “fun” stuff. lol

      submitting is later’s project. :)

  31. I LOVE iced coffee. Sipping on it as a I type actually. I love your idea for the iced coffee iced cubes!

  32. I love iced coffee but it never turns out tasting good when I’m at home. I’ll have to try this!

  33. I can’t stand the stuff, no matter what you do to it. I once had them add extra shots of sweetener, caramel flavoring, anything to try and mask the taste. And ALL I can taste is coffee. My best friend lives on the stuff and one Christmas she got some sort of gingerbread concoction, she swore that she couldn’t taste the coffee at all and it tasted like drinking a gingerbread cookie. I practically spat it out after I tasted it! Gingerbread my butt! It was all coffee. Blech, blech, blech. But caffeine and me do not mix anyway, so I guess it just was not meant to be!

  34. I like coffee but I try not to drink it after 12 so it doesn’t mess with my beauty sleep! My favorites are Joe’s coffee tall dark and handsome or starbucks Komodo dragon, it’s nice and bold with a kind of spicy undertone.

  35. Yummy. I’m not a big coffee drinker (mostly because I just like the “fancy” ones from Starbucks), but this post has made me want a nice coffee! Maybe I’ll make some iced coffees for my husband and I tonight as we hit the road for the weekend!

    You made fancy coffee seems so easy and simple!

  36. I have a cheap espresso maker all I do is brew the espresso and chill, so I can make Iced Caramel Lattes, and it beats paying $3+ for it at the store, plus I use a good italian espresso which makes it all the more better!

  37. Mmmm…. coffee coffee buzz buzz. :) I’m more of a hot coffee fan, especially if it involves espresso!

  38. Have you listened to G.Love’s song “Milk and Sugar”? That’s what this post reminds me of. Check it out – I think it’s your style : )

  39. Mmmm….I never throw my organic coffee away either! I keep a jar in the fridge for leftover coffee for later.

    And I wanted to tell you how much we are loving your Peanut Butter Cup recipe! Thank you!!!

    Have a great day. :)

  40. I know you’re not affected by dairy, but just out of curiosity – have you tried the So Delicious Vanilla or Hazelnut flavored coffee creamer? SO good! Coffee Mate has FAR more fun flavors, but I was pleasantly surprised by So Delicious. ;-)

    1. I tried So Delish about 18 mos ago and yes, for coconut milk, it’s really amazing. It will never Coffeemate, nor will CM ever be SoDelish, but they are both great for what they are. However SoDelish ounce for ounce is alot pricier…as it should be though :)

  41. Hi Averie! i’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first time commenting (so, a “lurker”, as it were). I just wanted to let you know that I made my first biggie banana oat cake yesterday as a snack to take to work, and it was amazing! Super easy and really delicious… frankly, better than any bar I had been thinking about bringing! Thanks!

    1. thanks for delurking and making the biggie banana oat cake and the field report. YAY!!! :)

  42. Really nothing could top the perfect iced coffee. I too drink mine until I get the shakes & very caffeinated. Always those stevia drops in mine- love it really sweet. Never fake ice cubes over here. Always edibles in my photos too :) Have a great day in Aruba!! xo

    1. we can get the shakes ‘n stevia together at our next coffee meetup. :)

  43. Mmmm I love iced coffee! I prefer making them at home because I can use almond milk and whatever sweeteners I want.

  44. Loved your Blogging 101 post, and I’d love to see more on the topic. In particular, I get confused by all the options for widgets and things like FoodGawker, FoodBuzz, etc. Maybe in Blogging 102 or 103 you could do a little one or two sentence synopsis of what each is?

    I’m more of a hot chocolate and iced tea kinda gal (actually, I love hot tea, too). But heck yea, I will sip an iced coffee from time to time. Like you, I take mine sweet and creamy. Yours looks delightful!

    The iced coffee cubes idea is brilliant. You’re like me– you don’t like to let anything good go to waste. Hmmm, could blend those coffee cubes with some milk for a frappuccino like shake! :-)

    1. “Maybe in Blogging 102 or 103 you could do a little one or two sentence synopsis of what each is?”–

      already have plans for some of that :)

      and yes, not wasting anything is me!

  45. I do like coffee but I really haven’t been drinking too much — usually on Sat/Sun mornings I’ll make some, or if we go out for breakfast I’ll definitely have a few cups.

    I have never made my own iced coffee — as silly as this sounds I didn’t know what to do! Now I do!

  46. I have never tried iced coffee actually. I know I don’t like it when my coffee gets cold on me though ;-)

  47. I adore iced coffee! and i must say, your food photos have gotten SO amazing. I normally go for dark moody light in my photos with contrast, but your light and airy pictures look so inviting!

    1. it’s about “making the picture” not just taking it.
      making it inviting and captivating and trying diff things for me. thanks for the compliments.

  48. Averie, thank you so much for the blogging tips! I’m kinda new to blogging, and will be following your helpful pointers! (BTW, I love your directness!) As for coffee, my hubby calls me “leather tongue” because I like my coffee scalding hot! Either that, or ice ice cold. Never in between!! Love looking at your Aruba pics! Have a great weekend!

    1. leather tongue…love it, that would be me b/c like my mom and grandma, we can all drink our coffee RIDIC hot!

  49. I can’t imagine my life without iced coffee. Gosh, I drink at least 2 glasses a day which probably isn’t the greatest because when its hot coffee, all I need is one cup a day. Oh well, it’s only in the summer so I can justify it. :)

    YAY!! So happy I won!! I did get the email from her so I will let you know when they come. Thanks again sweetie.

    1. ok good glad you got the email and i also sent you another copy…yes enjoy and lmk what you get or blog about it…can’t wait to see what you chose!

  50. Oh, yeah, I love iced coffee! I always make the cubes out of decaf so that my drink doesn’t water-down while they’re melting but I don’t get palpitations from excess caffeine. That stuff goes down too easily when I’m hot and thirsty.

  51. I don’t drink coffee (anymore…) but my boyfriend LOVES it so I’m always looking for something to keep at my house for him. He can pund a large one before bed and sleep through the night!

  52. Hell to the yes for French Vanilla Coffeemate! Love the stuff. International Delight Coffeehouse Inspirations creamers are amazing, too. The Vanilla Caramel Creme is the stuff of dreams!

    I love all coffee. I particularly like Peets, Stumptown, and Jim’s Organic, but any well-brewed, strong cup is fine by me.

    My coffee MUST be strong. Iced and hot are equally awesome, as long as it’s strong.

    Love this post! Now I want a second cup :)

  53. I feel like this post was written for me! Hahaha last summer I became obsesseddd with iced coffee and haven’t looked back since! I really love TJ’s gingerbread coffee or just plain coffee. I always add stevia and vanilla soy milk. The funny thing is, I can’t stand hot coffee!

    1. ok that tj’s coffee…whenever i try to brew it (only 3 times) each time it overflowed ALL OVER MY coffee maker and countertop. something about those flakes/flecks/strands IN that coffee my machine cant deal with and it was literally…a HOT MESS everywhere! I want to have that coffee so badly tho…new machine needed to brew it, i guess.

  54. I love coffee too – too bad I dno’t get to drink it all the time or else my stomach would feel like it’s churning 24/7. I used to be a coffee mate addict!!

  55. I have been drinking at least two iced coffees/day for the past 6 years… I’m an addict! No hot coffee for me- for some reason I really don’t like it… My students can see me coming a block away because I’m always holding a cup of iced coffee… In the winter, I walk down the street in the snow a hat, scarf and mittens drinking iced coffee.

    I’ve been really digging Newman’s Own Vanilla Caramel and Green Mountain Hazelnut- both Fair Trade, which is important to me!

    Add soymilk and stevia and I’m good to go! :)

  56. i JUST started drinking coffee in january…and now i love it. s’bux VIA pacs – genius and delicious. i drink it with stevia concentrate, otherwise black. delicious! not sure how/why my taste buds changed, but i AM enjoying coffee!
    have yet to try iced coffee. so i TOTALLY appreciated your “recipe”/tips. esp that liquid stevia is better. i do like a little caffeine jolt in my day, too…!
    enjoy your day! hope it includes lotsa coffee – iced and/or hot!

  57. I absolutely love coffee! every morning I drink coffee not to wake me up butnto enjoy the taste of coffee.
    I drink it with splash of 2% or whole milk and nunaturals. I need to experiment with other creams !

    I don’t drink ice coffee much because it makes me too cold if the weather is not really ot, but I do like the taste of it! :)

    1. I was writing this post when your email/FB post to me came in…you were psychic :)

  58. haha i was making my iced coffee when i was reading this lol Since i open at a gym (and have to get up at 4 am everyday) you better believe that i drink coffee!! I can only drink hot coffee december-february, the rest of the time it has to be cold!! I double brew my spanish expresso coffee to keep it strong when it gets iced. Every morning i make extra and leave it in the fridge for the next day. I love your coffee ice cube idea! if my freezer wasnt stuffed to the brim i would so do that!!

  59. Ooh, I love it! I can also chug iced drinks in the dead of winter, why wouldn’t you, they’re delicious at any time of year, and I can’t do without my hot drinks in summer either :D I’m pleased to say I can drink it endlessly too, as I never get a caffeine rush – it just doesn’t seem to have any effect on me!

    I think your blogging guide post was spot on, I hate plagiarism and the theft of intellectual property, it’s no less theft than somebody stealing your car: the point is, it’s YOURS and you’ve done the work. In fact, it’s possibly worse, because it’s sly: you can prove that your car’s missing and that it was yours in the first place, but with intellectual property it’s much more difficult, and sometimes impossible to prove that it was yours first :(

    1. amen to this “I hate plagiarism and the theft of intellectual property, it’s no less theft than somebody stealing your car: the point is, it’s YOURS and you’ve done the work. ”

      and glad you like your coffee too!

  60. hah, I had to laugh…”As if I’d have the time or desire to do anything else when all I wanted to do was inhale my iced coffee!” because as soon as I read that about the ice cubes my thought was “oh, please. I don’t have the patience for that.” Reason #500 why I could never be a real food photographer :P Yours looks beautiful anyways. No need for fake-ness.
    I, too, am loving my coffee iced lately. It goes down a little too easily, actually! I never remember to brew cups in advance (I have a Keurig so no leftovers, either) but I find it works well for me if I brew a hot cup over ice if I use the “espresso” setting. It makes it really strong, so when it hits the ice and melts some of it, it doesn’t get too watered down.
    My “kick” lately is hazelnut coffee with a almond milk and 6 drops of nunaturals cocoa bean extract. SO GOOD. Straw also mandatory. (LOVE my new copco tumbler thing!)

    1. brew a hot cup over ice if I use the “espresso” setting. It makes it really strong, so when it hits the ice and melts some of it, it doesn’t get too watered down. = NICE trick

      And “hazelnut coffee with a almond milk and 6 drops of nunaturals cocoa bean extract.”– i have tons of that nunaturals C.B.E. and am going to try it in my coffee!

  61. coffee iced cubes?! GENIUS!!!! I loveeeee iced coffee, and will drink a ton and get the jitters, too! It is totally worth it :)