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How has Thursday been for you?  Mine’s been really good because I went shopping!  I’ll fill you in on my finds in just a hot second, but before I get to that, I am sooo glad you enjoyed & appreciated the Readers’ Recipes Tribute Post!


I’ve been wanting an Espresso maker for years.  Recently Miss Meals-n-Moves Janetha had her shiny espresso maker in a post and that kinda sealed the deal that I just had to do it.  So, I did.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond with my trusty stash of 20% off Coupons that I hoard, and had my heart all set on a Breville until the sales guy and I were talking.  The Breville Espresso makers are semi-automatic.  Meaning you have to “tamp” your beans, and basically pretend like you work at Starbucks in your own kitchen.  I didn’t really want to do that.  I also didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a Fully Automatic Espresso Maker.

Well, apparently the Coffee Gods were smiling down on me because there was a massive markdown on this Krups Fully Automatic Espresso Maker, and with my 20% off Coupon, it brought this machine and me into perfect reality & harmony.

Let’s just say when I got it home, I felt a bit like a scientist.  There was a pH strip to test your water’s hardness to tell the machine how much filtration to do.

There’s also a removeable water tank.

There’s a computer that tells you everything you possibly need to know.  This machine is idiot-proof.

That’s the compartment for the beans.

So what have I been making in it?

And it makes coffee by the cup and I love doing that and adding foam from steamed lowfat vanilla almond milk.

And lattes with steamed lowfat vanilla almond milk.

And I have been playing barista after all and making:

Vegan Carmel Macchiatos
Coat your cup with Carmel Sauce

Pour Two Shots of Espresso and Steam some Lowfat Vanilla Almond Milk

Combine the shots & steamed milk, and drizzle Carmel Sauce on top.  Savor every last HFCS drop.  But it’s vegan.  haha!

Carmel Macchiatos are also really good with these Nutridel CookiesI received.

I got the Almond and the Pecan Flavors to Try.  Here’s the Nutrition Info:

The cookies are crunchy, crispy, light, sweet.  The perfect vegan cookie! 
From their site: Our products are 100% natural, contain no additives, preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings or sweeteners of any kind. They are loaded with seeds, grains, nuts, fiber and sweetened with a touch of molasses.
Two thumbs up and can’t wait to buy some of these for myself.  Thanks, Nutridel!

But it hasn’t been all coffee & cookies ’round here, I did make a great salad with greens, cukes, carrots, tomatoes, yellow peppers, and dressed it with balsalmic, EVOO, & cracked black.

Also made myself a kale salad with cauli, brock, asparagus, tomatoes, and dressed that one with my homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

And for dessert, I may have sampled a Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle

And maybe also indulged in a Raw Vegan Peanut Butter CupAhhhh.


And I ate my desserts on Skylar’s plates she painted at our Mommy & Me Pottery Painting event we had last week.   Picasso, no doubt.  I did write her name on the one plate, but everything else is her handywork.  Let’s call Sotheby’s right now!

Yoga Today is Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (One-Legged Upward Facing Bow, or One-Legged Backbend)

Tip of the Day: Have an open mind.  Just because you previously thought that something will be perfect or will never work, the situation may surprise you.  For example, I went to BB &B thinking I was going to get X espresso maker and ended up with Y, and am thrilled with it.  Or, with the holidays coming up, don’t automatically assume that your family will drive you nuts or that they will pick on your diet/lifestyle/choices that are different from theirs, or that there will be drama in some capactity.  There may very will be all of those things, but try going into the situation with an open heart and you may just be surprised that when you’re putting out different energy, you receive different energy back.

What’s your stay sane trick as we’re approaching the holidays?  Mine is not getting caught up in the gift-giving or gift-receiving craziness.  If I want something in July, I buy it.  If I see a cute something for my sister in April, I buy it and send it to her then.  If I am thinking of special friend in September, I send raw treats then.  Basically, I try not to set myself up for gift-giving pressure by spacing things out throughout the year.  A little random, but it works for me to keep me more balanced.  What do you do to stay sane throughout the holiday season?

Stay Tuned For Reader Tribute Post Number 2…

42 comments on “Espresso Maker”

  1. Yummy sweet potato fries.


  2. seriously girl! PUMPKIN donut holes. now you've done it ;)

    haha it's SO hard for me to get my family together for a picture. my brothers are major buttheads and it's like a challenge to get them to take pictures even though they're 25 and 20 haha. one time my mom had to bribe my younger brother just to take a picture. sad i know haha

  3. I do not like having pictures taken of me. It's scary ;)

    Your eats as always look amazing. I want to try your holiday dressing. Sounds so yum!

    I'm making your turtles or pb cups for my dessert. No one in my family is vegan but me so I'm just going to make something special for me so I don't feel left out!

  4. Look at you with all your Thanksgiving creations??? They really all sound delicious and I love the fact that they’re all alternatives to the holiday favorites!! The apple crumble is totally up my alley, especially the streusel topping. But then I saw the curly sweet potato fries and I ALMOST forgot I wanted the apple crumble. hehe

    It’s so cute that Skylar can’t tell the difference between fritos and flax. Hahaha She’s totally set up to grow into a cook food cook like her mama. Wait till she get so middle school and all her packed lunches are so much more fascinating than her classmates. She’ll totally be the coolest girl in school!! (Gotta admit I’m a little jealous. I definitely didn’t have that during my childhood!) Hope you have a terrific thanksgiving Averie!!

  5. Those donut holes look incredible.
    And you're so sweet making Thanksgiving fare for one.
    Even though I'm plenty happy with real meat, I'm secretly hoping tofurkey's go on sale after the holiday because I'm curious how they are, haha/

  6. Hey Avery,

    I've been lurking around your blog ever since you posted on Janetha's blog and I thought I'd drop by now.

    I really like your approach to life (not to mention your yummy raw food pics/recipes!)

    Only thing I'm left confused about now is pumpkin… you can eat it raw? 0_0

  7. I love candid shots the best. I don't think my family and I have ever done a formal picture really. Im more of a in the moment type girl=)

  8. I know my raw panties are definitely not in a bunch! Just pass the pumpkin donut holes, thanks.

    I'm mostly a candid kind of gal. I like funny pics vs. the staged kind. They both have their place though and if everyone is wearing decent clothes, hair brushed, faces wiped off – I do hope to get a nice family pic tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

  9. Oh darlin!
    These eats look wonderful and I can not wait to try these pumpkin balls!! I just beam knowing that I can make all these tasty treats that are healthy!! I love all your wonderful recipes and happy, inspiring way :)

    PS. I almost fell off my seat when I thought you were making tofurkey ;) LOL!!

    Much Love my friend!


  10. please oh please tell me why I wasn't born in to your family? your recipes are so festive and delish! :)

    I am leaving my camera at home for the occasion and really attempting to just focus on the company around me rather than blogging/food/etc. A challenge for sure but it's a slight relief to tell you the truth.

    Have an amazing Thanksgiving girl. I know a certain blonde yoga loving vegan that I am incredibly thankful for this year :) LOVE YOU!

  11. my husband got a glimpse of this post as he walked by and drooled over those sweet potato fries.

  12. Ooo I hope you post your traditional Thanksgiving feast! I'd love to see your cooking skills. Cause obvi- YOU HAVE THEM!

    Happy Thanksgiving Averie, I hope you, Scott and Skylar have a lovely small, intimate Thanksgiving. Enjoy. :)

  13. Living in our area it's so hard not to be tempted by the stores and treats out there but your blog helps a lot. I just recently discovered it. Question: If you do not have a Vita Mix. Is there an alternative? I recently moved and am in search of a blender but not ready to commit to a one yet. Or a completely Raw diet. I also want to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Isn't the weather gorgeous today? Namaste.

  14. Oooh, you just reminded me I have a bag of Raw oats in the pantry so I can try out the apple crumble, yipppeee!!

    Those roasted veggies look soooo good! I can't wait to make them! Give me a month or so and I'll be snapping pictures to show you : ) And that vinaigrette looks so yummy!

    Oh crap! I totally forgot to bring my camera! I'll have to do that when we celebrate at my parents on Saturday. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. The Vegan Pumpkin Donut Holes sound and look amazing!! I actually wrote down the recipe but haven't had time to make them yet..even though they aren't time consuming! Soon though, very soon!

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