Caffeine – Are You Addicted?

I recently won a single bag of Teeccino from Faith’s Give Away

If you’re not familiar with Teeccino, it’s caffeine-free herbal coffee.

“It’s a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee.” source

Now, I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it tastes just like coffee, but it’s definitely more coffee-like than tea-like, which for me, was a bonus.

I only tried one cup, of one flavor, the French Roast.  The taste was bold, a little bitter like coffee is, and hearty.

I will admit, however, that I do like the blast of caffeine that coffee delivers and so not only is the Teeccino not exactly coffee in terms of taste, it’s not coffee in terms of caffeine levels.  Meaning, it has none. If you can get past the caffeine issue, I think the taste is fine.

The Teeccino people suggest weaning off coffee by using 3/4 coffee to 1/4 Teeccino and then reducing your coffee intake and increasing your Teeccino intake until you’re caffeine free.

I am certainly not caffeine free.  And have no intentions of becoming so.

I love coffee and recently did a big Coffee Reviews post where I reviewed a dozen coffees.

Like Smores Coffee

And reviewed a few of my daily go-to coffees

Coffee Review Post Here

And not only do I enjoy caffeine, but if I can combine it with milk and sugar, even better.

Here’s my homemade Vegan Caramel Macchiato recipe

From my last post on Fat Tuesday, it seems most of you are not going out.  It is a Tuesday after all.

I loved hearing about your crazy stories and shenanigans.  However, most of you said you’re much more into being home-bodies than life-of-the-parties.   Interestingly enough, it seemed that many of you would rather be at home watching movies on the couch or creating something in the kitchen than out amidst chaos.   I can’t argue with that.

Dessert: Let’s stick with a caffeine theme.

If you don’t love coffee, but still love chocolate which has caffeine, you could try my Vegan Guiltless & Fast Hot Cocoa Recipe


And if you love chocolate and coffee, you can have both with  Vegan Chocolate Chip Coffee Softserve

Everything is better with chocolate sprinkles, of course.


1. Have you ever tried Teeccino?  Thoughts?

If you’d like to try Teeccino, I’ve got the hookup for you.  “Sign up for their newsletter and get a free Teecino tee-bag in the flavor of your choice.”

2. Are you addicted to caffeine?

No shame in saying, yes, I am.  I get headaches if I go longer than 24 hours without a cup of coffee, and my brain and thinking isn’t as clear or sharp if I am caffeine-deprived.  And yes, I get a little cranky without some caffeine in my system.  I don’t “have to have” coffee in the morning, but after 24 hours of being caffeine-free or not having any cofee, I do really begin to miss it and want it.

3. Would you like to be caffeine-free?

No, I really don’t care and have no plans to become caffeine-free.

Why would anyone want to be caffeine-free?

Well here are a few pros and cons from this site:

    Pro: Energy 

  1. Caffeine’s most obvious benefit is that it can impart increased energy and improve mood. Those who only consume caffeine infrequently get a better boost than those who consume regularly.
  2. Con: The Jitters

  3. Drinking too much caffeine can cause the user to feel nervous and may interfere with sleep. Caffeine, even in smaller doses, can worsen symptoms in those prone to anxiety or panic attacks.
  4. Pro: Memory Boost

  5. The Mayo Clinic reports that various studies have shown that caffeine can temporarily boost performance on memory tasks. Long term, caffeine consumption may help decrease the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and other related memory loss problems.
  6. Con: Caffeine Withdrawal

  7. Regularly consuming multiple servings of caffeine per day can lead to dependence. When you discontinue using caffeine, you may experience headache, fatigue and irritability for a day or two.
  8. Pro: Antioxidants

  9. The antioxidants that accompany caffeine in many drinks such as green tea and coffee, are linked with health benefits. These antioxidants may help reduce inflammation in the body and lessen the risks for cancer and heart diseases.
  10. Con: Digestive Tract Problems

  11. Caffeine can cause or worsen digestive tract problems such as upset stomach and acid reflux.

As with anything in life, it’s a mixed bag and one study will come out saying a glass of red wine is good for you, another will say no, avoid alcohol entirely.  Same with caffeine.

Or like in my Zodiac & Astrology post, if you look hard enough for reasons or signs, you can always find some data or study or information that will support/refute your own personal bias.

It’s a balancing act and moderation for me.  A cup or two of coffee a day is what I have, and I set two cups as my daily limit.  Period. I enjoy my cup or two, but when that’s done, I’m done.

And I will always reach for coffee over tea.  I just love the taste of coffee.  Tea is nice, I like it.  Coffee is wonderful, I love it.

Where do you stand with caffeine?  Is tea any “better” than coffee in your opinion?


75 comments on “Caffeine – Are You Addicted?”

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  2. I love coffee, but I don’t need the caffeine … I am fine with decaf, and some days I don’t have coffee at all. I really enjoy the taste and the comfort of the warm drink though. It is MUCH better than tea.

  3. Another benefit of caffeine is that some studies show it reduces pain from physical exertion. So I’ll sometimes have some tea before a particularly challenging workout.

    My stance on caffeine, coffee in particular, is mixed. The first coupla times I ever had coffee: Holy CRAP! My reaction was so over-the-top I felt like a crackhead. LOL! Heart palpitations, the jitters, nervousness, and up all freakin’ night.

    Of course it didn’t help that I consumed it much later in the day, like around 5 PM. Duh!

    Now I can have coffee at a reasonable hour and not have any crazy reaction. The boost ranges from mild to serious. My naturopath told me to avoid coffee, so I have it maybe twice a month.

    With tea, I drink it almost daily and love it. Iced, hot, black, green, white, herbal. I love many teas except fruit-based teas. Never got into those too much. I guess my love of tea makes sense, as I grew up drinking it twice over: sweet iced tea in Texas, and with all of my extended fam, because in Persian culture, hot tea is a big deal. Yum!

  4. Have you ever tried Teeccino?
    No, but it sound great, I’ll have to look for it…

    Are you addicted to caffeine?
    Yes in particular regular lattes from starbucks

    Would you like to be caffeine-free?
    I wouldn’t mind. At one point in the past, I use to drink too much coffee, but not I have it under control, so once again it’s a pleasure instead of a really addiction!

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  8. I’ve never tried Teeccino and probably won’t b/c I’m betting it’s not in Canada. I like coffee and tea equally, though so I bet it would be good. As for being addicted to caffeine, I def need my thermos of coffee (2-3 cups) in the morning, but then usually switch to herbal teas. If I don’t get my morning coffee I can be quite the cranky pants for sure! ;) And I don’t see becoming caffeine free anytime time soon. No reason for it, IMO…

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  10. I don’t think that I have an addiction to coffee. I take one or two cups of coffee during the day, but I like to change sometimes and take a cup of hot chocolate instead. After reading about the negative effects of coffee, I think, I’m going to replace it for another drink that’s more natural, like orange juice or something.

    Thanks for the information.



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