Thursday Things

Time for this week’s Thursday Things:

1. My iPhone case bit the dust. I didn’t “do” anything to it but the plastic on the front lower portion cracked.

I had the photo on file, this is pre-crack

2. I was at Best Buy and bought a Lifeproof case to replace the cracked case.


It’s shockproof, dirtproof, snowproof, waterproof, drop-proof, basically break-proof from your life, hence the name.

You can go swimming with it. Yes, you can submerge your phone and go swimming while listening to your iTunes with your phone in this case. I will not try that, nor will I be pitching my phone across the room on purpose, but after seeing my other case develop a crack from doing “nothing”, I figured I should protect my phone more seriously. It would be my luck with just a few months left before I’m eligible for an upgrade that something fluke-ish would happen.

3. Now that I bought an $80 dollar case, cough cough, I know crazy, my phone will live on for at least 12 more years in perfect condition. Murphy’s Law.

4. After spending too much money on something so lackluster (kind of like getting new tires or a new roof), one should console themselves with Crack Pie.

5. Have you ever gone to leave a blog comment or filled in an online webform and there is a drop-down menu of every email address, screen name, or mailing address you’ve ever used, some of which are outdated and you wish you could get rid of them because they’re cluttering up the field?

I figured out how to erase them on a Mac:

Highlight the item you want to remove with your mouse (just roll over it so it’s highlighted), then use the SHIFT and DELETE keys and it will vanish.

It’s like virtual spring cleaning. Love it. And now I don’t have to see email addresses I don’t use anymore or street addresses from 4 years and 4 moves ago.

6. For everyone who loves (loved) Picnik, the last day is today, April 19, 2012.

Another one bites the dust.

7. When I was in San Francisco last week at BlogShop, a fellow attendee told me she uses PicMonkey and likes it.

It’s ironic that someone who was trying to learn Photoshop (the pricey, totally customizable, complicated program) was using this free, template-based, fairly straightforward app.

I like the way she thinks.

8. Does springtime put you in the mood for new dishes?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be spring to put me in the mood for new dishes. Dishes and housewares shopping knows no season.

9. 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break – Over-mixing, overheating, over-stirring, among others.

10. Don’t overmix anything with flour. It turns out tough rather than fluffy.

You want these nice and fluffy.

What are your Thursday Things? Anything new, noteworthy, fun, exciting that you’ve done, seen, or made?

Link it up in the comments.

What are your thoughts on phone cases? Absolutely necessary, possibly necessary depending on the person, not necessary and a waste?

If you have a case you love, link it up.

Most cases I see don’t actually protect the screen and the front of the phone.

But it’s never the back of the phone that I see damaged: it’s the front screen that’s cracked and looks like a punched-out windshield. Eeek.

I opted for something that totally covers the front of the phone, not just the back. Who knows on this type of thing.

Thanks for the Vita Coco Coconut Water Giveaway entries. Winner announced Friday.


  1. I have a major insurance plan on my phone….I feel like I’m going to break it every darn day. I think the case is probably well worth it. Totally going to check out picmonkey!

  2. I got a cool white grippy case for my phone which is awesome because it never slips out of my back pocket (the way my last phone went to pieces…)
    The white however was a bad choice. Especially putting said white case in my guatemalan shoulderbag (hand dyed, unwashed) so it turned pink. Then I took it to the color festival…. Bad choice.
    Poor phone is now caseless….Oops!

  3. Love it when I figure out handy little tricks like that for the computer. Sometimes it’s just the little things ;-)

  4. I LOVE Fiestaware! They are made in WV where I was raised. While I now live in a different state, I have Fiestaware dishes in my apartment that I use daily. My family still live in WV, so every time I sit down to eat, the dishes makes me feel like I have a little piece of home with me. Because you can’t have just one color of fiestaware, I have Red, Turquious, and Black…and a few odds and ends in White. My mom has almost every color it seems.
    Fiestaware is so much fun to mix and match. But I especially love how they make food presentation in our blog photos simply “pop”.
    Great post!

  5. Averie, you are such a great person to be around, you know that, right?! :) I still “hear” hesitation about Photoshop. Well, when you learn how to use it, it’ll flow. NO, spring doesn’t put me in the mood for a new dishes; every season puts me in the mood for a new dishes, actually, make it every month! :) Love to be around beautiful things, and because I spent so much time in the kitchen, I love to be around beautiful things in the kitchen. That includes dishes and everything else.
    What monkey? Pic? Does it jump? :) No haven’t used it, but going to check it.

    • Awww, thanks for the sweet comment, Marina! You made my day and yes, major PS hesitation. No, scratch that…out and out confusion is more like it :) I’ve got Lightroom and that’s my thing and I’m going to stick with that!

    • That’s the best way to go! Guess what? Thanks to you, I am finally off the auto mode on my camera, and have been playing with the different ISO (for now). I am so excited (like jump on the bed excited!) that I am making a baby steps in my photo adventure! If you live closer, no, if I live closer, yes, that’s better… ok, if I live closer to you, I would take you for coffee or lunch! Maybe one day…:)

  6. Considering the number of times I’ve dropped my phone in elevator shafts, toilets (three times!), out my window (don’t ask), and in frustration against a wall, I need both a case and scuba diving outfit for my phone. A must.

  7. My mom had that case and didn’t like it – I like that it protects the phone so much without being too bulky.

  8. I just bought an iphone and got an otter box case which are said to be one of the better protection brands apparently. It only has a thin sticky film over the screen though, so it leaves me a little nervous. Thanks for sharing that photo template programs- I definetely will be giving that a try!

  9. Thanks for the tip on deleting the old email addresses. That drives me nuts. And I love Fiestaware – I have two big dishes, little dishes, bowls and mugs of turquoise, tangerine, light yellow, rose, and light blue (the last three are retired), and a bunch of serving dishes.

    I bought an Otterbox when my actual iPhone got a crack in it with still a year left before I was eligible for an upgrade. One of the occupational hazards of being the mom of a toddler, I guess.

  10. i have heard picmonkey is good! i’m looking for a replacement for my beloved picnik that is shutting down this week :( love the iphone case!

  11. Ok, that phone case looks awesome! I esspecially like that it covers up where you plug it in! Whenever my baby gets ahold of my phone that is the first place she sticks her tounge! haha.

  12. You can go SWIMMING with the case?! Wow. Now if only they could make waterproof headphones, that would make for a great swimming workout!

    I love the colourful dishes!

  13. I love my iphone case – for $4 on amazon and it looks like a nintendo gameboy. I also have one that looks like a cassette tape. They are silcone and don’t cover the front though. I have a screen protector, but it isn’t solid. I’ve dropped my phone more times than I can remember and it’s a beast. (Knock on wood.)

    I’m actually thinking about getting new dishes and I’ve always loved the bright fiestaware. I have glass cabinets in my new kitchen too, so i need to get pretty and nice looking ones. I’m going for a vintage-y 50s style kitchen, I think. The floor is this jade green color with white cabinets and black counters, so I think it just makes sense. Plus, I love that look. I’ve ordered a couple of those old style coffee signs for decoration. ;)

  14. I love that Picmonkey and will probably go a little crazy with it now. Thanks for posting a link to that. :D

  15. I have a totally low-key phone. It’s not even a smartphone. I had to have a Blackberry at my old job, but once I started my new job I went back to an early-2000s-type phone that is pretty much just a phone. So, I don’t have a fancy phone cover because my phone is worth less than a cover! I have to admit that every now and then I wish I had something higher-tech, like an Iphone, but I get over it pretty quickly :) Right now I’m pining for a Kindle or other electronic book-reader….drool.

  16. I have a cheap phone without a case, but when I get a new one (probably an I-phone), I’ll definitely get a nice case for it! I love the mix and match possibilities of the Fiestaware!

  17. I am just licking my fingers after dipping cake batter truffles in white chocolate.
    So amazing!

  18. My iPhone case cracked too! I can’t stomach spending $80 on a new case though. Isn’t that case bulky?

  19. I love picmonkey! I think it’s just picnik with a different name. Thank gawd! Although, picnik is still working even though they said it would end on the 19th. I’m pretty sure that was yesterday ;)

  20. That’s a very interesting phone case. I have a bad habit of taking my phone with me in the bathroom while bubble bathing. I’m always afraid I’ll drop it in the tub. I’m thinking a case like that would make me feel more at ease.

    Also, that pie looks GOOD! Oh my yum!

  21. I do a lot of picture collages for my personal blog, just using photoshop, but I should check out Pic Monkey. It would probably save me tonsof time!

    • Sooooo much. It’s like making pasta noodles from scratch vs. using pre-made. There’s a time and a place to crack open that box of noodles and not reinvent the wheel :) Then again, after my post last week about my PS workshop I went on, me and PS just aren’t clicking. Lol

  22. That sucks about your phone! I still have the “old-school” flip phone that is beat to heck. I’m constantly dropping it, so I’m a bit scared to get a fancier phone. I would be the one who want to claim that “nothing” happened to it, when I totally just dropped it again, lol.

  23. Great list, bummer about the iPhone case and wow on the cost of the replacement! I have a $35 Speck Candy Shell that’s survived a few wipeouts already. Love the dishes, I have those and it’s so fun mixing the solid bright colors.

  24. LOVE those dishes!! Checking that site out NOW! I am obsessed with colour this season.

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