Thursday Things

Time for this week’s Thursday Things:

1. My iPhone case bit the dust. I didn’t “do” anything to it but the plastic on the front lower portion cracked.

I had the photo on file, this is pre-crack

2. I was at Best Buy and bought a Lifeproof case to replace the cracked case.

It’s shockproof, dirtproof, snowproof, waterproof, drop-proof, basically break-proof from your life, hence the name.

You can go swimming with it. Yes, you can submerge your phone and go swimming while listening to your iTunes with your phone in this case. I will not try that, nor will I be pitching my phone across the room on purpose, but after seeing my other case develop a crack from doing “nothing”, I figured I should protect my phone more seriously. It would be my luck with just a few months left before I’m eligible for an upgrade that something fluke-ish would happen.

3. Now that I bought an $80 dollar case, cough cough, I know crazy, my phone will live on for at least 12 more years in perfect condition. Murphy’s Law.

4. After spending too much money on something so lackluster (kind of like getting new tires or a new roof), one should console themselves with Crack Pie.

5. Have you ever gone to leave a blog comment or filled in an online webform and there is a drop-down menu of every email address, screen name, or mailing address you’ve ever used, some of which are outdated and you wish you could get rid of them because they’re cluttering up the field?

I figured out how to erase them on a Mac:

Highlight the item you want to remove with your mouse (just roll over it so it’s highlighted), then use the SHIFT and DELETE keys and it will vanish.

It’s like virtual spring cleaning. Love it. And now I don’t have to see email addresses I don’t use anymore or street addresses from 4 years and 4 moves ago.

6. For everyone who loves (loved) Picnik, the last day is today, April 19, 2012.

Another one bites the dust.

7. When I was in San Francisco last week at BlogShop, a fellow attendee told me she uses PicMonkey and likes it.

It’s ironic that someone who was trying to learn Photoshop (the pricey, totally customizable, complicated program) was using this free, template-based, fairly straightforward app.

I like the way she thinks.

8. Does springtime put you in the mood for new dishes?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be spring to put me in the mood for new dishes. Dishes and housewares shopping knows no season.

9. 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break – Over-mixing, overheating, over-stirring, among others.

10. Don’t overmix anything with flour. It turns out tough rather than fluffy.

You want these nice and fluffy.

What are your Thursday Things? Anything new, noteworthy, fun, exciting that you’ve done, seen, or made?

Link it up in the comments.

What are your thoughts on phone cases? Absolutely necessary, possibly necessary depending on the person, not necessary and a waste?

If you have a case you love, link it up.

Most cases I see don’t actually protect the screen and the front of the phone.

But it’s never the back of the phone that I see damaged: it’s the front screen that’s cracked and looks like a punched-out windshield. Eeek.

I opted for something that totally covers the front of the phone, not just the back. Who knows on this type of thing.

Thanks for the Vita Coco Coconut Water Giveaway entries. Winner announced Friday.

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  1. LOVE those dishes!! Checking that site out NOW! I am obsessed with colour this season.

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