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I recently received a case of Vita Coco coconut water.


I love coconut water and could drink it every day. If you’ve never had coconut water, it’s not nearly as strongly or intensely flavored as coconut milk.

Think water, that’s slightly sweet, with just a hint of coconut flavor so even if you don’t “love” coconut (we need to work on that though) you will probably still enjoy coconut water.


It’s so refreshing and has many benefits.

In this post, I recounted some of the many benefits and little factoids about coconut water.

For instance, coconut water is identical to human blood plasma and is a universal donor.

In the Pacific War in the 1940s they used coconut water as blood plasma infusions for the wounded soldiers when human blood plasma was in short supply. Food trivia at its finest.

These individually portioned cartons are perfect for me and come in handy to toss in my purse or into lunches.

Some of my favorite ways to use coconut water other than just drinking it include:

Coconut Water Sports Drink (vegan, GF) –  aka, Natural homemade Gatorade because of all the wonderful electrolytes and rebalancing properties of coconut water.


Coconut Milk Kefir (vegan, GF) A three ingredient countertop recipe that uses coconut water, coconut milk, and a starter. You don’t have to “do” anything other than put the three ingredients in a bowl on your countertop and wait for fermented fun times to ensue.

Coconut Milk Kefir

Coconut Milk Kefir

Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch – Coconut water is great for rebalancing the body and replenishing electrolytes because it’s high in potassium so after heavy exercise, heavy exertion, or heavy drinking, coconut water is fabulous.

Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch

Drinking coconut water with your wine or champagne is what I like to think of as good preventative medicine.

Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch

If you’re a coconut fan in general, here are all my coconut oil, coconut water, coconut recipes

This coconut dessert (below) is one of my all-time favorites and is included with the other coconut recipes

Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars

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  1. other than water my top favorite beverages are … coconut water, carrot juice, then…ice tea

  2. I love coconut water blended with a little pineapple and watermelon, sooo refreshing after a hot summer run!

  3. I really only drink plain water (maybe with some lemon) and coconut water. Coconut water with pineapple is my FAVORITE!!!

  4. I love coconut water…. It reminds me of being in India. My favorite drink though is coffee (common theme from looking at other comments!)

  5. I would have to say strawberry milk. When I was a child, my mother would serve me a warm mug of that on nights when I had trouble falling asleep. It is simply delicious and brings back fond memories.

  6. I have Vita Coco with kale, cucumber, banana, lemon, spinach smoothie. Doesn’t sound so nice but great for a detox of the body!

  7. definitely kombucha.. so expensive though, been getting supplies together so i can brew my own soon :)

  8. Mostly water (8-12 cups a day) and coffee (1-3 cups a day). Yummy!

    This is my one entry for the kiddo because she LOVES coconut water.

  9. I drink Vita Coco every day. It’s my gym drink staple; 1/3 Vita Coco, 2/3 water. A natural way to balance your electrolytes

  10. I LOVE VITA COCO! It was my miracle beverage when I was sick. Also, GT’s Kombucha is favorite:)

  11. As much as I work out, I just don’t like water. Plain water never appeals to me. I stay hydrated by eating fruits and vegetables for the most part. I do enjoy my 32 oz. blue Powerade Zero for spin class. And I just recently tried Gatorade 2G because my gym’s new healthy vending machines have flavored waters, G2, coconut water, and some other sporty beverages. Vita Coco is my favorite coconut water. I’ve tried them all. Vita Coco is one of the few that isn’t a concentrate. I prefer the original, plain variety to the flavored versions. But coconut water is invigorating. I work hard and I play hard…Vita Coco definitely helps me recover from a night out so I can rock the day ahead. It’s a great source of potassium. Much more effective than a sports drink, hands down!

  12. I trained for my first marathon last spring with coconut water and decreased most of my runnin related tummy troubles. I was sold! I mostly use it in smoothies but will have to get more creative I see!

  13. Favorite beverage besides water? I’d have to say tea, and I include kombucha in that category.

  14. I love coconut water! The first time I tried it, I wasn’t a fan but, one time when I was ill, I drank it for nutrients and, lo and behold, have loved it ever since.

  15. Hands down, my favorite coconut recipe to date is simply taking your PB cup recipe and replacing the nut butter with shredded coconut mixed with a hint of agave. Instant mounds bar! <3

  16. I LOVE coconut anything. Almond joy, pina coladas, milk, ice cream, or just plain right out of the coconut itself :)

  17. I’ve never tried coconut water but the little boy I nanny for drinks coconut milk occasionally and I’ve tried that!

  18. I like green smoothies.
    It just so happens I bought my first coconut
    water today before seeing your post. I love
    coconut, so what’s not to like:)

  19. When I was little I talked my mom into bringing home a coconut fromt he store which we promptly cracked open to drink the water from. Delish.

  20. I have never tried coconut water. Not even sure I have seen it in stores (wasn’t relly looking for it). Would definietly like to try it.

  21. I am obsessed with coconut water, especially the fruit flavored ones. My wallet doesn’t love this obsession though :)

  22. Pretty much the only thing I drink other than water is an adult beverage ;) So…I’d have to say whipped cream vodka with Oj!

  23. Coconut water was my life line when I ran my first marathon! I chugged a VitaCoco after I hit my wall and it definitely helped revive me!!!

  24. I love cocnut water!
    An coconut, and anything coconut flavor. It has to be my favorite fruit.

    I’d be so excited to win some of these since I can never justify buying them because of the price of them!

  25. I really like coconut water, but it’s expensive here so I don’t get to indulge often. Love your blog!

  26. Besides water…my mix of BCAA and Glutamine. Also, I have tried coconut water and love the ones with the additional fruit flavors.

  27. I tried the mango flavored Zico brand of coconut water and really liked it – would love to try this brand!

  28. I have tried another brand of coconut water (no flavor) and really like it. I have been interested in trying some other brands and flavors too. Great giveaway!

  29. One great thing to drink inthe summer is watermelon juice like the kind you get at a mexican food stand. Fabulous with vodka too!

  30. I love coconut water, but I’ve always been wary of trying flavored varieties. I may need to change that.

  31. I love coconut water! I always drink it when I get the chance, but I rarely buy. Too expensive for a poor college student! I love the champagne punch idea… I need to try that asap :)

  32. I don’t live in the US so this isn’t an official entry but I just had to say… coconut water and champagne punch!?! Yes please!

  33. i’ve tried pre-packaged coconut water but my favorite way to drink it is straight from a freshly cracked open coconut, though i do not open one very often.

  34. I really like to drink hot tea. I haven’t had the best experience with coconut water, but I’m curious to try the flavored ones!

  35. Fun giveaway! Other than water (and coffee!), Diet Coke…but I try not to drink it that much.

  36. Already following you on instagram, but just followed you on Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, and VitaCoco on twitter and FB as well! I am SO happy that you have a Pinterest, I followed so many of your boards and could spend all day repinning you!

    Thanks so much for the great blog, very inspirational!

  37. Besides water, club soda or seltzer water does the trick for me. Coconut water is great to use in protein shakes.

  38. I also follow you on Instagram now that it’s out for Android. My first Instagram pic was (no lie) a pic of my coconut juice !! hahaha

  39. I love all things coconut ! Especially coconut water/juice/milk ! I was first introduced as a kid, at a Thai restaurant, and thought it was the coolest drink ever because it had coconut pieces/pulp floating around in it, DELICIOUS. My current favorite is the Mira Azul Coconut Juice bottles, with pulp ! I drink them post workout (: !

  40. I actually don’t like Coconut but I do add Vita Cost Coconut Water to my Green Smoothie every morning. I get the benefits of drinking it without the flavor. It’s a win-win!

  41. I looove coconut water! I’ve never tried Vita Coco but would love to ;) The other day I actually made my oatmeal with it instead of milk/water combo I usually do. It was terrific!

  42. I love hot tea.. right now, I’m chamomile! Also love a good black tea with some cream/milk and little bit of sugar!
    Coconut water is sooo good, great on a hot day or after a workout!!

  43. Already following you on twitter and tweeted the giveaway, of course (@damn_delicious). Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Averie!

  44. I’ve actually never had coconut water before but I’ve heard rave reviews about it. If I had to choose a favorite beverage, it has to be something really bad for you – like a Nutella milkshake! :)

  45. My favorite beverage is Cocomint green tea from Adagio. It has a perfect, subtle, and naturally sweet chocolatey minty flavor, and I love that it is good for me :)
    I actually had coconut water for the first time last summer when I was in the Philippines. My stepmom bought them by the crate-full and we’d pretty much crack one open every afternoon. I LOVE all things coconut. One of my all-time favorite flavors :)

  46. My all time favorite drink used to be Propel but they changed the formula and all I taste now is the artificial sweetner. I’m embarasse to say I drink a lot of cola. So so bad I know. I’ve been thinking about trying coconut water but wasn’t sure which one to try. This would be a great opportunity to give it a good try. Thanks Averie

  47. Coconut water is my life source when traveling. Seriously… I get so dehydrated on planes and so I always grab the big container of this stuff (Vita Coco with pineapple is my fav!) and down it on flights.

  48. Coffee! I’ve been recently saving my old coffee in the fridge, adding some unsweetened almond milk, ice, and a few drops of vanilla stevia for my afternoon coffee! Would love to try the coconut water :)

  49. Margaritas!! But when I’m being a tad more healthy ;) KeVita Probiotic Drinks, especially in flavors mango COCONUT and lemon ginger. truly refreshing and delicious :) thanks for all your inspriring posts!

  50. I love coconut water! So refreshing and hydrating. I’m also a fan of sparkling water and iced tea. Back on the wagon with kicking my Diet Coke habit. :-)

  51. My favorite beverage other than water is probably chai tea. It has such a nice spice flavor to it that is delicious either hot or iced!

  52. I follow you on Pinterest and I repinned your white and dark chocolate cream cheese chocolate cake bars!

  53. I am not a big fan of coconut water, although I do like all other things “coconut”. My favourite beverages besides water are red wine and Guinness :-)

  54. One of my favorite beverages other than water is Kombucha! I love coconut water too. I’ve never tried any flavored coconut waters though!

  55. I love coconut water! Lately I’ve been using coconut water instead of regular water to make oatmeal and overnight oats. Delicious!

  56. I love chia drinks. I’ve never had coconut water before but I’d love to try it!

  57. I would love to win some coconut water! I am training for a 3rd half marathon this year and plan on besting my PR by no less than 5 minutes so I need the proper fuel. Love your posts as they always inspire me.

  58. pintrest follow you and repinned your cinnamon bun pie……also made it and the husband ended up eating it all!

  59. I don’t drink much other than water but I do love an iced passion tea lemonade from starbucks!! yumo!!

  60. A few years ago (I won’t date myself) I was on Spring Break in Cozumel with some friends when we spotted a local splitting coconuts and selling them. Curious, we walked over and he gave us a free sample. To this date, it was the best coconut water I’ve ever tried. Delicious.

  61. Favorite beverage other than water = hot tea (black, preferably Earl Grey) with a touch of soymilk. I drink it constantly. I have tried coconut water but I bought a not-great brand and ended up not liking it. It had chunks of coconut in it and the texture grossed me out. I would love to try a better, high-quality coconut water.

  62. I LOVE cutting my regular water with VitaCoco water for the gym – I consider it an essential refuel as I’m sweating buckets! I also use it in my protein shakes when I feel like switching things up from the usual Almond Milk…the Mango flavor is my faaaaavorite :)

  63. I really like coconut water right out of a coconut so this drink must be delicious. i would think vita coco would be great with a strawberry- banana combination smoothie. yummy.

  64. hmmm… in no particular order (because it would be like asking me to pick a favorite child): iced soy latte, coconut water, kombucha (followed by a nice, cold gin and tonic!).

  65. I am obsessed with coffee. Actually, I think I’m addicted… whoops! Anyways I LOVE coconut water, it is so great for hydrating me after a workout!

  66. Favorite beverage other than straight up water has to be hot coffee!
    i’ve never tried coconut H20 and would be excited to try it.