Sprinklebakes Cookbook Giveaway

I have been waiting for the release of Heather Baird’s cookbook, Sprinklebakes, for what feels like an eternity.

Heather is the mastermind behind some of the most creative, beautiful, and awe-inspiring desserts I have ever seen.

From No-Bake Strawberry Milk Cheesecake


To Peanut Butter Mousse in Tuile Cookie Spoons, the way her brain works and what she comes up with just blows me away.

I think of her as a food artist who has surgeon’s hands. I am amazed as how she pulls some of these things off!

She also photographs her food with such amazing talent and skill that I literally drool over recipes such as Coca-Cola Cupcakes and Salted Peanut Butter Frosting while gazing at the stunning images.

Her cookbook was just released on May 1 and it’s chock full of amazing new recipes, coupled with her gorgeous photography.

You want this book. You need this book.

One lucky reader will win a copy of Heather’s book, Sprinklebakes

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1. What’s the most beautiful food you’ve ever made? (links welcome)


What is your favorite dessert of all time? (links welcome)

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  1. i follow Averie Sunshine on Instragram!
    Inst. name: illyjaan

  2. I don’t make pretty food – but it’s usually tasty. My all-time favorite dessert is an Oreo milkshake with real milk, real ice cream, Oreos, and freshly whipped cream. HEAVEN! It’s a very rare day that I indulge in one of these.

  3. Anything with lots and lots of chocolate.

  4. my favorite dessert of all time would have to be fudgy browmies. yumm.

  5. i also like averie cooks on fb

  6. Wow everything is so pretty!!
    I’m pretty proud of few of the cakes I’ve made in the past.. I love decorating cakes, it’s fun!

  7. My favorite dessert of all times is frozen pina colada cake… its so delicious!

  8. Nutty Coconut Ice Cream Cake

  9. I facebook like averie cooks!

  10. the most beautiful thing I have ever baked was an anniversary cake for my parents 25th. purple and white flowers on a white and chocolate iced checkered layer cake

  11. Hey Averie! I’d have to say the prettiest thing I ever made was a simple raspberry tart: http://thebitesizebaker.blogspot.com/2012/04/petite-raspberry-tarts.html. Nothing beats the beauty of fruit!

  12. My favorite dessert I’ve ever had was a raspberry custard pie at a little Amish restaurant in Indiana. I’ve never had anything as amazing since then!

  13. Looks gorgeous! I am recently obsessed with beautiful desserts and this book would be fantastic!

  14. Pingback: Marshmallows

  15. My favorite dessert of all time that I made was a dark chocolate, strawberry ganache tart…but my favorite to enjoy is caramel, macadamia nut cheesecake…heavenly and oh so sinful

  16. my favorite dessert is molten chocolate cake!

  17. I like you on Facebook!

  18. I like you on Facebook!

  19. I like SprinkleBakes on Facebook!

  20. Favorite dessert of all time would have to be a creme brûlée with extra crunchy sugar or a chocolate soufflé. Yummm, French desserts!

  21. anything chocolatey! although carrot cake is pretty amazing too

  22. I love cake and I like to make cakes. I think the most beautiful one I’ve ever made was a raspberry white chocolate cake with white chocolate curls all over the cake.

  23. Brownies are my favorite dessert, hands down!

  24. The most beautiful dessert I have ever made is rainbow-colored home-made macarons. It took so many times to get it right, but the result was worth it.

  25. My most favorite dessert of all time? My grandmother’s chocolate chip pan cookies. I die.

  26. The most beautiful dessert I ever made was a dark chocolate cupcake with peanut butter pretzel filling. Tasted horrible but looked great!

  27. I liked Averie Cooks on FB.

  28. I FB like Sprinklebakes!

  29. Creme brulee is probably my favorite dessert, and I make a killer coconut version. Yum.

  30. Liked SprinkleBakes on FB

  31. Liked Averie Cooks on FB!

  32. Followed on Pinterest and repinned the homemade tootsie rolls (!)

  33. The most beautiful food I ever made was raw lasagna.

  34. Ice cream cake. Smooth ganache on top, beautiful layers seen when it was cut. Gorgeous.

  35. I am adoring those Coca Cola cupcakes! But, this Atlanta gal might be slightly biased :)

    I wish I had surgeon hands like Heather! My dessert decorating skills need *a lot* of work.

    My fav dessert of all time: strawberry pie!

  36. I’m following Sprinklebakes on Twitter.

  37. My fave dessert is strawberry cake. I always ask my parents for it every year on my birthday.

  38. My favorite dessert is chocolate cream pie.

  39. I think the fruit trays I make are probably the most beautiful thing I make. I love all the colors!

  40. I love any oozy gooey dessert!

  41. I like you on facebook

  42. My favorite dessert is probably a brownie with thick fudgy frosting!

  43. Rich decadent cheese cake or a very dense brownie with real chocolate. Anything over the top or overwhelming. I love dessert and beautiful food.

  44. Denise Parkinson Reply

    1. My Mostest beautiful food and my favorite dessert of all time,
    Raspberry – Pink Lemonade Torte – w/ White chocolate mousse!
    Fresh raspberries top this yummy, yummy beautifully layered dessert.
    Incredible refreshing taste!

  45. I think the most beautiful food I ever made was a red quinoa summer salad. The red quinoa was a lovely contrast against the brightness of the summer veggies and mango slices tossed inside. It was so fun to look at . . .and more fun to eat!

  46. I “like” you on Facebook!

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