Good Afternoon friends!  How’s the humpy day goin’ so far?  I am sooooo glad you’re all diggin’ the Raw Vegan Cheesecake I posted earlier.  To answer some random questions….cashews I think are best because they are a soft nut and lend well to blending and making a nice creamy filling.  Macadamias may also work but almonds…nah, I probably wouldn’t.  Not to mention, the dark skin on almonds would make the creamy visual look of the cheesecake have a lil more of a sandpaper look and that’s not quite as perrr-dey.   

This is pretty if I do say so myself.  Raw Vegan Cheesecake Goodness at it’s Finest.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake in container with slice cut out

And I’m also glad my appliance pep talk at the end of the post is helpin’ out.  Woot!

This morning I popped a load o’ nanners in the Magic Box.  The house smells so yummy.  I also tried a few baby carrots cuz as you may recall from last time, my thinly sliced carrots were a shrivel fest.

Sliced bananas on dehydrator trays

I also made an Acai Berry Smoothie with some Acai Power Powder I received from Navitas Naturals.  I used some TJ’s lowfat vanilla almond milk, 1 Tbsp Acai Power Powder, dash of agave, dash of stevia, 1/2 of a frozen nanner and blended.

Container of Organic Almond Milk and Package of Acia Powder

Yumm.  I love that I can get in on the Acai Craze without paying for an HFCS-spiked beverage with imitation acai that you find in some of those juice places.  TWSS.

Glass of Acai Berry Smoothie

Also roasted up some veggies.  Used coconut oil today vs. the last time I roasted veggies I used EVOO.  Coconut oil also makin’ the house smell yumm.

Here’s 1 sweet potato cut up into fry slivers and a dozen baby carrots.  2 Tbsp Coconut Oil, S & P, and a dash of ground ginger…Roasted covered for a half hour at 400F Convection.

Glazed sliced sweet potatoes and baby carrots in foil lined pan

 And then uncovered for another 20 mins.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Carrots in foil lined pan out of oven

Voila.  Very fall-like.  Yeah, it’s only 90F here so falls a comin’.

Close up of Roasted Sweet Potatoes on foil lined pan

What’s your fave thing to do once cooler weather hits?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a banging raw cookie dough kinda dessert….

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