Skylar made a crown with a bunny on it at preschool this week.

Skylar wearing bunny headband

Complete with cotton ball “hair”.

Skylar wearing bunny headband

And she made an Easter Basket Bunny using a milk carton.

Skylar's bunny basket

The back was filled with plastic eggs containing stickers.  And jelly beans!

Skylar using her bunny basket

The frantic search was on.  She knew those jelly beans were in there.

Skylar using her bunny basket

Ahh, found one five.

Skylar holding jelly beans

Sweet, sugary bliss.

Skylar eating jelly beans

And smiles.

Skylar smiling holding easter eggWatch that green jelly bean saliva about to drip right out.  Oh well.

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon Friday.

Palm trees and blue skyI got in a great 3 mile run among the palm trees.

I saw some pretty flowers and plants on my path.

landscape with flowers

And did some at-home yoga moves and a quickie indoor workout for 20 minutes after my run.

Then I ate plants.

salad with snap peas, tomatoes and carrots

Dressed with Orange Coconut Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

And I always eat dessert.  I don’t have the photos edited or the recipe typed, but I came up with a new dessert recipe and it involved white chocolate.

And I am not talking about White Chocolate Mango Cookie Dough Bitesalthough those are always a winner.

White Chocolate Mango Cookie Dough Bites

I’ve been on a white chocolate kick the past few months and loving it.

If you missed my last post about some of the delicious recipes I’ve saw this past week in the ‘sphere, check that out.  For those who did see it, thanks for letting me know that you liked what you saw.  I can’t take credit for those recipes; thank this wonderful community and fellow bloggers for their contributions and great grub!


1. What are your plans for Easter Sunday if you’re celebrating?

I know the Easter Bunny is going to make a stop here with an Easter Basket for my bunny-crown-wearing lovebug.

skylar wearing bunny headband

And I have to work.  But not until later in the day so we get to spend most of the day together, doing fun stuff. 

2. Do you like jelly beans?

I love sugar, chocolate, candy, desserts, but jelly beans are a treat I am just not into.  Never was. They just taste like crystallized sugar to me and they get stuck in my teeth.  I know some people love them, but for me, meh. I’ll save my chew for a chocolate recipe.

Happy Easter!   Enjoy your Weekend!

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