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I hit the Irish Jackpot last week I won Gaby’s Give Away for Kerrygold products.

It was St. Paddy’s Day last week, and I guess I had the luck of the Irish on my side because there was:

Cheese galore


And an amazing cookbook. It’s a beautiful, hardcover, book with great photos and recipes inside.

I was seriously blown away by the generosity of Kerrygold’s “prize pack”.  They overnight, refrigerated shipped everything to me in California.  I have won a fair number of give aways over the past couple years blogging and have hosted at least 75 give aways for my readers on my own site, and this give away was definitely top shelf.

Thanks, Gaby and Kerrygold!

With all that cheese, I think I can make some Vegan Fajitas with Sweet Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce Obviously they won’t be vegan if I add cheese with dairy, but you could always add vegan cheeze, too.

Sweet Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce (vegan)
These fajitas use mushrooms.  But feel free to use tofu.  I just recently had ‘shroom cravings so am all about them lately.

From my last post about my rainy day coffee meetup with Amber, and cookies vs. cookie dough, it seems most of you love your cookie dough.  If we all love cookie dough so much, why do we even bother baking the cookies? Because lots of you said you do enjoy the baked cookies, too.  Not just dough.


1. Do you like cheese?

I loved cheese before I stopped eating it about 7-8 years ago.  I used to eat any and all types of cheese.

I’m pretty sure Triscuits + Cheese + Wine was dinner at least twice a week in my early 20s.  And honestly, those were great “dinners” and memories.

2. If you don’t like or eat cheese, why not?

For most of my life, I have eaten a largely plant-based diet.  Vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian.  I dislike labels and since we are all on our own journey, and life ebbs, flows, evolves, and changes, we ought to be present and aware of what will work for us as life and our needs and desires change.

Growing up, even as a small child, I never liked or ate red meat or pork.  I ate very limited amounts of poultry and did enjoy fish.  However, I have food allergies, including anaphalactic reactions to shellfish that came on out of no where when I was 24.

Around that time I also felt like dairy was also a culprit and I eliminated dairy, including cheese, from my diet.

However, in recent years, it seems that dairy in trace/smaller amounts such as in butterscotch chips or in white chocolate in desserts or in cream in coffee, I don’t seem to have any issues or reactions.  I haven’t tried eating cheese though.

No issues with the butterscotch chips in No Bake GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars with Chocolate Frosting

And no issues with the white chocolate in the No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites
And no issues with the toffee in No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Maybe in small amounts, my body is ok with dairy?

3. If you’re dairy free or vegan, do you miss cheese?  Do you miss dairy?  Would you miss dairy if you were to give it up?

Many people say they could never go vegan because they’d miss dairy, cheese, yogurt, and such.  I’ve said before I really don’t miss cheese or dairy (aside from the traces that I have in recipes).  Until I open my refrigerator and see all the cheese I just won.

Or walk around my neighborhood and see people drinking wine and eating cheese.  I guess perhaps I miss the memories.

I know we don’t “need” dairy.  I did a post on it.  Dairy FAQ’s, Calcium, Myths, RecipesBut I do think I “need” white chocolate in my life.

I love nutritional yeast for all it’s cheezy vegan-ness.  I have a nooch recipes post with about 15 cheezy recipe ideas but let’s face it, cheeze is not cheese.

Do you eat cheese?  Or dairy?  Would you miss it if you didn’t eat it?

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  1. It’s been years since I’ve had any dairy and probably 20 years since I’ve had any actual cow’s milk. I don’t miss it at all! I was never a big fan of cheese to begin with so it wasn’t difficult to eliminate it, and as far as milk for smoothies or recipes, I use almond milk. Every now and then I miss frozen yogurt, but if I wanted it badly enough, I’d have some. With a side of lactaid. ;)

  2. that collection of cheese looks aaamazing!! congrats girl!!

    i LOVE cheese! but i’m lactose intolerant! LOL luckily a couple bites of cheese here and there don’t kill me. wheww. i do love goat cheese too! i eat that more often than cow cheese. i can’t drink milk at all. but loving my nut milk selection anyways. cow’s milk sounds so weird to me and it has funk smell.

    that’s great that you can still eat bits of pieces of white chocolate!! :)

  3. Cyclic food allergies (which account for 80-90% of them) are different than fixed allergies. Most of the time, allergenic foods can be reintroduced to people with food allergies after a period of elimination, and in smaller amounts they may not cause symptoms. It depends on a person’s overall toxic load (stress, environment, genetics, and dietary toxins) and that determines whether or not they show symptoms. So the good news is, most people with allergies don’t have to give up the food they are allergic to forever if they don’t want to!
    Intolerances are different than allergies because they don’t involve immune reactions and they have to do with a lack of enzymes. Digestive enzymes can help with this.
    Anyway, sorry to regurgitate bits of info from school, but I find it interesting, and I know it is personally relevant for you as well. I’ve had problems with dairy my entire life, but now I can eat small amounts of goat cheese (which I LOVE), goat yogurt, and kefir. The body’s ability to heal itself is really quite fascinating. Not trying to encourage anyone to start eating anything they don’t want to or have bad reactions to…just thought it might be of interest :)

  4. Don’t eat it, don’t miss it.
    I never used to have reactions to dairy in my pregan days but one day I got a soy latte from Starbucks and they, for some reason, but whipped cream on top. I scooped it off the top because I didn’t want to act like a priss but I got sick after, and I’m sure it’s because of the trace amount of whipped cream.

  5. I do agree with you on “missing the memories”. I don’t eat dairy or other animal products, and my families diet is heavy in these foods. They are total foodies, and appreciate the good stuff (my dad would go crazy for all those cheeses you acquired) but because of that there’s definately a bit of a boundary when they’re chowing down on some filet or the classic cheese, grapes, and crackers, and i’m munching on a veggies. It’s definately the unifying tradition that I miss rather than the food itself. Although sometimes, (I can’t lie) some smoked gouda or brie looks sooooo good to me. Enjoy!

  6. Oh. My. GOD. !!!! :shock: You did hit the jackpot!! That’s an amazing prize!! Intolerance or not, I’m be ALL over that, LOL. I’m naughty!

    I’ve heard that people that give up gluten can often introduce dairy back into their diet after 6 months or so. Maybe you can tolerate it now that your tummy is healed?

    I didn’t know that Kerrygold made cheese until recently. Now I’m on a mission to find it. Of course, I am probably dairy-intolerant, too. I’m probably just prolonging the inevitable. Sigh.

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  8. I love how you reminded us not to be defined by labels in our diets. Amen. I have also noticed that food reactions/intolerances may vary with whatever is going on inside our body at the time. I’m super sensitive to soy products, but it has waned over the past year or so. IMO due to a reduction in stress and inflammation. I’m still pretty careful about my intake, but if I accidentally ingest something with soy it’s not a huge crisis anymore. Sure do miss Chinese food though! xoxo

  9. Ah, I’m so jealous! I actually just applied to work in the cheese section at whole foods because I love trying new kinds. We actually have some kerrygold cheddar in our fridge right now — we grated it onto our stir-fry last night. enjoy your cheesiness!

  10. Omg, Kerrigold cheese is amaaaaazing. I love love love cheese. As far as I can tell it doesn’t affect me much (if it all), but I don’t eat it all the time, so it’s more of a treat for me!

  11. Unfortunately, I love cheese. I limit how much of it I eat, but have never been able to completely eliminate it from my diet.

  12. Jack pot! That’s an awesome prize pack!

    I haven’t had any dairy for almost 2 months and really do miss cheese. It’s so tasty and fun to eat. There’s nothing else like cheese tasting.

    I’ll be adding it back very soon though!

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  14. Cheese is the hardest thing for me ever when it comes to being vegan. I was a chef at a wine bar for a while and I totally fell off the vegan wagon and ate cheese ever single day that I worked there. I’ve heard it’s addictive and I believe it!

  15. good cheese is definitely part of my diet – but i always eat it with something or on top of something else. but that’s not always been the case – i did try having it out of my diet, but i think a little bit in moderation is better than none at all!

  16. I think that cheese is definitely one of my favorite foods, so I know I’d have a hard time giving it up!

  17. Wow! That is one hell of a prize!!!! Congrats :)
    I love cheese! i could probably give up everything else except cheese!!

  18. I am totally the person who says “I could be vegan with the exception of giving up cheese!” But I grew up in Wisconsin, having cheese and crackers for snacks every night so I blame it on my DNA. ;) I do try to limit dairy, and I save it all for cheese!

  19. I hardly eat cheese, but I often joke that I’m borderline vegan because I only eat goat cheese and greek yogurt when it comes to dairy. Cheese, eggs…never been my thing!

  20. I love cheese, although it tends to give me gas. Greek yogurt doesn’t so I enjoy that daily. And I dislike milk (all milks) with a passion. But I don’t mind them if I use them in baking. So I tend to use alterna-milks like almond milk for that.

  21. I love dairy and I eat several servings a day. I am starting to wonder if this is too much and have started investigating the idea of cutting back or perhaps even out. My love affair with dairy is just part of the journey and I do see changes in the future.

  22. nothing compares to cooking in butter; stir fryes, eggs, you name it. It’s so satisfying for me, and I love love love full fat plain yogurt. I find when I include higher fat dairy I have much more energy, clearer skin, and am satiated quite easily. I’ll never return to my days of low fat which reeked havoc on my body and mood. Thanks for opening up the discussion to hearing what different things work for everyone, because there is no way we could all thrive off of the exact same style of eating. And it feels good when you find the one that truly feels right in your gut (literally!)

  23. I like cheese well enough but can’t eat much of it. If a delivery like that wound up on my doorstep, I think my family would faint. See, I can put cheese on anything and they’ll eat it!! LOL

  24. Kerrygold!! I tried my first bite of Kerrygold cheese last year when I was at a hotel in Ireland touring the Ring of Kerry. Absolute bliss. Thanks for reminding me of such a great memory :)

  25. Well I’m both vegan and lactose intolerant. I used to be a complete dairy addict and never imagined how people could avoid eating dairy! I do find that I miss cheese sometimes, but I think I agree with you that its really about the memories. All of the dairy memories…

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