Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats

Hi Bloggies!  What’s been happening today?  I was a Domestic Diva Today.  I cleaned my bathrooms, did laundry, went on a big a grocery run, paid bills, you know earth-shattering stuff.  The grocery shopping is a never ending job, I swear.  We’re a plant-based household, so freshness and replenishing our produce stash is fundamental and needs to happen multiple times per week.  Since I don’t have a garden or a CSA Box right now, the grocery is the next best thing.  Today it was the regular grocery because I didn’t have the ability to handle TJ’s after my weekend escapades there!

Oh and the Maca I’ve been mentioning lately…some of you asked how I like it?

Well, I’ve been dousing it  all over my popcorn…

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Sawdust Maca Powder Sprinkled

…And I am really happy to report I love the Maca!  Some people say it’s slightly malty and a little bit sweet, and I think that’s how I would describe it, too.  Others have said it’s way too “earthy” tasting for them and they need to “bury” it in smoothies.  After years of taking Chinese Medicine Herbs and various herbal tinctures for whatever malady I have (I always treat first with herbs, either Chinese Medicine or otherwise), I think I have tastebuds of steel.  Not much shocks me in an unpleasant sense anymore, and I actually appreciate most earthy flavors, but I still cannot get on board with certain hemp or pea protein so my tasetbuds are not foolproof. .haha!.  But the Maca is a hit with me!

Moving on to the Grocery Trip….
Here’s some of the produce I got

Fruit: Grapes, Pears, Bananas

Tomatoes and 1 Orange and 1 Yellow Bell Pepper, which were on sale for a $1 Buck Each! Nice!

Brock & Spring Mix Greens

Brock, Brussels’s, and Sugar Snap Peas

Asparagus & Cucumber

So that was the loot we’ll eat for the next couple days. If that.  And then I’ll be back at a grocery store.  One Grocery Failure: I have had a huge craving to make fresh (not fried) veggie spring rolls with rice paper wrappers.  I’m not looking for won-ton or eggroll wrappers (read: wheat gluten) nor do I want nori.  I want the the clear, paper thin rice paper wrappers.  I have been to 3 mainstream grocery stores, TJ’s, and Whole Foods, and no one has them!  I guess I will trek to an Asian Market in all my spare time, if my craving doesn’t go away soon and since I’ve had it for a week, I think I better start googling Asian Markets.  In San Diego, they sold these in the regular grocery stores.  No such luck here in Phoenix.

In other Kitchen Adventures Today…
I made Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats
With additional Tips Here

18 Hours later, here’s what the overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats looked like

So nice to have this waiting for me in the fridge!  Wheaties Chocolate for breakfast is the Breakkie of Champions!

While I was frittering around the kitchen, I took some time and refilled my spice jars.  I know, super thrilling, right?!  haha!
One Pound Bag of Cinnamon from VitaCost = $5.04

Sidebar for an Alton Brown Moment on Cinnamon:
There are 2 varieties of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia.
Ceylon is rarer to find in the U.S. and more delicate in flavor, while Cassia has a significant amount of the blood-thinning phytochemical coumarin which has led Germany to ban its importation.  Who knew?  Acutally I did and wanted to pass on the fact that people with high blood pressure can find natural relief through cinnamon.  Also cumin is great, too.  Where do you think they got the name coumarin from for high blood pressure?  From the spice Cumin, of course!

Science Lesson Over…

Before I smartened up and started buying my spices in bulk online, I accumulated a stash of these jars.  Which are a mere 2.45 ounces each and were about $5 Bucks each from Whole Foods.

Mathematically speaking, if I can fill 7 of these jars from the One Pound Bag of Cinnamon, that means that essentially I filled 7 Jars for the price of 1 and I saved $30 Bucks by Buying in Bulk!

Yes, it takes a little longer but I think it’s worth it to save a good chunk of cash!  I find spices, and cooking ingredients in general, to get pricey, so it’s nice to find ways to save.

Green Food was Mixed Field Greens, Asparagus, Brussels, Cukes, Tomatoes

with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Dessert was some of my UliMana Stash

And Raw Vegan Caramels

 And Nut Butter Filled Raw Vegan Caramels!

And Scott dug into the Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse!

 When are you going to Make It?  It only takes 5 Minutes and has 4 Ingredients!

Buying Spices in Bulk from (use AVE630 at checkout to save $5 bucks) will save you some major cash.

Do You Shop In Bulk for Anything?
I am generally not a Costco person because I find the quantity of things they sell is just too big for me.  I do believe in buying in bulk when it’s practical, but I do not enjoy trying to find a place to store 60 rolls of paper towels, for instance.  Yes, I may be able to save a quarter a roll by purchasing them that way, but the eyesore and storage headache is just not worth it to me.  On the other hand, something like bulk spices, by ordering exactly what I want and need online, is very easy and it’s totally worth it to me!  I also take advantage of the bulk bins at Food Coops and Health Food Stores when it makes sense for non-perishables like, too.

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  1. Hi Averie, Is this your cutie in the first pic? :) She looks so mischiveous! (but not in a bad way…I’m talking about how kids are supposed to be a lil naughty!) :P
    *I love scrolling thru your older posts too. It’s nice to see how you write about the types of food you love.

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