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At long last, it’s back.

Speculoos cookie butter jar

I almost tore into the Cookie Butter spread on my long (1 mile) car ride home, but figured I’ve waited this long, what’s another 5 minutes.

As soon as I got home, I found a spoon.

Open jar of speculoos cookie butter

Then I got busy baking and although I didn’t actually bake with cookie butter, it’s on my baking radar screen of to-be-baked-with ingredients.

Instead, I invited my chocolate friends, white and dark, to the baking party.

White chocolate and dark chocolate chips

In between doing baking dishes and folding laundry, there were quite a few BLT’s (bites, licks, tastes) of cookie butter. Oh how I have missed it.

It went out of stock right after Christmas and although I heard that some other San Diego area Trader Joe’s apparently got it back in stock about a month ago, it finally made it’s way to my store. Bonus for not having to drive around on a cookie butter scavenger hunt but I was getting close.

Open jar of speculoos cookie butter

If you have extra cookie butter, Biscoff spread, or even peanut or almond butter that’s just burning a hole in your cupboard, I’d recommend:

Softbatch Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

Softbatch Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

“Egg”-in-a-Nest Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (No-Bake, Vegan, Gluten Free) – I made these originally with peanut butter, but cookie butter will work in them. No candy-coated almonds? Try jelly beans, a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, M&M’s, or any sort of chocolate “egg” that’s popular around Easter time. It’s about the dough itself more than what gets stuffed into it for me anyway.

Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites (Vegan, almost GF, see notes for easy adaptation) – Made with peanut butter + Biscoff cookies.

Try it with cookie butter spread + graham crackers or any number of combinations based on what you have.

Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

Biscoff Marshmallow Chocolate Bars (no-bake)

Biscoff Marshmallow Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Banana and Biscoff Graham Bars

Chocolate Banana and Biscoff Graham Bars

Cookie Butter Spread Ginger Molasses Cookies (No Bake, Vegan, with GF option)

Cookie Butter Spread Ginger Molasses Cookies

Creamy Cookie Butter White Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Creamy Cookie Butter White Chocolate Banana Smoothie

No-Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites (Vegan, almost GF with easy adaptation) – Made with peanut butter + Biscoff cookies or make them with Biscoff + Biscoff Cookies

Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

Cookie Butter Funfetti Triple Chip Bars – sweetened condensed milk and cookie butter are so gooey and great – I loved these

Cookie Butter Funfetti Triple Chip Bars

Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Streusel Bars – Cookie butter, brown sugar, and streusel topping are three of my favrotie ingredients, all rolled into an easy, fast, dense, chewy and robustly-flavored bar

Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Streusel Bars

I’m convinced that the Dutch Speculaaspasta spread that I found in Aruba is the same exact product as Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. The taste, the texture, even the jars are the same size, the same kind of glass with the same words molded into the glass. I think that spread itself  is being privately labeled, worldwide, apparently.

Dutch Speculaaspasta spread jar

Have you tried Cookie Butter or Biscoff Spread?

If you haven’t tried cookie butter, I’d order some Biscoff if you can’t find any in stores in your area. You’ve gotta try it, at least once. Crushed graham crackers or molasses cookies, with a nice cinnamon-and-spice seasoning, sweetened, and thick like thick peanut butter. You can’t go wrong.

What’s your favorite nut butter or spread?

Peanut Butter, Nutella, Sunflower Seed Butter, and Cookie Butter are some of my favorites.

I am not really a big almond butter fan and never have been because it’s too runny and a little too neutral-tasting for me. I like my nut butters and spreads to be thicker and on the sweeter side. Basically, I love frosting.

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  1. Stopped by my local Trader Joe’s today just to try this. When checking out the lady at the register told me it is good three ways: on an apple, on a banana, or on a spoon straight from the jar. I tried it on a banana when I got home, and I have to say I am hooked! Could be a very dangerous thing to have in my house! Looking forward to some of your recipes using it though!

  2. Dark chocolate peanut butter has to be my favorite, but sunflower seed butter is delicious too! And if cashew butter wasn’t so expensive I’d have to try it! Back when I could eat almonds I loved Barney Butter. But not in anything where I needed it to hold it’s shape.

  3. Yeah I live in holland and I’m very very addicted to speculaaspasta ! It truly tastes like cookies in a cup (a)

  4. Nutella with bananas on fresh toasted bread, carrots dipped in peanut butter and apple slices with almond butter.

  5. love the Biscoff spread! Really any of these top my list. I adore all nut butters, nutella, cookie spread…Just that and a spoon and I’m set for a snack :)

  6. and now I need to go find my local TJ’s and check this stuff out.

    I remember when you mentioned it before but I never got some to try.



  7. The cookie butter has still YET to ever appear at any of the Trader Joes in Maryland (I’ve searched for it at three different ones)! The closest I have gotten is the chocolate bar that has the cookie butter inside (and… yum.). I have found Biscoff at the store, but man, I want the cookie butter!

    My favorite nut butter ever is the freshly ground almond butter at Whole Foods. I can’t get enough of it. Sunbutter would be a close second. I’m currently obsessed with Golden Pea butter though! I love how smooth it is!

    1. I’ve heard that most Walmarts carry Biscoff spread or order it online if the TJs by you still doesnt get with the program!

  8. I love cookie butter cream, my favorite way to eat it is straight out of the jar. I tried it on apples, cookies, crackers and nothing beats the cookie butter and spoon method! Lol. We unfortunately don’t have any Trader Joe’s in the area (closest one is at least an hour away, though I emailed them to beg that they open a store nearby! I lived off of Trader Joe’s while in College in Pittsburgh, PA) but I was blissfully surprised to find The Biscoff Brand right next to the natural peanut butter, what I originally went in for, at Wal-Mart this weekend. Score!

  9. The ‘cookie butter’ you found on Aruba is originally Dutch. We call it: Speculoos or speculaaspasta. It is pretty ordinary here. So funny to see products from our supermarkets on your blog! All the stuff you bought on Aruba I recognized.

    Love your blog!

    Kisses from The Netherlands.

  10. Im a huge tahini fan, but not the raw kind. It has to be roasted for me to even get near it. I love it soooooo!!

  11. Oh man I’ve been wanting to try that cookie butter FOREVER !!!!! No Trader Joes in our area, and not sure where to find any of the other types !!!!

  12. I haven’t read through all the comments but I think that store brands are often made by the same people who make the original product, a lot of times there will be inferior ingredients or a different mix of products, but it’s not like the store made up its own recipe and built it’s own peanut butter-manufacturing plant. The companies are willing to do that because they make the same money in either situation, but the brand name goods cost more because of advertising costs.

    1. I think your points are right on…made by same people and perhaps not the exact same ingredients, but quite similar.

  13. I live in Holland and am completely obsessed with the Lotus Speculoos spread! But, my Dutch friends always tease me that it isn’t a ‘normal’ thing to eat here. It’s good to know there are other addicts out there :)

    1. I’ve heard from people in the past who live in Holland or Europe that speculoos spread is pretty common there but sounds like for your friends, not so much. Glad you’re enjoying the spread, though!

  14. I’ve never had the Cookie Butter… and being that I am a HUGE fan of nut butter I know I need to try some. Believe me, it has caught my eye too many times to count!
    I do love almond butter… but I am a peanut butter girl for life. It’s one of the best foods on this planet! =)

      1. I know! I actually visit your blog regularly and I am starting to be more active on my blog again. I really do miss it. Also, I am in Southern Cal from time to time and I always think of you!
        Hope you are well!

      2. Thanks for saying hi….seems like a lifetime ago that we “met” each other in the blogosphere about 3 years ago! wow…time flies! :)