Coronado Island

On Thursday I drove a few miles south and took the big bridge over to Coronado, California.

Technically just a few miles south of San Diego, but in all senses of the word, world’s apart. It has a very beachy island feel and I always feel like I’ve gone on vacation even though I’ve only gone a few miles.

Not that all of San Diego isn’t lovely, but Coronado is truly the loveliest of the lovely. It would sure be lovely if I could stumble into 5 or 10 million and buy something there. I’ll keep dreaming or start playing the lottery.

But for now, I  just walk on the sidewalk and use the parks. Those are still free and lovely.


Skylar’s school chose a park on Coronado to have their last day of school picnic. Marvelous choice.

Need I even write it, but the weather was picture perfect. 74F and sunny, light breeze, not a cloud in the sky.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone and then enhanced a bit in Lightroom 4 to bring out the blues in the sky. It was so bright out, I literally couldn’t even see my phone screen and what the resulting image looked like.

I held the phone to the bridge, pressed the button, and hoped the image showed how huge the bridge is.

The kids had a great day. Talk about little energizer bunnies. There was a big inflatable jumpee with a slide, parachute games, face painting, a huge catered food spread, playground equipment and wide open spaces, and adrenaline. There was more high energy and craziness in one minute at the park than I think I’ve had in all of 2012 combined. It was fun to see the kids soaking it all in and loving it and vastly different than the last day of school celebrations I had when I was growing up.

Those involved hot and stuffy gymnasiums with no A/C, calling kids up on stage to accept an award as the fourth runner up in the spelling bee contest and other thrilling bits of news. There were no palm trees at the parks in rural Minnesota either, but we had plenty of mosquitoes the size of golf balls.

It felt like just yesterday it was her first day at school. Until I had a child, I didn’t fully comprehend the they grow up so fast sentiment, and it’s cliche but so true.

A beautiful place and a beautiful day.

Sunny days at the park and time with my child and husband, who was able to join us, are worth their weight in gold.

Now if you’ll excuse me, a bite of this Cinnamon Bun Pie is worth it’s weight in gold, too. Weekends are the perfect time to make one, which is what I did this morning.

Are you celebrating being out of school for the year or do you have kids out of school now? 

Any fun summer plans?

The winner of the Ani Phyo Cookbooks Giveaway – Set of Two is Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy

Enjoy your weekend!

49 comments on “Coronado Island”

  1. I was on Coronado Island this weekend too! It was paradise! I am not playing the lottery too! ;)

  2. SO gorgeous! What a spot! We’re traveling for a few weddings. But no real other plans!

  3. Wow, those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I wish I lived closer to such an amazing place. Although I think I’d rather just visit; I love Oregon too much. :)

  4. I may have to put that on my list of places to go when we visit SoCal. We have an island nearby where celebrities come to escape. It’s a piece of paradise in my back yard.

  5. I am very close to celebrating being done work for the summer! I have 2 weeks left and then 2 months off!!! Some plans for the summer include a couple music festivals and a trip to Vegas.

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