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Since embarking on the home-buying adventure, I have not used one cent of disposable income on anything fun in months.  When every aspect of your purchasing life and credit use is scrutinized and every bank statement and line item transaction is questioned, one goes into a shopping moratorium.  And that has sucked.  So, it was time to increase my debt-to-income ratio a bit with some cyber shopping.

I finally decided that since I have got to be the last high raw vegan on the planet without a spiralizer, it was high time to order one for the new kitch.  I took Gena’s recommendation and ordered the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade from Amazon (image from Amazon’s site)

While I was at it, I figured what the hell let’s really take advantage of that free combined shipping discount, and I ordered the mandolin she recommends, too.  Something about being able to slice cucumbers paper thin just screams to me Yes, Order Me Now.  So, I did.  I got the Zyliss Easy Slice Mandolin in white.  The fact that they call it Easy Slice in the title indicates to me that there is a huge chance of slicing off my index finger.  Caveat emptor, no doubt.  (Image from Amazon’s site)

While I was at it, I noticed they had a great price on Sun Warrior Vanilla BRPP.

This shopping took place with a jar of Sunbutter in hand. 

New kitchen stuff + TJ’s Sunflower Seed buttah = Saturday night big thrills.

As that Sunbuttah jar was widdling down…

…I thought, ok I am in a spending mood let’s just go hog wild and order the PB2, too.  I ordered the combo pack of three PB2 and 1 chocolate PB2.  I kinda wished I coulda ordered less, but the sampler pack seemed so dinky, I thought what the raw fudge (WTF for the raw world). 

(image from

I am sensing that the general consensus is that it’s good, and it’s fine if you’re trying to be a little bit good and not overdo it, but that in the final analysis, it’s not as rich or decadent or pee-beeish as real PB.  Going in, I know that, but so much has been written about this stuff everywhere I turn that I’ve gotta jump off this bridge, too. 

K’s Good Eats just ate some with carob in her oats, and new bloggie friend Miss PB Jenny has weighed in on PB2.  Deb has of course tried it, but that woman could write for the Consumer Reports section on nut butters, love ya Deb.  I’ll let you know my thoughts just as soon as it arrives.  

Sorry to ramble on and on about what I’ve bought, that’s pretty rude, isn’t it.  I don’t mean to be, I’m just excited!  I will fill you in on my thoughts as my goodies arrive and I start puttin’ them to good use.
In the meantime I made a nice little dippin sauce for raw veggies.  It’s my Cinnamon-Ginger Dippy Sauce that I’ve mentioned before.

Today’s blend had juice of 1/2 an orange, 2 Tbsp raw ACV, 1.5 Tbsp cinnamon (I wished it had used a smidge less though and I love strong cinny stuff and this was even a bit much for me….oh well), 1 tsp ginger, 1 tsp dry yellow mustard, 3 Tbsp agave, 1 packet of NuNaturals Stevia, 1/4 tsp xanthum gum, and 1/4 tsp guar gum.  Sounds like an awful lot, doesn’t it, but it’s just a pinch a this, pinch a that kinda thing.  Then blend ‘er up in the VitaGod.  Result…really good!  Great way to drown your produce in a happy red bath.  That’s the way I like things….witha boatload ‘o dip!

For snackie time for Skylar, she really loved the Blueberry Pure Bar she had the other day in the height of moving-in pandemonium, it quieted her inner toddler beast. 

However, even in a calm happy mood, she didn’t really go for the cranberry orange.  She ate it, but not enthusiastically. I also was just like, whatevah.

I had blended her up a couple apples with vanilla-infused agave and a dash of cinnamon, she much preferred that.

For dinner, I about blew a gasket.  Classic case of rushing, trying to do something too fast, and then you end up making a mistake that costs you way more time than if you just slowed down a nanosecond to begin with.  Type A at work, what can I say.  And that’s my Tip of the Day:  Slow down, look both ways before crossing the road, take an extra second to think straight because in the end, you’ll save more time than if you’re in chicken-with-head-cut-off mad woman rushing around mode.  Does this describe you by any chance?

The mistake I made was that after I made this great salad monster for myself, I accidentally liberally doused it with Italian store-bought dressing that was intended for Scott’s salad.  You’re thinking well just eat it?  Nope, can’t.  It’s got too many allergens all in one place…trace gluten, soy, some trace dairy, all kinds of sodium and garlic which I don’t enjoy.  If I ate that I’d be a miserable, allergic, reacting mess so I scrapped that salad.  Actually, Scott got a monster salad tonight, mine plus his, and I started over.  Sigh.  But the result was really good.
 B.S., brock, greens, tomatoes, carrots, cukes, agave, OJ, Black Peppah

After dinner I thought, ok I have one small frozen banana, should I try it for softserve?  Sure, why not!  

Into the Vita went the one small frozen nana, about 1/4 c vanilla almond milk, 1/8 c sugar, 1 NuNaturals stevia packet, & a dash of nilla extract.  Blended for 45 secs.

Out emerged this…

Flavor was divine but the problem was that the Vita really needed at least another banana to “grab” onto the food to blend it well.  I had such a piddly quanity that the mixing process was not ideal.  Two nannas, minimum next time.   Just means I get to practice again.  However, there was nothing wrong with this shizzle.  Check it out!  And you can go peep at my previous softserve porn over here.  Here was after 20 minutes in the frezzah, now we’re talkin’

Ok, yoga time.  First photo yoga sess in the new digs.  Namaste!


 Bound Smiling Pigeon.  We’re here!!!!

And this has turned into a gargantuan post, thanks for reading.   Blogging is therapeutic for me generally speaking and I love that you all come back for more and leave me awesome comments!!!  Happy Labor Day Weekend to You!  Has blogging changed you?  How has it left a lasting impact, good or bad, on your daily mo-jo?


18 comments on “Cyber Shopper”

  1. I love how humorous you are about all this – and sure, you're preaching to the choir here!

    Personally, I would prefer to get the grains and have a continuous source of kefir – those packages run out, don't they?

    Right now, I'm working at killing off yeasty beasties, so no point taking probiotics, but at the end of the cleanse I'll need all the probiotics I can get, and am looking forward to laying hands on some kefir to culture my nut mylks and cheeses!

    Thanks again!

  2. I take raw, fermented apple cider vinegar with Mother every day. I also drink Kombucha sometimes and take probiotic powder or capsules. And I sometimes get probiotics from organic yogurt.

  3. oh yea! Thanks for letting me know about your kefir recipe. I must try it! I love the coconut Kefir as well. Perfecto!

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  5. I love kefir but since I'm trying to be vegan, this is a great alternative, especially since it's so expensive in the stores.

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