Dehydrated, Fresh, & Roasted Veggies


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How’s Thursday going?  (Publishing early in case you’re wondering.) I am doing fabulously because I am the proud owner of some new bedroom furniture!  As I mentioned in this post, I was going to be getting a furniture delivery and I got my dresser!

Dark colored dresser in room

Dark colored dresser showing silver handles

And a new desk.  This is where the blogging action happens.

Black dest with tan chair and computer on desk

I had previously purchased the chair from West Elm from about a year ago, but the pillow is new and pulls together the color scheme with with new duvet cover I got.  

Tan chair with neutral accent pillow on chair

Keeps the cool wintery motif going and I love it!  Sadly my nightstand is on backorder so it will be a few weeks til that makes an appearance but I am grooving with my new room decor!!!  Skylar apparently loves the room, too!  She was so excited she took her pants off.  And put them back on inside out.

Young girl smiling with hands over head

I’m happy you were digging the 5 Minute Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  They are a snap to make and have no yucky ingredients in them so hopefully you’ll give them a whirl! 

5 Minute Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies topped with more raisins

I wanted to thank everyone who writes me, either in the comments section or contacts me via email and tells me they’ve made a recipe of mine.  So far, everyone who’s tried a recipe of mine (today Abby just made one and a couple days ago Bekah did) has given me 100% positive feedback and success stories.  Yay!!!  It warms my heart and makes me feel like my work on the blog is productive when I know I am helping people create yummy food.  So thank you for making the recipes, and then getting back to me to tell me that you did.  Love it!

So moving onto today’s eats…
First I made another batch of Kale Chips.  Check the recipe here or here if you want to make a double-batch.

Dehydrated Kale Chips on trays

Coating close-up pre Magic Box

Up close of coating on Kale Chip

…And after they came outta the Magic Box

Stack of Kale chips in clear container

Super Thin-n-Crispy

Hand holding Kale Chip

Almost a little too crispy.  I dehydrated them a little longer than I should have.  I forgot that the 95F, and 0 % humidity day was also at play.  Nature’s Way of speeding the dehydrating process along.  Note to self, get kale chips outta the box sooner when it’s uber-dry and hot out.

Overhead of Kale Chips in clear container

But no worries, guess who begs me for kale chips?  This little girl.  Her palate isn’t quite sophisticated enough to know the difference if something’s a little over-dehydrated.  Nice.

Young girl hugging large brown fuzzy pillow on floor

Some of you have asked what a vegetarian toddler eats?  Well here’s what mine ate for dinner: Cheese mini pizzas from TJ’s, carrots, orange bell peppers, half a tomato, raisins, & kale chips.

Dinner plate filled with chipped cheese pizza, kale chips and vegetables

And here’s what her vegan mother ate.  My Fresh Veggies Plates included

Medley of greens, asparagus, B.S., orange peppers, and dressed with agave, OJ, and black pepper.

Mixed greens with vegetables in bowl topped with dressing

Also worked on a massaged kale salad topped with brock, cauli, tomatoes, cukes, and Homemade Slaw Dressing

Kale salad topped with vegetables and homemade Slaw Dressing

And there was a little Brock Salad improvised with the addition of tomatoes, cauli, & orange peppers, dressed with Homemade Slaw Dressing

Broccoli salad with mixed vegetables topped with slaw dressing

The homemade slaw dressing not to be confused with this dressing that I finally picked up at WF.  Thanks for the hot tip Miss GC!  I scored two bottles.  I’m sure that’s nothing compared to your stash, though.

Bottle of Annies Naturals Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
Nutritional Facts on back of Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Managed to not only score some of that Annie’s LowFat Honey Viniagrette, but also one of the elusive PB & J LaraBars.  I definitely enjoyed it!  It kinda reminds me in a way of the Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies I made, but with a PB vibe going on, too.  Skylar loves her Larabar action, too. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar in package on countertop
Nutritional facts on side of Larabar package

So for the roasted veggie vibe, I decided to get in on the Curly Fry Action.
I spiralized a sweet potato, added some EVOO, S & P, and a scant Tbsp of ginger (dried powder) which I find is an awesome compliment to sweet potatoes.

Spiralized sweet potato with ginger, olive oil, salt and pepper on foil lined pan

Roasted the curly fries in a 400F oven for about a half hour.  I have to say, that taking into consideration the cleaning of the spiralizer and struggling a bit with it to really hack through the rigidity of a raw sweet potato, although the curly fries were really tasty…

Spiralized sweet potato on foil lined pan out of oven
Close up of Spiralized Sweet Potatoes after baking

….they were not any better, and definitely not any easier, than just slicing sweet potatoes into fry shapes, coating with EVOO, S & P, and a dash of ginger, and roasting…

Sweet potatoes sliced into fry shape drizzled with oil, salt, pepper and ginger

….and making sweet potato fries this way.  Now we’re talking!  Less work, just as tasty, works for me!

Sweet Potato fries after they are done roasting in foil lined pan

Crunchy on the outside, soft & tender on the inside.  Good stuff.

Close up of Sweet Potato Fries in foil lined pan


Salad and sweet potato fries served on white plate

So obviously after all these veggies, it was time to feast on a few Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for dessertAhhh.

Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on white plate topped with raisins
Close up of one Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookie on plate

Yoga Today is Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) with my left leg up, then I allowed my left leg to fall over, and I looked underneath my left shoulder.  This really opens up the left-side of my body, stretches my lats, my shoulders, helps work on hip opening, and helps ground, lengthen and increase the flexibility of the right hamstrings.  Alison, this one’s for you mama.

Woman doing Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose

Tip of the Day: My Chia Seed GiveAway!!!!!  This contest has been smokin’ on fire, hope everyone who wants in has entered.  If you’re not already entered, go get your pretty self entered for a 3 Pound Bag of Chia Seeds!!!!! 

3lb bag of chia seeds

What’s your fave winter fruit?  I try to eat locally & seasonally as much as possible, but I still enjoy fruit every day and at this time of year, it’s feeling kinda blah to me.  In my grocery there are tons of apples, a few beat up pears, pineapples, pomegranates (but they are too much work, sorry), and citrus fruits haven’t come in yet.  Kind of in no-man’s fruit land at the moment.  What are you eating in the fruit department these days?  Or better, what fall veggies are you loving?  Let me guess…squash anyone?

Stay Tuned For a 5 Minute Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Dessert…

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  1. Girl catch ups are imperative I think on a regular basis. We certainly need em. We just need to get you over here so we can have a proper bloggy one! :)
    As for working out, I like to mix it up a bit. I like working out sometimes on my own, sometimes with a friend then even if I am lucky, sometimes with a group. Keeps things interesting.

    On another note, I am thinking of buying a Blendtec. Can you give me any reasons why it is better than the Vita Mix or what to look for (as I think there are a few different models?)

    Thanks so much babe!

  2. I love weekend yoga! I went to a class in my city, Philly, this weekend as well, and it just left me feeling great the rest of the weekend. I also love the side crane pose! It makes me feel like I'm break dancing or something.

  3. Those balls look so perfect and smooth. (Don't make me say it!)

    Thanks for the MamaBar linkage and for linking back to your Make Your Own Larabar posts because I missed them the first time around! I'm just about out of MamaBars and am ready to make another batch. Looking to my raw recipe goddess for inspiration as usual!

    Until recently I have been a solitary runner and have only discovered the joy of running with other this summer. I definitely enjoy both. I like having a running buddy and I like running alone too. Balance is key, much like that yoga pose!!

  4. I walk with friends fairly often and really enjoy that. Sometimes though I feel like I need to be alone with my thoughts. I think it just depends on my mood :-)

  5. Oh gosh. I just got a comment on my blog from someone “alerting” me that you were stealing my recipes and that “don’t worry, I’ve stood up for you.” I PROMPTLY told the commenter I didn’t need to be stood up for (and I deleted her comment), and then I came over here and lo and behold, there her comment is. I am so embarrassed. Averie, we already talked about the fact that many different people can come up with the same recipe when the recipe is as basic as three ingredients, so you know where I stand on that. Did the above commenter not notice how AMAZINGLY sweet you were in linking to the charity drive?!?! Does she not know how much I appreciate all the links you gave me that are sending people to my blog to find out more about helping others in need?! Does she have nothing better to do than antagonize a super-sweet blogger who is SO not doing anything wrong?

  6. I love doing yoga classes with others :) Or even introducing others to yoga. I find it motivating, and fun, and you can see how others benefit and be surrounded by tons of positive energy. I love it!
    If I am running, or doing strength or stretching, i definatly prefer doing that a lone.. haha, im not sure why..

    Peppermint would be an insanely awesome addition to those fudgy balls. hot dang.

  7. aw fun blogging meet up :)

    you and katie are all over the balls of heaven as of late. Oh, that's totally what she said.

    I have mixed feelings about workout buddies. Last year at school I took yoga classes daily and loved the connection and unity within the class — but then I would tend to compare myself with them and feel inadequate if I couldn't perfect a pose. I suppose if I got over that mental hurdle though I would love going to classes!


    ..thanks for the insight — I'm feeling very reflective right now :)

    Love you babesie!

  8. oh gosh. everything looks amazing! wow..i cant decide which to make first!

    I tend to exercise alone. To me its my "me" time where i can just zone out listen to my music or just think. I can really tune into my body closely as well which I like. With a hectic schedule my exercise time is almost like my quiet time where i feel like Im doing something wonderful for myself.

  9. ahhhhh your desserts always look so yum. btw, how tall are you!?! either madeline is a shortee or youre americas next top model. so which is it?

  10. okay, I have GOT to get another food processor soon. Ours broke, and now all I see are recipes that I need it to make!

  11. First of all- your strength is just incredible- you inspire me for sure :)

    And your recipes? Delicious. I am book marking this one and plan to make it/bring it to the in laws for thanksgiving. I think my FIL would go GAGA and I know my sister in law would love it.

    <3 YOU!

    Honestly- I enjoy a little practice on my own, a lot with others! I really really need my weekly alone time runs but like a once weekly run with a friend. I teach group fitness classes (obviously) and really LOVE them as I think we all feed off of each others energy.

    And yes…I did say Misto ;)

  12. more balls, really there are a lot of balls around here for a place so crowded with women.

    sometimes I really like solitude like my long runs, other times I love doing sports with friends like volleyball or even I'm now finding yoga

  13. twooooo different flavors of softserve! I'm prettty pumped to hear about those not gonna lie :)

    glad you had SUCH a great time this weekend! It's definitely always nice to have some quality girl time. Sounds like an awesome meetup!

  14. It just depends! Some days I really like having someone there exercising with me. Other days I NEED to be alone in order to concentrate and really push through the workout. And of course, then I have my personal trainer, that supports me and keeps pushing me. That's just what I need sometimes.

    Glad you got to meet a fellow blogger, I wish I could meet bloggers but alas, I don't think there's more portuguese people in this nice community we have.

  15. As I wrote in my original Fudge Baby post, the cocoa-date-cashew version is my favorite as well.

    It really means a lot to me that you bothered to link back to my idea, especially since your popularity is helping to raise lots more money for the people who need it most.

    We blog about raw fudge creations, but they are lucky to even get plain rice. It just makes me so sad, so I'm really TRULY grateful for every mention/ link you give me that'll help them.


    P.S. When I mentioned your cookie dough balls in my post today, I set a link to not go directly to your cookie dough recipe… that way if someone wants to find it, they'll have to click two of your pages instead of just one ;). Sneaky ;)

  16. 2 diff soft serve versions!!?! I cannot wait!!! you are a genious and that homemade slaw dressing looks great!

    the fudge balls look great!! I made something similar to those…took flax and some cocoa powder and pb2 and agave and made them into balls and froze them! they were delicious! Now I want to try diff variations like you do

    homemade larabars?!?! I have seen this in a few blogs I think it is time I get some dates and make them myself!