February 2012 Recipes

In keeping with my plan to recap the noteworthy things that I made for the month, here’s what I made for the month.

February 2012 Recipes

25 Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Recipes

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

Homemade Twinkies

Mango and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot Pepper Jelly and an Intro to Canning Tutorial

Flour (a discussion and comparison)

Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata

Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars with Pink Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Baked Orange Coconut Banana Donuts

Spicy Baked Eggs and Hash Brown Casserole

Mardi Gras Party Recipes

Coconut Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

Caramel and Chocolate Gooey Bars

Sticky Recipes

I’m a Competitor in Marsh Madness

Szechuan Shrimp Stir Fry with Fried Rice

Stovetop Hot Pepper Jelly

Vanilla Cake Batter and White Chocolate Chip Caramel Corn

Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Oreo Brownies

Whew. That was a lot of cooking. And dishes.

What did you make in January that was memorable? Any cooking challenges you’ve tackled recently?

This month I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by:

canning and making jelly (I canned!)

making stovetop jelly

posting more savory recipes and dinner recipes (despite bad lighting, no lighting, a hungry and impatient family at times, savory was happened and was documented)

I posted eggs (twice) and had never in 3 years posted any egg recipes

I posted a shrimp recipe and had never in 3 years posted any shellfish recipes

I took food “holidays” like Superbowl, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s, and St. Patrick’s Day to heart and planned recipes in advance and according to the holidays

What’s on your to-make list?

Plenty is on mine. Ever been on Pinterest? Many hours each week are spent looking, surfing, clicking, dreaming, pondering; and I love every second of it.

Thanks for the Green Smoothie eBook Giveaway entries

28 comments on “February 2012 Recipes”

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  4. This butternut squash bread is amazing!

    My biggest challenge in the kitchen this month has been TIME. There is never enough for all of the recipes that I want to make!

  5. My to-make list is insane. Seriously. I need help.

  6. Wow I must try that Spicy baked eggs and hash brown casserole! Sounds delish and such a unique and creative idea! Thanks for sharing…. You certainly have covered such a great variety of goodies for the month of Feb! xo

  7. What a great collection! And speaking of collections, yes Pinterest is entirely too captivating. You must be pinning some great recipes ;)

  8. Pinterest is one of the coolest things ever! I love finding new recipes there. I have seriously got to start making more savory recipes, but sweet ones are just too much fun.

    • i’m so looking frrwaod to see how September turns out! one of my favorite months of the year, because the Nashville weather starts to cool down + i can get back into making soups, stews + other fall-weather comfort foods. also, the NFL season starts back up, which makes my husband a happy guy (+ gives me more free time to catch up with girlfriends, ha!)amy @ fearless homemaker recently posted..

  9. I made kimchi!

    That was my big accomplishment in the cooking world this month. I also didn’t go insane. Well, I came close but I didn’t. that is an even bigger accomplishment.

  10. Those triple layer fudgy mint Oreo brownies are at the top of my “bake soon” list–and this was also per my husband’s request when I showed him that post!! No need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day! Love the re-caps because there are still so many of your recipes I want to try. I still need to make a batch of jam with the instant pectin.

  11. So many delicious treats this month! The mint brownies are totally calling my name!

  12. I don’t know how in the world I haven’t found time to make that baked beans and vegetables dish. Oh, man oh man does that look good! Happy hump day!

  13. Oh Pinterest is so addictive! But you had a great month of eats! I am starting to get into that ‘in a rut’ place with my meals so I think I will have to do some Pinterest surfing later today for sure! And some FoodGawker surfing – my other fave addiction lol.

  14. I just love your photos, they make everything look so delicious. And I’m sure they are too! :)

  15. This is one fantastic roundup Averie! Love all of these recipes and you have me salivating over here. In February, I’d say my favorite thing I made were my red velvet oreo cheesecakes! they make me happy just looking at them:


    Happy Leap Day!

  16. Seriously- the shrimp stir fry and the Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie…amazing. Need. On my to make list: a new pizza crush, a squash soup & a shrimp fried rice recipe :)

  17. The homemade twinkies look so good, I would like to give them a try, I remember when I moved to US 5 years ago I had my first twinkie and I loved it so much I didnt know at that time how processed they were, I learned the hard way, first 2 month on the US land I gained 15 pounds!

  18. Great recipe recap, it was a busy month for you. Lots of dessert goodies! I made a couple of good raw soups out of veggies that I normally don’t like raw, so that was a big accomplishment. But not too huge recipe-wise with so much going on at work. Hoping things settle down a bit for March giving me more time in the kitchen! :-)

  19. Same, my pinterest is my que of recipes I need to try! I haven’t been posting as many recipes lately but am trying to get back into it. Ah well, such is life sometimes!

  20. I had missed the apple pie smoothie the first time, but it looks fantastic. Great roundup of a great month of food!!

  21. I can’t think of anything just over the top spectacular that I made. I remember a few recipes that I enjoyed more than expected. I want to make more Indian and Thai foods. I always shy away from those.

  22. More healthy food and more and more…

  23. I’m trying to come up with a dairy free ‘creme brulee’, just made an awesome dairy free corn chowder this week so my next challenge is my favorite dessert, creme brulee. Not sure if it can happen and be worth eating but I’ll try. Great pictures this month, as always, thanks Averie for all the yummy inspirations.

  24. Wow! You kept busy busy busy!!!!

    Last month I tackled making homemade croissants. Butter, flour, and all. It took me all day long, but it was something I knew I had to complete at least once in my lifetime!

  25. It was a good month indeed! I can’t wait to get back to my kitchen but with my travels it is looking like March 19th is the date!!!! :( :) …

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