Flat Tire

Just when life couldn’t get any more busy and hectic and I didn’t need anything else to deal with, I had a flat tire today.

I actually had noticed the tire was looking low for the past few days but sort of forgot about it until I got in my car today (thankfully I was at home) and realized the tire was a limp noodle.  I drove it to a gas station just blocks away, put air in it, only have it make that unmistakable air-is-leaking noise.  Ugh.

Scott took the car and is dealing with getting a new tire put on.

The irony is that we are getting ready to trade this car in, in less than two months, probably more like one month, and so the timing on this one just sucks.  Sucks wind.  Sucks air.  Money suck.

But no time to cry about life handing me lemons today.  I’m too busy!

I could always turn this lemon situation into Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan, GF, no-bake.  So easy.

Apologies on the vintage photography.  The cheesecake will make you happy even if they photography makes you want to cry.

If you happen to have any lemons in life, the real kind, not the proverbial life is handing you lemons kind, and would like to try some lemon recipes, I have a whole post.

For example, life will just get better when you shovel Cheater’s Guacamole and chips down your throat.  For.Sure.

More Lemon Recipes Here

Thanks for all the comments on my earlier post, Blue, about your favorite Blue (or Purple) Foods.


1. Have you ever had a flat tire?

I’ve had plenty of them.  Usually they are “slow leak” flat tires.

However, I have had one tire just explode when I was driving at highway speed about 12-15 years ago.   That was really scary and could have been catastrophic but I was fine.  Whew.

Today’s flat tire was the slow leak variety and the car only has 50,000 miles on it and we’ve already had the tires replaced once and are getting ready to trade it in within a month.  Gah!

2. Have you had any lemony things, i.e. crappy stuff, happen lately?

I was outside today enjoying the lovely weather and a great run…

…when a bicyclist whizzed by me way too close from behind, and clipped my shoulder with his.

It was only by a couple inches but had he just moved over a couple inches, that shoulder check could have been avoided.  Thank goodness I was not wearing an iPod (as I discussed the dangers of this just last month) or I wouldn’t have heard him at all.  As it was, I just sensed someone coming a bit too close up on me from behind and moved over at the last second and avoided what could have been a much more serious situation.

I have no idea what this guy was thinking and he just kept on riding.  <—Own world much?  Whatever.

But honestly, I just take these things with a grain of salt and keep on keeping on. And, breath in, breath out. Smile.

P.S.  Thanks for all the entries on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Giveaway.  It’s one of the best$$ giveaways I’ve had in awhile and I’m glad you’re all as excited about it as I am!

Enjoy your evening!

58 comments on “Flat Tire”

  1. Sorry about the flat tire – that sucks! You have a great attitude though :-)

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  3. 1. I couldn’t count how many flat tires I’ve had…especially when I was an apprentice working in Pennsylvania with their lovely potholes. My poor little car’s small wheels were no match. I got pretty good at changing tires. :) That was many many moons ago. lol
    Only remember one more car flat tire after that…and a flat tire on a new motorcycle the first week I owned it. Had to buy special tools and learn all kinds of stuff to remove that wheel! Yikes

    2. Oh, and I am reading this a day late, but unfortunately it really applies to today. What a horrible horrible day. Didn’t start out so bad…until I went out the door to go to my daughter’s house to watch my new grand-daughter while my daughter went to work. Hmmm…surprisingly humid…no problemo, can still go for a stroller ride when I get there. Uh, no sounds like thunder. Daughter gets in car (same car that just had a tune-up and some other stuff replaced for CEL, and other warranty stuff) and it isn’t running right. Call AAA; in meanwhile, find ride to work. While I am waiting for AAA to tow car to shop, it gets very dark…terrible storm comes through, uprooting trees, sending large branches to ground….daughter and son-in-law finally come home. It’s bright outside again, so I attempted to go home during a break from the rain…no, I end up sprinting over a mile in thunderstorm. Yikes. Help. :)

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  5. I have actually been driving around with a donut on my car instead of a tire for a while because we need to get a new car, and my husband just does not want to plunk down the money for a new tire. We actually needed to replace the wipers as well and he had been putting it off. But I got caught in a major downpour and I said I was NOT doing that again without properly working wipers! Besides car stuff, not too many lemony things. Just my lemon water in the morning!

    How RUDE of the bicyclist! I hate it when people are off in the own world, not caring about the affect they have on other people. Glad you’re okay!

  6. Oh that stinks on the tire. Definitely had my fair share of flats too. Thankfully they’ve mostly been at home. We did have a blow out on the interstate once. That’s scary. And seriously on the cyclist??? It annoys me to no end when they come up super close and don’t let you know they’re coming up beside you. And I realize they think they can adjust the situation/distance, but you never know what can happen. What if it had startled you enough to make you trip and fall? Or what if he had a blow out right then. There was a situation the other day when I saw a cyclist trying to avoid a roller blader and he fell into the road. Thank GOD I was really watching and going super slow b/c I always worry about such things. Anyhoo, long novel here ;-)

  7. Yep, I’ve had my share of flats. Might have something to do with my unmatched ability to hit curbs when turning. Not sure though.

    Lately, life’s been good. No lemons over here! *Fingers crossed and knocking on wood*

  8. Flat tires are the worst! I always feel so helpless! 2 years ago I had an internship in Boston and I took the train everyday. I had a ton of flat tires when I got home. I thought something was defective in my new car. I had to call the tow truck 3-4 times. Come to find out someone was letting air out of my tire. I think it was the body shop across the street who was mad that I was parking there. I feel your pain! Have a great day and happy summer!!!

  9. Sorry about the flat tire, girl:( That sucks!! The only time I had one was when I was pretty ignorant, in college, and was driving fast and just blew the tire. When my dad asked me why I kept driving on it, I replied that it just sounded like an airplane for about 10 seconds, and then it was gone! I was so oblivious, lol. At least now you can tell the dealership that it has a new tire on it? Just trying to find the silver lining ;)

  10. ughhh I’m so sorry! Last fall, just hours before I was supposed to make a 300 mile drive home from school I came back to find a flat tire too (nail). It was a nightmare because I was on a tight schedule but thankfully one of my roommates (a girl!) knew how to change a tire so we made a quick switch to the donut and I safely made it home.

  11. I had a tire end up getting popped really badly once and the nearest gas station was SO very far, I hated driving on that poor flat thing but it was the fastest way to take care of it!!

    Alas, lemons in life are a given. Thank goodness for lemonade, cheesecake, and lemon zest in so many things. Makes it all even out, I think.

  12. flat tires are never fun! sorry you had the the inconvenience of that.
    oh, and I love that flat tire photo! great job!

  13. Last week we realized we will have to pay our homeowner’s deductible for the hail damage on the house, both car deductibles for their hail damage, and then learned we have TERMITES! So that was another large chunk of change out the door. What can you do but laugh though? I seriously find it so funny!

  14. Awwww, booooo!!!! I hate flat tires :-( Hope your day goes more smoothly today, girl!

  15. So many lemons the past month- 2 dogs surgeries, migraine issues, weird car issues and the boyfriend ending up in the ER yesterday with a concussion. I am just rolling with it, this must mean something good is coming out of all this bad.

  16. I once had a tire explode on the highway too! So scary. Luckily my boyfriend and AAA came to my rescue.

  17. AWw, OH NO! At least you were able to find the silver lining in a bad day. Cheesecake always makes it better. :)

  18. What a pain in the behind! Very nice that the man is getting it taken care of for you. And now I want some guacamole ;). Definitely had a lemon situation- a major virus on my work laptop. Its getting fixed now, but its a total pain. Hopefully both of our Tuesdays will be fantastic to make up for it

  19. wow, sorry to hear about the flat tire AND the close encounter with the cyclist. at least you were at home for the tire problem and at least you sensed/heard the cyclist. always look at the bright side, right!
    my flat tire story: we got a flat coming home from the beach. put on the spare. the spare got a flat. had to call my parents to come rescue us. we’ve never gone back to that beach again – bad vibes!!
    have a great day!

  20. No car so no flat tire for me! I am sorry you had to have one but thankful you were home and not driving it.

  21. I can’t wait to see when you “update” the photo of your cheesecake! It already looks mouthwatering, so with your new skillz it’s going to be a killer, haha :-)

    I’ve only ever had flat bike tires, but when that’s your mode of transportation it (almost) equally sucks – not as expensive and bothersome to replace, though! Still, it’s a b**** when you discover it in the morning. Ugh. Hope the sun is shining on you now!

  22. I have only ever had a slow leak kind of flat. I have been VERY lucky with you old car!! I am happy to hear that you survived your full contact run! People really are in their own worlds out there, hey? Awareness is hard to come by. I hope your car is ok!

  23. I’ve never had a flat tire…knock on wood…but the story of your tire exploding on the freeway FREAKS me out!! I don’t know what I would do.

    I’ve had a pretty lemony month…lots of big changed but change is good sometimes! Today I was cheered up when i realized my oatmeal this morning was completely purple! I had cooked the blueberries in my oats a little too long & the entire bowl was purple…but it was fun!

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