Flat Tire

Just when life couldn’t get any more busy and hectic and I didn’t need anything else to deal with, I had a flat tire today.

I actually had noticed the tire was looking low for the past few days but sort of forgot about it until I got in my car today (thankfully I was at home) and realized the tire was a limp noodle.  I drove it to a gas station just blocks away, put air in it, only have it make that unmistakable air-is-leaking noise.  Ugh.

Scott took the car and is dealing with getting a new tire put on.

The irony is that we are getting ready to trade this car in, in less than two months, probably more like one month, and so the timing on this one just sucks.  Sucks wind.  Sucks air.  Money suck.

But no time to cry about life handing me lemons today.  I’m too busy!

I could always turn this lemon situation into Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan, GF, no-bake.  So easy.

Apologies on the vintage photography.  The cheesecake will make you happy even if they photography makes you want to cry.

If you happen to have any lemons in life, the real kind, not the proverbial life is handing you lemons kind, and would like to try some lemon recipes, I have a whole post.

For example, life will just get better when you shovel Cheater’s Guacamole and chips down your throat.  For.Sure.

More Lemon Recipes Here

Thanks for all the comments on my earlier post, Blue, about your favorite Blue (or Purple) Foods.


1. Have you ever had a flat tire?

I’ve had plenty of them.  Usually they are “slow leak” flat tires.

However, I have had one tire just explode when I was driving at highway speed about 12-15 years ago.   That was really scary and could have been catastrophic but I was fine.  Whew.

Today’s flat tire was the slow leak variety and the car only has 50,000 miles on it and we’ve already had the tires replaced once and are getting ready to trade it in within a month.  Gah!

2. Have you had any lemony things, i.e. crappy stuff, happen lately?

I was outside today enjoying the lovely weather and a great run…

…when a bicyclist whizzed by me way too close from behind, and clipped my shoulder with his.

It was only by a couple inches but had he just moved over a couple inches, that shoulder check could have been avoided.  Thank goodness I was not wearing an iPod (as I discussed the dangers of this just last month) or I wouldn’t have heard him at all.  As it was, I just sensed someone coming a bit too close up on me from behind and moved over at the last second and avoided what could have been a much more serious situation.

I have no idea what this guy was thinking and he just kept on riding.  <—Own world much?  Whatever.

But honestly, I just take these things with a grain of salt and keep on keeping on. And, breath in, breath out. Smile.

P.S.  Thanks for all the entries on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Giveaway.  It’s one of the best$$ giveaways I’ve had in awhile and I’m glad you’re all as excited about it as I am!

Enjoy your evening!

58 comments on “Flat Tire”

  1. I’ve had many flats and they are never at the “right” time. I got one while camping….upon waking up in 50 degree weather I noticed my tire was flat. Changing a tire in the freezing cold without gloved sucks. I also had a tire blow out on the highway going about 65 mph. That scared the bejesus out of me. I lost control of the car completely and swerved through three lanes of freeway traffic. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone or get hit! And my friend happened to be driving by about 5 min later and helped me change my tire, as that was the first flat I’d ever gotten and I had no idea how to change it!

  2. Ugh, sorry about the tire! Great photo and recipe inspiration from it though. :-)

    1. Yes, last time was in Florida after a hurricane, there were nails and house debris all over the place and I picked up a nail.
    2. I nearly got trapped in the Target parking lot by a selfish truck driver, not that bad – but annoying.

  3. It sounds like you’re having the kind of week I had last week when my mom was in town. Just keep your head up, look at your beautiful daughter, and know that next week will be better. :-)
    And if that doesn’t work, eat one of your ridiculously good looking treats like the peanut butter graham bars.

  4. I once drove over a fork the parking lot of Buca di Beppo and it gave me flat tire instantly! I must have hit the tines just right…eeeesh!

  5. I got flat tire once before..it was the slow leaky one and didn’t know it until the time I was about to get out and car moved very weirdly.

    Most recent lemony stuff happened? Well Last month both hub and I lost our job and still looking for jobs now

  6. So sorry about the tire but I love your positive attitude– make lemonade indeed!

  7. YES!! I drove over a syringe and it pierced my tire! My HS guidance counselor had to help me plump up the tire temporarily so I could drive home and have my dad deal with it.

  8. Flat tires suck – but that Adobe Lightroom giveaway on the other hand ROCKS!!! Does Adobe LOVE you or what girl. Sounds like the best way to edit photos :)

  9. Aww… thanks for visiting over on “Snippets”. So sorry about the flat tire. There is never ever a good time for those darn flat tires…nor the several hundred dollar price tag. Cheesecake would do it for my day though!

  10. No flats, but we once owned a VW bus that broke down twice on Highway 101. I HATED that vehicle; a total money-suck machine.
    Something strange I’ve noticed…when I’m a bike rider, all the pedestrians meander all over the place and don’t pay attention, but when I’m a pedestrian it’s all the bike riders who act like total jerks. Funny how it works like that!

  11. Yes! I had to bring my car to the mechanic today to get a flat tire fixed. There was a nail in it!

  12. I just wanted to comment on how amazing the photography was in this post! Just beautiful!

  13. I’ve never had a flat on my car but I’ve had several on my jogging stroller and a few on my bike. I’ve ran out of gas on the freeway though but thank god my prius battery took over =)
    Thanking my lucky stars and good karma that no “lemony” type stuff has happened lately but usually when it does…I take it with a little soda water and vodka ;)

  14. I’ve never had a flat tire but I’ve run out of gas on a highway :( I wanted to cry. I was too scared to even get out of my car until someone came to help me push it out of the way. Scariest moment ever I’m telling you. At least you were at a gas station and you’re getting it fixed though!

    & I definitely got handed some lemons today. I.E. a $2000 dentist bill for a tooth that decided to need a root canal and break in half D; Mean old biker for you though! That can totally start someones day off really crappy. At least you knew better and could hear your surroundings.

  15. When I get a flat tire, I take it as the universe telling me to slow down a bit. Sorry to hear it happened though.

  16. I am the Queen of tire problems, they started the second I got my license…nail, in my own garage, and never stopped. In the past year I have had at least two flats, a blowout, a replacement due to a nail, and currently have one leaking, I wish I was kidding.

    On a happy note I FINALLY made your cheezy vegetable bake and LOVE it, I know you made it as a clean out the fridge recipe but an FYI for those looking for a there is no food in the fridge recipe, I grabbed the potatoes and soup and such off the shelf and used frozen veggies. It gave it a great variety and worked great. The only thing I would suggest is then cutting back the half cup of water since it got a little soupy but still amazing, and the veggies on top got extra nice and crispy how I like since I cooked it a little longer to eliminate some of the excess water and the potatoes got nice and soft, yummm. Thanks for the easy recipe :)

    • I’ve made it both as a clean out the fridge recipe AND a there’s nothing to work with what should I make recipe.

      Frozen veggies = high water content, yes, you coulda scaled back the water or just added more nooch or even a tbsp of almond meal flour or whatever you had on hand but whatever, no need to overthink a simple recipe…glad you liked it :)

  17. Sorry about the flat tire! :(
    I don’t remember having any flat tires, but I’ve had quite a few air bubbles in various tires which have led me to having to replace multiple tires. Lots of $$ down the drain..
    Hope tomorrows a better day!

  18. I am lucky to have never been involved in a flat-tire problem, YET!! *knocks on wood*

    have a lovely week, Averie!!

  19. i LOVE lemon meringue pie!! one of my favorite desserts, well that and key lime pie! so yum! ughh im so sorry about the flat tire! i know what its like to be going about your day abd then BOOM something like that happens and just puts a damper on everything! well at least you have delicious food to come home too!!

  20. We had a family issue – people not supporting our adoption. Breaks your heart when strangers get it, and your own family doesnt.

    Brooke Annessa

  21. Haha with the vintage photog. I made your cheaters guacamole last week. It was delish!

  22. Last summer I came out from the grocery store, got in my jeep and luckily it told me that one of the tire’s was flat (I had not noticed because it was on the passenger’s side that I didn’t walk by). So I got out, went to the VERY flat tired and wondered how it had actually managed to be dead flat in a total of 15 mins…there was a huge nail sticking in the tire. I had drove into the grocery store parking lot past the only parking lot entrance that had construction going on across the road.

    Needless to say, it sucked big time and I was furious at the construction site for not being more careful with their supplies. Hubby came to my rescue though and luckily we got the tire all patched up!

  23. Flat tires suck!
    I had one at 4am in the city due to hitting a ridiculously big pot hole (invisible b/c it was filled with water)…luckily I had a boy with me who would change it (and I loaned my sweatshirt for him to lay down on since it had rained and was wet and gross). Not that I couldn’t have done it, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.
    I also had a slow leak a couple times—that’s an easy fix though if they can just plug it. Hope yours is a quick and easy (cheap!) fix!

  24. No time for lemons when you have baller vegan no-bake cheesecake and delicious guac! =) Sorry about your tire love! I’m infamous for busting tires and someeeeetimes getting them slashed. oh college… girls are reeeedunkulous ;)

  25. 1. I got a flat tire, got it replaced, then got a flat in the replacement a month later. Ugh!
    2. I got stuck in the rain last week without an umbrella (my fault), couldn’t get a cab, and therefore missed my class at the gym.

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